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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Twenty.


I knocked, three times. The door opened. I was stood face to face with Harry. I didn't know how to react, there were about 7 different emotions running through me. A part of me wanted to cry with happiness but nerves took over. My stomach was twisted and I'm pretty sure my heart had exploded, it was beating that violently.

Before I could say anything or realise my actions, Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tightly towards him. A huge grin shone on his face. His eyes were dancing and he was blushing. Aw.

"SCAR!" he shouted, happily.

"Happy birthday Harry." I whispered into his ear as he leant his chin on my shoulder.

"Best present ever," He replied, giving my cheek a huge smooch. "Niall, I think there's someone here for you." I felt his eyelashes wink on my face. Weird feeling. Harry and I pulled out of the mini cuddle and examined Niall's face. He looked confused, Dani was hiding behind the door away from everyone. The rest of guys didn't know of Danielle's existence so the were completely puzzled. It was quite funny.

Niall made his way over to Dani, who was stood just outside the room. Harry slammed the door behind the two of them.

"Sort out your issues guys, 'cause you're not allowed back in until you have." he laughed.

"Scar!" Zayn, Lou and Liam shouted, grinning. "Glad you came." they were giving each other amazed looks as they said all this simultaneously.

"Quoting Wanted lyrics now are ya?" I giggled slightly. They just shook their heads at my embarrassingly bad attempt of a joke...

"I can't believe you're here." Harry licked his lips rather seductively, though I don't think the other lads noticed.

"I wouldn't have missed it for the world, baby." I kissed his lips softly.


"H-h-hi..." I stammered, anxiously.

"Hi Danielle." he replied blankly.

"I want to apologise, Niall. For lying to you. I didn't mean to, I thought it would hurt you to know the truth. All that matters is that I really like you now. Now, we've gotten to know each other more and met up a few times. The sparks that were missing on that double date with Harry and Scar have now turned into a fucking firework show. I can't let you go, whatever we have. Not this easy, anyway." I admitted, all of that was true. Niall just stared at me. I couldn't read him. I always could before, but this time he seemed so emotionless.

"You still lied to me. You made me look a twat-" he started, but I cut him off.

"If anything, I looked like the twat. Treating someone as incredible as you awfully. People will think I'm a heartless bitch which I am normally, but I want to change. You make me want to change. That is the truth, I promise you. I'll never lie to you again, Niall." he gave me a half smile.

"I might be crazy but I believe you. I just don't understand why you wouldn't just tell me the truth to start off with." his half smile now disappeared. All the seriousness had returned. Ugh. I was so shit at apologies.

"I didn't want to ruin what we had," I gulped. "I know that sounds stupid because we're not even together but I thought...I just thought. I came here because I needed to tell you all of this in person. I didn't want you to think I was just some worthless gold digger. I'm not I swear. Ask Scarlett. I would never stoop that low. I don't like you because you're famous. You're extremely talented at singing obviously. But, whenever you text me and compliment me the littlest, I don't stop smiling for days. The way you tell a joke that wasn't even that funny still puts me into hysterics. All your hobbies like football, drawing and fishing make you who you are. You're just complete and utter perfection to be honest and I could carry on complimenting you but I think you get the point and I would be here for the rest of my life probably. It's just the little things that I'll forever treasure. Some of the greatest moments I've had with you already, they'll always be brilliant memories I'll never forget." Niall didn't say anything he just smashed his lips into mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth. It was i n c r e d i b l e. I'll take that as forgiven.


Me and Harry were kissing rather a lot.

"Ew you guys get a room." Liam moaned.

"We are in a room, if you don't like it...get out." Harry snapped jokily, kissing me again.

"I fucking love America." I laughed, caught up in the moment.

"Do you wanna go to your room?" he muttered down my ear, giving my neck shivers. I nodded against him and we strolled towards the door. We were trying to act casual but it was blatant what we were about to do.

I was so nervous. I was a virgin. What if I was shit at sex? Oh my god. Don't have a panic attack, S. Stupid. We opened the door and saw Dani and Niall getting off. Aw, they made up. They needed a fucking room as well though, Jesus. They were really going for it. I doubt they even noticed us appear.

Harry picked me up bridal style and locked the door behind us. He drooped me onto the bed and started sucking softly, like little kisses all the way down my neck. His body was above me and I felt myself sweat a bit, but it didn't stop me moaning.

He literally ripped off my top from me. Good job that one was cheap. He undid my bra at the back and licked all the way round my nipple. I let out another couple of moans, the more he did the foreplay, the louder they got. I felt his erection on my leg. Eventually, he took off the rest of his clothes and I helped him slip his off too. He had rock-hard abs that were covered in tattoes and I'd never been more turned on. I just wanted him inside of me.

He then rushed into the bathroom to put on a condom. I'd never seen a guy move so quick, he must have been excited. He returned and wavered his naked body above mine for a couple of seconds, before sliding his cock inside. It hurt a bit, but not half as bad as I had expected. After that, it felt good. Amazing actually.

"Jesus!" I screeched, loudly.

