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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Twenty-Two.


Party time.

Dani and I went in a different car to the lads, so no one would suspect anything. We would have to be careful all night, making sure we didn't kiss or even give each other a cheeky smile that was noticeable. That was pissing me off, I couldn't even spend time with him on his birthday. Sad face.

We arrived, quite a lot earlier than Harry because when you're famous it's traditional to get to your party fashionably late apparently. There were people everywhere. Everywhere. I literally couldn't move without bumping into someone. The music was booming out from all directions, I couldn't hear a thing. I couldn't even hear my own thoughts. I decided I needed to get some air, so I walked around to find a little bathroom in the back, away from the main one that no one else had seemed to find.

It was freezing in the toilet, but it was actually kinda nice as it was so stuffy and claustrophobic in the club. I had recognised many famous people in there, Caroline Flack, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner. Hang on a second, weren't they all Harry's ex-girlfriends? I shrugged it off, I trusted Harry. There was nothing to be apprehensive about.

I contemplated whether or not to just keep myself hidden in here for the night, beats having a panic attack. Then, Taylor Swift walked in.

"Oh so you found this bathroom too?" she winked, clueless of who I was. They'd ended on bad terms I think, so if she knew I was his girlfriend, she'd probably rip my head off. I wasn't going to give her the advantage. I just giggled. I had always liked her music, it was trendy and modern with her own twist of country.

"I love your music, it's so nice to meet you." I smiled politely.

"Aw thank you, hun. What's your name?" she seemed so nice, I wonder what happened to their relationship.

"I'm er-" I cut myself off. What if I told her my real name then she later found out I was going out with Harry? I couldn't risk it. "Annabelle."

"Aw I love that name. By the way you look like a frickin' movie star tonight. How do you know Harry?" I felt my cheeks flush, how would I respond to that? How would I know Harry? She was going to notice that I was lying. I started freaking out, breathing heavier. I ran to the tap and coated myself in water.

"Panic attack?" I nodded a little, how did she know that? "I used to get them a lot." she commented, as if she'd read my mind. "What's the matter?"

"I'm just not good with big crowds." That was true, but that's not what I was panicking about this time. Luckily, we had changed the topic otherwise I would probably of been passed out on the floor by now.

"Ah. Bless you. I always find if you picture you're with somebody comforting, or a happy place, it helps." I nodded, gratefully. I wondered who she was on about, until she continued. "I picture Harry, personally." I gulped.

"Harry?" I questioned, my voice came out croaky.

"Yeah, he always makes me feel safe. Secure." she smiled. 'makes' not 'maked'. Oh shit.

"Are you together then?" I tried to play it cool. "Only, I thought you broke up a while ago?"

"Well, we did," I relaxed. "but he's like a friend with benefits now, everyone knows we'll get back together." The way she had said all this was as if she knew I was his girlfriend. Like she was tormenting me. But she had no idea who I was.

"Aw," I laughed awkwardly. "You hooked up recently?" I winked. I was such a shit actress.

"A couple of days ago at his hotel, he was really romantic about it. Just saying, I don't normally go round telling everyone about my sex life. But you, you just seem so trustworthy. We should be friends." she grinned. I nodded. We exchanged numbers. As much I hated her, I really didn't want to. Why the hell would Harry ask me out like the day after had sex with his ex-girlfriend. If they were having sex then, would they continue to? I was so angry. I was hurt. I was upset. I wanted to go back to England.

"You know that mystery girl that the news went crazy about?" I nodded. It was me. Ugh. I really didn't know where she was going with this now... "It was me, shh." she gave an evil half-smile and left. What. The. Fuck. That was me, I was certain it was. It was, wasn't it?

When I couldn't hear her footsteps anymore, I fell to the ground in tears. What was Harry doing messing me about like this? It was like he wanted my life to be hell. I couldn't cope with all this drama. It was making me think if him being such a major celebrity caused things like this to happen, I shouldn't really be here and I couldn't help but wonder, if all this fame didn't exist, would it just be Harry and I? 'Cause here and now, all his girlfriends were at his birthday party and one of them just informed me she was still sleeping with him. STILL. Should I stay or should I go?


I was stood behind the door after faking footsteps trailing away. I was getting good at screwing up peoples relationships. I listened to her slide to the floor and cry. Well, now her and Harry were over I could swoop in. We were the perfect couple and it would be healthy for publicity. And, the sex was fucking amazing. I'd missed that.


I pulled up to the party in a black limo. I was in a plain black suit with a little bow tie and the shoes Scarlett had bought me. I was also wearing the 'Midnight Breeze' aftershave she had got me too, it was my favourite one. It smelt so fresh and appealing. It felt so more special knowing she'd pick it out especially for me though.

There were flashes coming from all different directions when I pulled up to the party. The atmosphere was bouncing already. I stood for a second, striking a few poses before swinging open the door. There was a huge gathering around me. I ran through, high fiving a few people in the way and hearing some shout 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY' to me. I jumped on to the stage and grasped the microphone with both of my hands.

"I want to say a quick big thank you to everyone who has attended to celebrate with me tonight. There are a few people I'm upset to not see here tonight, as they live in England. But, I'll be skyping them later, probably drunk..." I stopped, while people laughed and cheered. "There's someone really special to me here tonight and they've literally made my birthday. I wouldn't be half as happy as I am now if they hadn't of done what they did." I had to pause before giving away anymore details, they'd already gone crazy ove the 'Mystery Girl' business. I wasn't having anymore of that. "So, enough of my boring speech, let's get this party started yeah?" and with that, I started to sing 'party and bullshit' with THE Rita Ora. I loved he, she was great.

