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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Twenty-One.


I was dead the next morning. I was completely jet-lagged. My eyes were burning and felt extremely heavy as we all sat around the table for breakfast at the the hotel. My head was rested on Harry's shoulder and I kept drifting off every couple of seconds. Harry had to wriggle his body in order for me to wake up again.

"Go get some sleep, Scar." he whispered. He sounded like he was practically begging.

"I'm fine." I replied, widening my eyes.

"If you don't get to sleep now, you'll miss the big bash tonight babe." he chuckled, knowing how excited I was for it. I'd never been to a full on party before so I was planning on making it a good experience. I would only be able to attend if I could keep my orbs open and walk properly. Let's face it, after last night I was a bit sore.

"But if I go to sleep now, then I'll never get used to the time difference." That was true, I had to try and get used to it.

"True, but you'll have ages to get used to it." he smirked.

"I will?" I was confused, we planned on going back when they changed hotels.

"Yes!" he chuckled.

"How come?"

"Because I'm keeping you hostage with me." he whispered, winking. He held me tighter against his body. I could scent the 'Midnight Breeze' aftershave I bought him. It made him that much more sexier. He nibbled at my ear and I had to forcefully hold back a moan. I didn't want to make any noise as we were in a public space and everyone was seated around the table.

He stopped when our breakfasts arrived. I was looking forward to this a lot more than normal. It smelt amazing and I hadn't eaten anything since the flight down here. Towards the beginning of the journey too because I was asleep for the second half. I had ordered a full 'American' breakfast and you know how big those sizes were. 3 oversized sausages, 4 huge pieces of bacon, 2 slices of fried bread, a couple of handfuls of mushrooms, scrambled egg, saute potatoes, normal piece of white toast, black pudding, beans and finally, tomatoes. NOM.

I dove in like an utter pig, splashing it all over the table and missing my mouth half the time. I was right mess and any other lad would be embarrassed to be seen with me. Any other lad. This was different, he was Harry. Instead of handing me a tissue and wiping my face with it, he gave me a big sloppy kiss, licking around my mouth. All the lads were in hysterics but Dani was disgusted.

My face was now clear but very very wet and slobbery. I picked up a napkin and rubbed over my mouth and continued trying to demolish the food left in front of me. I ate it more politely this time, for Danielle's sake.

I finally agreed to go for a kip, I nearly collapsed into my left overs it was that bad. I used to think it was only a cartoon thing, but Harry literally had to push my head back in order to stop me from falling. I headed to my room and unlocked the door. I slipped into my giraffe onesie and laid on the bed. It was as if I passed out.


You'd think seeing your girlfriend covered in food was unacceptable, but she made it look adorable. I told myself each minute how lucky I was to have found someone like her. I was keeping her here for as long as I could. There was no chance of letting the girl I loved stay in an empty house alone.

She had gone up to bed and I already missed her touch. It was like whenever I was alone I felt incomplete. She was my other half and always would be, I knew it.

Even though Scarlett was dreadfully jet-lagged, Dani was fine and her usual self. She was together with Niall now and I could see how happy and calm she made him feel. I couldn't really tell how she felt about him. She was cuddled up to him and occasionally kissed him now and again, but she didn't look settled. I didn't really trust her, but if she made Niall smile everyday then that was good enough for me.

"So, Harry. Looking forward to tonight?" Lou asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Yeah, mate. It's gonna be good," My whole body was buzzing, my parties were always the best. It was even in a few magazines last year. I was proud. "you must all be excited, get to see your ladies." I winked, directing this at Zayn, Liam and Lou. They just nodded, wow. Good responses from them.

Zayn had planned on proposing to Perrie for a long time now but he always got too frightened to do it. For some reason, he was sure she'd deny him but it was obvious she wanted him to do it. Zayn and Perrie were what I hope Scar and I would become. They were perfect together. The way they re-united after not seeing one another for like a day, the way they make only each other laugh at their private jokes, the look in their eyes when each others met. It gave me goosebumps.

Liam was with Susannah who he wasn't really that keen on anymore. This worried me because they acted so cute together at the start of the relationship, but they kind of drifted as we all went on tour and that was heart breaking to watch. You'd think Liam would look so destroyed and torn up but, if I'm honest, they both knew their relationship had an expiration date. I think it was pretty soon too, Liam didn't feel much for her and I think they were both trying to hold on to the good memories they shared in the past. I was determined to not let this happen to my relationship with Scarlett. She meant everything to me.

Finally, Lou was with Eleanor. Elle. She was a beautiful, lovely girl but she didn't make Lou happy. I think he pretended to be, I think he convinced himself he was. Although, you can tell when two people are in love and that was not what I was seeing. That was just my opinion, though. I just reckoned he was caught up with how stunning she was, I'm not gonna lie she was hot. But, she still wasn't as beautiful as Scar.