"Say my name!" he yelled, gradually thrusting hips faster.

"HARRY!" I shouted. "Faster-er," I stammered. "Please. NOW!" He got faster. I was wrapped around his whole body at this point, we were going at it really hard.

"It's coming!" Harry screamed. "Scar." the way he said my name made me so hot. He was so hot. I wanted this to last forever. Damn. We were both moaning incredibly loudly, I wouldn't be surprised if the bitchy receptionist heard me. I didn't care though.

"Shit Harry this is so good." he smiled, I was breathing heavily.



We were both shouting, screaming, yelling, roaring, screeching for a bit.

Harry ejaculated into his condom and pulled himself gently out of me. He laid down by my side.

"You alright?" he winked, panting.

"That was, wow." I replied, breathing deeply.

"I love you, Scar." he rolled onto his side so our eyes met. There they were, his lovely green eyes. The eyes I would give the world for.

"I love you, Harry."

"Will you be my girlfriend...again? I'll be better this time." he asked in hope, looking frustrated with himself.

"Of course, I will." I replied, pecking him on the nose.

"I've never felt like this with anyone before." I nodded.

"I know, Harry. I haven't either. I'm so grateful you found me." I smiled, passionately kissing his lips. He was so beautiful.


I was so glad Niall and I had made up. We were sat on the bed with the others now as apparently Scar and I's room was 'occupied'. We were talking about how we all wanted something they had. You could tell when they were together that they were destined. It sounded soppy and I didn't think I'd believed in that stuff. But, it was true.

I was sat next to Niall and he was playing with my hands, they were intertwined. He was rubbing them and occasionally kissing them all over. Finally, he rested his head on my shoulder.

"Will you go out with me, Dani?" he whispered. I grinned, happily.

"Yes!" I replied, out loud. The others looked confused. Niall smirked.

I'd been introduced to everyone now. They were all really funny, down to earth guys. We'd had quite a lot of laughs.

"So what have you got planned for Harry's birthday?" I asked cheerily.

"Well, big party tonight. Gonna be awesome. Few presents but we're all about the partying here." Zayn answered.

"Oh yeah because he can afford anything he wants?" I winked.

"That's not what I meant..." Zayn bit his lip.

"I know, I was just kidding," I said, realising no one found my joke funny. Awkward. "Scar splashed the cash on him. Well, it was splashing the cash for us normal people." I winked, this time they did laugh, thank god.

"Oh really?" Liam questioned. I nodded.

She really loved this dude.


That was the best sex I'd ever had. Oh my god I loved her so fucking much, I never wanted her to leave my sight again. I wanted us to be together forever. I didn't care how soppy or needy that sounded, it was true. She was perfect for me.

"Ooo!" she sat up sharply. "I've got your birthday present, hun." she smiled, unzipping her bag. She found some pyjamas to cover her hot, sweaty naked body with. She was beautiful. So hot.

She then, chucked clothes and clothes out of her suitcase, until she found a little thing. It wasn't wrapped but it was in a little box. She handed it to me.

"Sorry it's not wrapped!" she pecked my forehead.

"You didn't have to get me anything, just your presence is enough." I admitted.

"Oh, shut up." she said, gently slapping me. "Just open it you twat."

I obeyed her and ripped open the box. It contained a bottle of aftershave called 'Midnight Breeze'. I sprayed a little onto her nose and smelt it. I loved it. I actually thought it was the best smelling one I'd ever owned. The bottle was in the shape of a fist so I assumed it was from Diesel. Sweet.

"I love it so much! Thank you baby." I hugged her.

"Next up," she said. That wasn't it? She'd got me something else? Aw, how considerate. She stretched out for a bag and placed it in my hands. I stared up at her. "Go on." she motioned. I ruffled the bag down to see what was in it.

There was a pair of Levi skinny jeans in there. My favourite type. She remembered. I held them up, letting them hang in the air. Then, I stroked them against my face.

"You are so generous, Scar." I smirked wildly.

"Not finished mate," my jaw dropped and she shut it for me. "you only get one birthday a year!" she winked, giving me another bag. I pulled out a top softly, so I wouldn't damage it. It was a patterned blouse and I normally didn't like stuff like that but it actually looked amazing. She would be able to find the rare one that I would actually like.

"It's amazing, Scarlett. You're amazing." I was non-stop smiling.

"Just one more." I frowned. This was too much, I didn't deserve all this.

"Scar you really didn't nee-" I started, but she stopped me by placing her finger on my lips. She placed a shoe box in front of me. I lifted the lid and saw these awesome smart, midnight black shoes. These were perfect for my job. She bought me such thoughtful gifts. Aw.

I tackled her playfully, so I was lying on top of her on the bed. We were gazing into each other eyes that were holding one another. She started laughing suddenly and then tickling me all over. I started tickling her too, we were rolling all over the bed in fits of laughter.

What a brilliant start to my birthday.

My 22nd was the one to remember, let's get this party started.


Had to put a little bit of 'mmph' into that one for you guys, you knew it was coming eventually;)


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