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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Twenty-Six.



It was morning. The truth would soon be told. Taylor's career would be ruined. Her life would be ruined. That's not really what I wanted. I wanted revenge, of course. But, this was a bit much. She was fucked. It was all my fault. I went too far like I always did. What happened to the new Scar crap? I guess I was just kidding myself.

"I'm sorry I let you down mum." I whispered, pointing my head up towards the sky.

"What?" Harry mumbled, not opening his eyes. Harry was pretty much staying in my room now and Dani was sleeping in Nialls'.

"Nothing." I shook my head.

"Go on, tell me." he begged.

"You'll think it's stupid," I sighed. "I was talking to my mum." Harry paused for a moment before opening his orbs to look at me.

"That's not stupid, Scar. It's beautiful." he grinned and gracefully landed a kiss on my neck. Those were the best kisses, they fluttered my heart. "I love you." he came out with unexpectedly.

"I love you too my lil munchkin!" I smirked, pulling on his cheeks as if he was a toddler.

"Shall we face the news?" he offered, winding his fingers around mine.

"Go for it." I replied. Using his spare hand, he reached for the remote and switched the news on. Unsurprisingly, it was the clip. Everything was the same. There was nothing we could do now.

"Do you think we went too far?" Harry asked, chewing on my fingers.

"Ow," I giggled. "I think so." I shivered.


"It's all my fault-"

"Don't even start that," he interrupted. "none of this is your fault, we were all in it together, okay?"


"No buts."


"No ifs."

"God, Harry. Who are you, my father now?" he looked extremely pleased with himself when I'd said this. I just shoved a pillow in his face. "So cocky." I winked.

"Maybe," he chuckled, bringing me into a warm embrace. "I like bossing you about."

"I don't." I giggled. I then yawned with my mouth wide open, Harry covered it with his man hand.

"Basic manners, miss." he bowed his head.

"Why sorry, Sir. Do excuse me." I played along, trying to curtsey in the bed. It wasn't really going too well.

"It feels so good to wake up next to you." he poked my nose.

"I know. I'm hardly gonna cope when you perform at your concert tonight!" I exclaimed.

"Ah," he looked down. "me too." I could tell he really wasn't looking forward to the gig, which wasn't usually like him. He was always buzzing for it. I think the drama was getting the better of him. Even though, he wouldn't let me admit it, this was all my fault. If I was never with Harry, I would never have met Taylor and maybe Harry and Taylor would live happily ever after.

"You fucking bitch!" Taylor screeched, storming into the room. How did she know where we were? Oh yeah, crazy stalker...

"You started the game, I just played along." I answered rather cunningly.

"It's rude to burst into other peoples hotel rooms without permission, you know." Harry added, smiling at me evilly.

"You've ruined everything for me. Everything." A crack sounded in her voice and she was on the brink of crying. I could see her forcing the tears back, she couldn't look weak. She had to fight back.

"Well, I hope I've left you with a clear conscience." I spoke, snidely.

"The only thing you've left me is a plan. The plan of your death. Since I've lost everything now, I have nothing to lose." she muttered. She sounded scary, she sounded genuine. My confidence cracked into nerves. She was right.

"FUCK OFF!" Harry finally snapped. "You can't stalk me, explode into my room and fire potential death threats. We are over Taylor. We have been for 8 months. Let go. Stop ruining other peoples lives just because you can't be happy. I seem to recall that it being your fault we broke up, so just shut the fuck up. I couldn't trust anyone since you, now I've found Scar I'm truly happy. She's my world. She taught me to trust again, I adore that. I love her. You can't threaten to kill her!" he frowned. "none of this would have happened to your career or life if you had just left this poor girl alone in the first place." Taylor didn't have anything to say.

"This isn't over." is what she finally came up with, before leaving again.

"My prince." I whispered, swarming my arms around his neck.

"My lil princess." he flashed me a huge grin. My favourite one of his. Aw.

I'd felt really sick for ages, until eventually I was sick. I was still sat with Harry on the bed or cuddled up to him when I felt it coming up. I pushed the covers off me fiercely and pegged over to the toilet. I slammed the door shut after me, hoping Harry wouldn't be able to hear. I chucked everything up. I felt like I was dying. It was rough.

"Are you alright, babe?" Harry asked through the door, he sounded dead worried. I'd been in the bathroom for about half an hour.

