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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Twenty-Seven.


It has been about 2 weeks since we've been in America. I was running out of clothes, which wasn't a bad thing because it meant I could buy more. I didn't want to leave, not just yet. Harry tried to talk me into getting a tattoo. Ha, no thanks. Things had been going great with him and we hadn't heard from Taylor since the 'incident'. He'd been more romantic and sweet than ever, and I never wanted to let him go. I was so glad the whole thing between Miss Swifty had passed, it was a lot of stress. I've only just got over the fact she was bluffing when she said she was going to kill me. Bluffing. Was she?

Danielle had finally started to act herself around me now, I had gone with the conclusion she was jet-lagged and wasn't used to it, so it was making her act all grumpy. She never really felt comfortable around Harry and I though, always making an excuse to leave when he showed. I don't really think he was keen on her.

Zayn had proposed to Perrie. Aw. I was going to meet her today for the first time, she sounded amazing. I loved Little Mix, they were so unique and their voices combined so perfectly and harmonious. There music was beautiful. They were like a female version of One Direction except for one less person.

Lou had broken up with Elle. I didn't really know why, but I felt it wasn't my place to ask and he seemed pretty upset about it. Louis always tried to put on a brave face, I admired that. Even when he was down himself, he never failed to make me laugh.

Niall had been so cute towards Danielle, he was always telling us how much he loved her and how lucky he was. He'd bought her loads of presents, she appreciated them all. The public didn't know about those two yet, they just assumed she was a friend of mine I guess. Which was true.

Liam was still single but I think he was happy. He was smiling and sniggering a lot and I think it was a lot less pressure on him to have a girlfriend in the famous world. We'd been getting along really well, we had loads in common. I could trust him with every little detail about me, and I thought he could too. But, he keeps starting to tell me something, then backs down at the last second. I didn't want to force it out of him because I figured when's he ready for it, it will be a better time.

The paparazzi were going crazy about Harry and I's relationship. I chucked away all my nerves now and it was actually kind of cool if you think about it. It was an adventure. All of this was.

We'd been shipped on twitter as 'Scarry' or 'Harlet'. I prefered Harlet, everytime someone mentioned it, it made me giggle.

"You ready Harlet?" Zayn asked. We were going on a double date with him and Perrie.

"Yes, Sir." I shouted, giggling at Harlet. Told you.

"Yeah." Harry kissed my nose and swept his arms around my shoulders.

When we arrived at this posh pizza place called 'Giorgio's' Perrie had already been seated at our table in a separate room. We all bowed our heads whilst our security walked us through, along with a waiter.

"Perrie!" Zayn beamed, strolling up to her and taking her into a deep, passionate kiss. She pushed him off her.

"Get off," she smiled. "we have very important company!" she grinned, running up to me, before wrapping me into a bear hug.

"Perrie! It's so nice to meet you." I greeted, hugging her back.

"You too, Scarlett. You are so beautiful." she pulled out of the hug and examined my face.

"Aw," I blushed. "you are too. Congratulations on the engagement." I smirked, fiddling with her ring.

"Thank you. He finally grew the balls to do it." she winked.

"You knew?" Zayn asked, surprised.

"Of course, you twat. You're the worlds worst fibber." she chuckled, as did Harry and I. Zayn joined in eventually too. We all placed ourselves around the table. "So, how did you and Harry meet?" Perrie questioned, enthusiastically. I loved how excited she got about things.

"Well, I was working at this restaurant in Holmes Chapel and he asked me to join their table-" I started.

"We heard her singing, she has the voice of an angel as well as the face." Harry butted in.

"and arse." Zayn laughed.

"Shut up." Harry scowled.

"Just repeating what you said, mate." Zayn winked. I giggled.

"Boys," Perrie rolled her eyes. "I'll have to hear you sing some time!"

"Maybe," I replied, feeling uncomfortable. "I'm not that good. Especially in comparison to a professional, like you."

"Professional means nothing if you don't have a natural talent for it." she stated.

"She's pretty much at pro level." Harry added.

"How come you wanted me to join you guys anyway?" I swiftly changed the subject, biting my lip.

"He thought you were hot." Zayn blurted.

"Seriously dude. Keep it cool." Harry was trying to hold back a smile, although his dimples were on show.

"Aw Harlet are so adorable." Perrie winked.

"So are Zerrie." I answered, giggling. "So, how did he propose?" I asked, I'd heard little details from when Zayn was telling the guys, but my mind was distracted by Taylor' threats.

"Well, he had made a reservation at my favourite restaurant," she paused. "McDonald's." we all laughed.

"It's true." Zayn snorted through the laughter.

"Aw. Simple, yet delicious. My kind of thing." I chuckled. Harry was holding my hands and tracing my palms with his index finger.

"Yeah. Haha. Well, we were in a private room because...well you know. But the lights switched off and I thought there was a power cut. Normal stuff, right? Zayn scurried over to look out the window and I followed him. There were a load of fireworks being set off in the distance, I turned round to see Zayn on one knee, holding out a tiny, velvet box with this beautiful ring inside," she stopped to admire her ring. "he then pointed back outside and there, written in the fireworks was 'Perrie, will you marry me?' I mean, I didn't even know that was possible. It was so magical. I felt like I was living in a fairytale."

"That's so cute." I said, captured by the story and resting my head on my hands.

"He did good," her eyes glistened whilst running her fingers through Zayn's thick hair and placing a quick peck on his lips. "I'm so lucky I found him!"

"Well you look perfect together." I sparkled.

"So do you and Harry," she nodded. "how long have you been together?"

"E-er." I started, it was difficult to say because we'd been together then broken up.

"My birthday." Harry went with.

"Yeah." I agreed.

"You went out before though?" Zayn questioned.