I started to drink more and more. My vision was blurry after a few hours and I was stumbling into everyone. I eventually fell into Taylor who pushed me up to stop me from face planting the floor.

"Hey Harry." she winked, seductively. What was happening? At the time I wasn't entirely sure who I was talking to. I was sure it was Taylor, but Scar was the one I wanted to be there. So I started to flirt playfully as Taylor's face merged into Scarlett's. We were grinding as we danced, I think there were lots of photos taken, but I was too drunk to notice.

This felt wrong, but why? It was Scar? Was it? Huh?


I left the bathroom, after I'd decided to call it an early night and return to the hotel. I had to tell Harry first. I checked the time, jesus I'd been sobbing and thinking for hours in the toilet. Meanwhile, everyone else was having the time of their life.

I spotted Harry. He was pretty much dry humping TAYLOR. Oh my god. I couldn't believe my eyes. I wanted to slap him, I wanted to yell at him and confront him in front of all these strangers. But instead, tears won. I broke down. I just froze, standing there and watching them 'dance'. Taylor noticed me and started kissing Harry. I ran. I kept running, the wind in the night making my tears fly into my mouth. I eventually found a Starbucks. I sat in the corner of it, I didn't have any money on me. I was dying for a drink though.

I got out my phone and sniffed. I decided to text someone. Liam. I didn't know why, he was the first person in America I found on my contacts. Well, that I noticed.

To Liam
I'm not sure when you'll see this but I need to talk to someone.
I'm in the Starbucks down the road from the club.
Please come.
From Scarlett

It was 2 in the morning so I didn't think I'd be ruining his night too much. I doubted he was even going to see the text I sent him 'til like half way through tomorrow, but once again, I was wrong.

To Scarlett
Sure. I'm on my way now.
Wasn't enjoying the party myself anyway.
From Liam

My head was down at my phone when I heard the door open. Liam. Thank god.

"Scar?" he ran over to me, hugging me tightly.

"I'm so glad you're here." I replied.

"Let me get you a hot chocolate, you look frozen." I had forgotten I was in a tiny dress, I was frozen but I hadn't realised until he pointed it out. I was shivering like mad and I felt ill with heart ache.

Liam handed me the hot chocolate and wrapped his coat around me.

"He cheated on me," I sighed after I'd finished crying and warming up. "I mean, we weren't going out at the time but we were still, you know..."

"I do know. What do you mean he cheated on you? He can't have done? When?" he interrogated.

"A couple of days ago she said."

"Who's she?"

"Taylor." I stated in a dull tone, pursing my lips.

"Swift?" he scoffed.

"Mmm." I nodded.

"He hates her. They broke up like 8 months ago!"

"Why does he hate her?" I wondered.

"She cheated on him with this random guy. He wasn't famous or anything. Harry found out, left her. Never wanted to hear from her again. I think tonight's the first time they've been in the same room since." Liam exclaimed.

"Except for when they banged the day before I got here."

"Scar, I'm 110% sure that's not true. We've been with Harry the entire time, I think at least one of us would have noticed," I wanted to believe this, but what if Liam was just lying to save Harry's arse. "Who told you all of this anyway?" he raised an eyebrow.

"She did." I swallowed.

"You have no reason to believe her, she's into messing with people's relationships so she's happy."

"How would splitting Harry and I make her happy though? Surely, if she cheated on him it was for a reason?"

"You'd think that," he laughed softly. "she's probably jealous of your relationship and wants to get back together with Harry for publicity schemes." that sounded accurate. I was still puzzled though.

"How does she even know we're together?" Liam fell silent.

"That is something I can not answer if I'm honest." he muttered, biting his lips.

"She would only know if Harry and her were still in contact, which means..."

"That's not what it means Scarlett, I assure you. Harry loves you. I know he does. He would kill Taylor if that meant you'd be happy." I smiled.

"I hope you're right, otherwise you've been a right PAYNE in my ass." I winked, he chuckled.

"I see what you did there."

"Good," I squeaked. I wanted to put the Harry situation away for a bit. Not everything was about me. "so how come you weren't enjoying the party then?"

"Just broke up with my girlfriend." he looked down.

"Aw I'm sorry." I felt bad for asking now, I stroked his shoulder softly.

"It's alright, we've been drifting for ages. We both knew it was coming," he admitted, I could tell he was torn up inside though. "I just wish we were how we used to be. We used to be like you and Harry. All lovey dovey, then we went on tour and I left her behind. If only I'd taken her with me, we might have been the same." this made me wonder if I never came to surprise Harry would we have turn out like that? I'm glad I did. I didn't want to fall out with him, I wanted to be with him. I couldn't have a go at him and act so presumptuous without even hearing his side of the story. It wasn't fair.

I was planning to work hard on our relationship and that meant not completely over reacting when one of his psycho ex's tried to break us up to get back with him. Obviously, everyone wanted to be with him and, unluckily for me he was usually into older girls...

He loved me. I had to keep telling myself this.

He loved me.

Didn't he?


Don't hate me;)
Two updates in one day woopwoop.
Also, is it just me who finds it ironic that I wrote about Taylor Swift in Chapter 22?
Only just realised now ha ha;)
'we're happy free, confused and lonely at the same time..."
Do you think that's how Scarlett's feeling?^


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