"Yup." I tried to sound sarcastic, but my voice just sounded weak and cracked.

"Do you need anything?" Bless him. He was so caring.

"Just a glass of water I'll be out in a min-" I threw up again, cutting myself off.


"Ugh." I groaned.

"Want me to hold your hair back?" he said, I heard him stroking the door.

"You don't need to see me like this." I replied. He walked in anyway, he washed my face with a cloth and held my hair back.

"How is it you still look amazing?"

"Cheeky." I managed to giggle.

"You done?" Harry questioned after ten minutes of nothing happening.

"Yes." I mumbled.

"Let's get you to bed." Harry helped me up and tucked me into bed. He positioned a soft kiss on my forehead. "get well soon."

"I wanted to see your concert." I stated sadly.

"They'll be plenty more opportunities, I promise." Harry answered, passing me a sick bowl in case I needed it throughout the day.

"Do you think-" I sighed.

"Go on princess."

"Do you think Taylor's gonna kill me?" I whimpered.

"Of course not, if she tries anything I'll protect you. Nothing's gonna hurt my baby."

"Thanks Harry."

"I love you, hun. Get some sleep yeah? You look exhausted." Harry stroked my cheeks and fiddled with my hair.

"Harry?" I asked, before he left.

"Yes?" he turned to face me.

"Good luck for your gig." I smiled.

"Thank you." he chuckled.

"and Harry?" I repeated. "I love you, thank you so much for everything. You're amazing."

"You make me amazing."

"Now, leave you soppy fag." I winked.

"Sir yes, Sir!" he shouted, saluting.


"See you later, Scar."


I felt so bad for her, she looked so pale and tired. I just wanted to stay there, holding her but I had to go to sound check for the concert. I wanted to take her with me and sing with her, her voice should have been recognised. Imagine if she got signed? Sick.

"You ready to go?" I stepped into Nialls' room where all the lads were, plus Dani.

"Where's Scarlett? I think I'll go hang with her while you're all at prep." Dani stood up.

"Actually, she's not feeling too well. I've put her to bed." I slumped my head sympathetically.

"Aw, bless her." Niall frowned.

"What's up with her?" Li pursed his lips.

"Sick." I said.

"I hope she gets better soon." Lou added.

"Me too." Zayn agreed.

"Yeah." Liam sounded frustrated.

"What's up Li?" I wondered.

"Nothing. Just needed to talk to her about something, but it's not important. It can wait." he sighed.

"Alright guys, out we go." Niall directed.

We'd been sound-checking for about an hour and now we were just in the green room. I was eating a doughnut but my mind was on Scarlett. I texted her.

Hey babe, how you doing?
From HAZ X

A lot better thanks
Not even feeling sick anymore
Ate stuff too
Hows prep?

Aw thank god.
Glad glad glad
It's boring ughh
come save me;)
From HAZ X

Aw I miss you
Haha I'm sure it's not too bad;)
Might be able to watch the concert mannnn

Miss you too hun
It is.
Sure you'll be up to it?
From HAZ X

Stop complaining you dick;)
I think so
I feel completely normal

Oops sorry;)
Only if you're sure
Don't feel like you have to
From HAZ X

I am sure
I want to
Dani & I have just been watching Miranda
I love it
Hilarious woman

Oh right
Sounds fun
We'll be back soon
From HAZ X

We were on our way back to the hotel now and it was 4pm. It was an hour before we had to come back again and 3 hours until the show, but I wanted to see Scar.

"Hey babe." I greeted, walking in to see Miranda. "Still?" I asked, laughing.

"Harry," Scarlett shouted, running up to me and giving me a hug. "Yes, what's your problem?"

"Not a problem," I raised my hands up in surrender, before wrapping them around her waist. "I'm so relieved to see you better." Danielle was sat on the floor, evaluating us. She looked pissed.

"Hey Danielle." I smiled, trying to be polite. I didn't really like her but she was Scar's best friend, I had to be civil.

"Hi," she snorted, then brushed past me to leave. "See you, Scar."

"What was that all about?" I asked when the door shut behind me.

"I don't know. She's been acting strange ever since we got here. She's not spoke much while she's been in here, we've just watched Miranda." Scarlett exhaled.

"Time of the month."

"You might just be right." she giggled.

Danielle was sketchy.

I didn't like that.

I didn't like her.


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