"Mmm." I mumbled. It was painful to look back.

"I thought it would have been better to end things as I was going on tour. I realised it was the biggest mistake of my life and when she turned up I had never felt more pleased." Harry exclaimed.

"Good boy, Harry. I like her. She seems like a keeper." Perrie winked. I already adored her.

"Why, thank you m'lady." I mocked lifting a hat off my head and bowing.

"It's ones pleasure, my dearest." Perrie replied, the two of us broke into a fit of giggles.

"They're weirdo's." Zayn 'whispered' to Harry, not very quietly. Harry nodded in agreement. And with that, pretty much simultaneously, we whacked them round the head.

"Ow." they whined in unison.

"Idiots." I muttered, smiling.

"Oh, it's gonna be a fun marriage." Perrie joked, cuddling up to Zayn.

"Are you ready to order?" A waitress asked nervously, once entering after a little knock.

"Yes I think so." Harry answered.

We had finished our meals and I had excused myself to go to the bathroom. Perrie joined me. I was adding a little bit of lipstick and she was re-doing her hair. There was music playing, faintly in the background. It was 'Come Home' by One Republic. At first, I started humming along to it, then murmuring the words, then speaking, then full on singing the lyrics.

come home, come home
'cause I've been waiting for you
for so long, for so long
right now there's been a war between the vanities

but all I see is you & me
the fight for you is all I've ever known so come home

Jesus, Scarlett," Perrie squeaked. I jumped, forgetting she was there. "You're amazing. Shit. You're better than me and I've been doing this 'professionally' for ages!"

"Ah," I sighed. "no." was all I simply came out with.

"The rest of the girls have to meet you. Oh my god." she looked genuinely stunned.

"I'd love to meet them." I replied, shocked.

"Shall we swap numbers? They'll love you. God, they're gonna be so jealous of your voice."

"I'm sure they won't be, honestly. I'm no where near as good as you lot." I reached for my handbag to get my phone. "What's your number?"

"Here, I'll type it in."

"Okay, great." I half-smiled. I didn't want to sing in front of Little Mix. Was that what she was going to make me do?


"Well, there in love." Zayn laughed, after watching Scar and Per chatting away, whilst going to the bathroom.

"Yeah," I joined him. "they're gonna leave us for each other!" I let out a fake weep.

"Mate, do you know what this means?"


"We can finally go gay!" he sniggered, raising his eyebrows up and down.

"Hoozarh!" I replied, practically cackling.

The girls returned and I noticed Scar had put on more lipstick. I smiled to myself when I realised it was my fault it had came off. God, I loved her.

"Damn, Harry. Your girl can sing." Perrie looked over at Scarlett, who seemed quite anxious. It was cute how modest she was. It wasn't an act either, she genuinely thought she wasn't any good.

"I know." is all I said. I did know, I tell her all the time. She still doesn't believe me though.

"I'm gonna let the girls listen to her." she added. Oh, no. Scar wasn't gonna be okay with that. She was chewing on her sleeve and scratching her arm.

"You alright with that?" I questioned, trying hard to be considerate. Scarlett nodded. "You don't have t-"

"I know. But I want to." she snapped, interrupting me.

"I think we should be getting going Zayn." Perrie said, trying not to get involved in the petty argument Scar and I were about to have. They stood up and slithered into their coats. "Thank you for a lovely meal, we should do it again some time. It was amazing to meet you, Scar. We need to hang out more yeah?" They left.

"What is wrong with you?" Scar spat at me.

"Me?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes, you. We can't have one bloody dinner without you giving me some snide, obnoxious comment. It wasn't needed." she exhaled deeply. "that was so embarrassing."

"I can't believe you're having a go at me for that. I was trying to help y-"

"I didn't need help!" she cried, folding her arms across her chest and frowning down at the empty chair Perrie was sat in a few moments ago.

"Alright," I relaxed my shoulders. "I'm sorry, okay?"

"Let's just go back to the hotel." she stood. "Have you paid?" she said, sharply. She always used to insist on paying herself, but she was pissed.

"Zayn and I split it."

"Good." she stormed out with security and I trailed behind.

We were in the taxi on the way back to our hotel. We'd recently changed the one we were in and me and Scarlett were now sharing a room. We had to sort this out. We both stayed quiet for a bit.

"I can handle things on my own, Harry. I don't need you protecting me all the time." she pouted. Well, at least she was speaking.

"I know."

"I mean, why do you always have to get involved? It was my choice, we don't have to decide on everything together."

"I know." I repeated.

"Then why did y-"

"because I know you're not normally comfortable with this stuff, I was trying to look out for you." I answered, my voice sounding slightly frustrated now. That's how I felt. I didn't want to argue. We shouldn't have been arguing. I was just looking out for her, she was completely exaggerating what I said. She was silent for about 5 mins.

"Why did you have to say it in front of them?" Scar looked upset now.


"Their relationship is perfect, and we were having a really nice time. If you keep saying stuff like that they're gonna think we're a horrible couple and try and break us up." her eyes welled up.

"Oh, Scar," I pulled her close to me. "they would never do that." I kissed her.

It was nice to know how much she cared.

I thought I was losing her.

We were actually getting stronger.



Okay so I'm gonna try and make this story more interesting soooooooon.
Also, I'll be updating as much as I can today as it's Sir Styles' birthday.
Happy birthday Harry<33333333333
Much love x


I've lost a subscriber guys:(

Thank you:) I'm halfway through an update.
I blame pizza for taking control of me!

I really love this story. It's so exciting:-) please Update:)

Frizzi Frizzi

Thanks so much:)
Ha ha, not just yet;)

This story is amazing! I love it:)(:
I hate Taylor eurgh. Just kill her pls(;

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