The lads said I wasn't allowed to have my present until tonight. Damn. I was so impatient on my birthday, everyone knew that. I had guessed multiple times to try and get it right. No luck. My guesses were now short and random.

"A duck?"

"A duck, Harry. Really?" Niall repeated, chuckling.

"Yeah?" I went with it.

"Yes, mate. We bought you a duck..." Lou joked.

"Well I don't know!" I snapped.

"Only 9 hours until you find out." Liam winked.

"Ugh." I sighed.

It was a good day today because, well it was my birthday. Besides that, we didn't have any interviews or places we had to go. It was a chilled day and I loved these now and again. I excused myself from table and went back to my room.


I was snuggled up to Niall but nothing felt right. Now that I had him, I didn't really want him. I was worried he'd caught onto this so I saved myself by giving him a few pecks on his lips. I wasn't ever going to dump him, it'd break his heart. Plus, he earned loads of dough and that's just what I needed. I smiled to myself evilly. If people on Eastenders could act loved up, why couldn't I?

Niall had kept sloppily smooching at my neck. It was disgusting. It was like a dishwasher was leaking onto me. Ugh. I decided I had to leave before I vomited, so I faked that I should go and wake Scarlett up.

I didn't think I was a gold digger, but I don't really see what's wrong with it? He gets to love me and have an amazing relationship, and I get loads of designer stuff. It was a win, win. I used to think it was awful, but I've only been in America 12 hours and he'd already bought me this really expensive necklace...and it felt good.

I stepped into the room me and Scarlett were sharing, she looked so peaceful when she slept. This made me smile. She was really beautiful, like really beautiful. I was so jealous.

"Hey Scar. Nice sleep?" I winked.

"Mmm." she replied, burying her head further into the pillow so she wouldn't have to get up.

"Alright, I'll leave you for another half an hour or so, yeah?" I wanted her to be happy. She had always been so kind to me. There was no response, so I assumed that was a yes. Did I just feel butterflies? Weird, no.

It was a couple of hours before Harry's party and me and Scar were all dressed up and ready to go. I loved the dress I was wearing and the shoes that went with it. Scar was wearing a little skater dress with some sparkly heels. She looked fabulous. My phone beeped.

To Danzie
Come to Harry's room
Kicking the party off now x
From Nially

Why not?

"Hey, we're going Harry's." I stated.

"Alright," she answered, putting on her last touches of make up. "I'm coming."

We got to Harry's room, he answered the door for us.

"Hello you two," his eyes lit up, but he was just staring at Scar. Why did she look so loved up whenever he was around?! Wait, I wasn't jealous was I? "no one told me I was going out with a princess!" Harry complimented. Yuck. Scarlett curtseyed.

"You look gorgeous, Harry. So handsome!" she returned.

"Maybe I could be your Prince Charming." he winked. Someone pass me a bucket, I'm going to chuck. I coughed loudly. "sorry, Dani. You look lovely." I smiled and walked in. Everyone was clearly drunk already. And they were playing, what? Spin the bottle?

"Do you wanna join?" Niall invited us.

"Are you gay?" I replied.

"Nope," he slurred.

"Why not?" Harry and Scarlett refused to but I figured, what the hell? I downed a couple of shots and joined in. Zayn had snogged Liam, Liam had kissed Lou, Lou had kissed me twice, I had kissed Niall, Niall 'accidentally' landed on me like four times and now it was my go. We were only kissing each other on the cheek though, except for Niall and I of course. Ew. I spun the bottle and landed in between me and Niall. It was pointing towards Scar.

"SCARLETT! You have to snog Scarlett. Kiss her right on the lips!" Liam yelled. I never understood why boys were so turned on by girls you know, 'getting it on'. I shrugged.

"Sorry, Scar. Game rules." I giggled/hiccuped I wasn't really sure.

"No it's okay." Scar replied, thinking I was joking. This pissed me off. Why didn't she want me to kiss her? Without saying another word, I crammed my lips onto hers and started tonguing her. I was always stronger than her and although she was shrieking and trying to pull away I wouldn't let her. Harry came over to us.

"That's enough of that." he shot me a death glare and pulled us apart. Scarlett wiped her mouth thoroughly. That offended me.

"I hate Dani when she's drunk, she always gets so hansy." Scarlett frowned, walking away. I didn't really, only with her. I never wanted that kiss to end. I felt a warm feeling through my heart. Strange. I went back over to the boys who were in a fit of laughter. Well, except Niall. He looked hurt.

"Leave it Niall, I'm drunk. It didn't mean anything." I said.

But it did mean something...


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