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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Nineteen.


It was the day we were off to America. Dani and I were buzzing but we were both still pretty anxious. What if they didn't want us there? If they just sent us away? I was trying to focus on the positives though.

It had taken us about three days to pack fully. I bought SO much stuff the other day and I think it was a bit too much, I'd ended up having to pay for extra weight in my bag. I had to bring Harry's present too...wait. Harry's present? What did I get him? Shit. Nothing. I forgot. Great girlfrie-person I was.

"SHIT DANI!" I yelled, causing families to turn around and give me dirty looks whilst covering their childrens ears. I shrugged it off.

"What?" she looked concerned.

"I didn't buy Harry anything for his birthday." I frowned, disappointed with myself.

"Yes you did, remember? That's the whole point we went to the shops?"

"Oh really, what did I get him then?" I tried to outsmart her. I didn't really know why because I was hoping somehow she was right.

"Erm..." she trailed off, I raised an eyebrow. "That...that, thing? Nope you didn't get him anything. Crap."

"What do I do now?" I shouted, panicking. There would be no time to get him anything in America. It would pretty much be his birthday when we got to the hotel.

"Buy him something from the airport shop?"

"Good idea." I replied, legging it into the first shop I saw. I realised it was burger king, exited and turned round to see Dani in absolute hysterics on the floor. "Oh, fuck off." I winked.

"Yeah. I'm. Sure. He'd. Die. For. A. Burger." she spoke in between each pant.

I rolled my eyes but I was giggling. I found a shop called 'For Him' which I figured was appropriate. I walked in and it was a clothes/aftershave shop. Perfect. I found a long patterned blouse which I thought was really trendy. I picked out his size and added to the shopping basket. £60? Seemed expensive. I then wandered over to the section of Aftershave. It was called Midnight Breeze and it was truly scrumptious. It smelt like zingy oranges with mint and a sort of flowery smell. Sounds like a strange combination but it was actually amazing. That was another £60.

I then noticed some jeans. They were his favourite type. They were skinny and appeared to look low down, but they weren't. I don't really know how to explain it, but when boys have their trousers hung down low and they show their boxers, it was like that. But they were designed so they didn't show anything. Not sure if that makes sense but I'll roll with it. They were levi's and were £75.

The last thing I bought him were shoes from this random shoe shop. The ones you find at airports for some reason that don't exist anywhere else. I can't remember anymore what it was called, but it was wicked. I got these poined black shoes that I thought looked really smart and would go with a the suits and stuff he wore. The purchase was £125. Lastly I got a birthday card. I was surprisingly satisfied with what I had bought him. The airports stuff wasn't crappy and cheap like I'd expected it to be. Yay.

We eventually boarded the plane and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Everything was packed. We hadn't missed the flight . Harry's present was taken care of. I didn't have anything to worry about. I thought.

First class was incredible. We each had individual booth sort of things and a TV with it. You could have your seat up or reclined down into a bed. I decided to watch a film seeing as Danielle was. She was completely blanking me. I scrolled through the films and decided to watch 'She's the man' it was the best film ever. Not even joking. I loved it. I always watched it when I was ill. It was my sort of cheer up film. Aw cute ain't I?

"Danielle?" I whispered.

"Mmm?" she muttered in response.

"Do you think we've forgotten anything? What if I forgot t-"

"Shh," she answered, looking dead relaxed. Eyes closed. "We've remembered everything."

"I hope so." she shot me a reassuring smile.

I had watched a few more films. Grown Ups, Garfield, Abduction and Now you see me. We weren't sleeping through the night as we got an early-day flight. I was exhausted though, so I decided to try and have a little kip. I reclined the chair and placed the pillow on the top end of it. I rested my head on it and closed me eyes gently. I zoned out almost immediately.


Scarlett had been stressing the whole time,. It was understandable I mean, it was her first time on a plane. Well, I was freaking out too. Not about the journey or if we'd forgotten something. Just what Niall would think. He hated my guts at the moment and we hadn't spoken for ages. I didn't think Scar had spoken to Harry either, not individually anyway. She'd skyped everyone and spoke to him in front of them. But not about their relationships.

I was surprised she was freaking out about things she'd forgotten. Had she forgotten about the whole Harry situation? All she was concentrated on was his birthday.

I sat there for a few moments, contemplating whether or not I should get the next flight back to the UK. But, I realised I had to do this. Not for me but for Scarlett. Plus, I really was into Niall. He didn't believe that though, I had to tell him.

We were alerted to put our seatbelts on as we were about to land so I woke up Scarlett who had slept for most of the trip. I was so thankful she had, because she was on the brink of having a panic attack I could tell. That's why I was trying to act so calm. I knew if I panicked along with her then she'd have reacted so much worse.

"W-what?" she awoke. Rubbing her eyes, roughly.

"We need to put our seatbelts on, we're nearly here beautiful." I smiled at her.

"Oh, okay." she replied, pushing her bed into a chair and pulling the seatbelt across her waist.

Finally, we landed. Thank the Lord. We got off the plane and were waiting around for our bags.

"Hey." a voice greeted from behind me. I twisted my body to see who it was.

"Erm, hi?" I answered, slightly confused.

"My mate and I noticed you and your friend on the plane. We think you're both stunning, we were hoping that we could get your number?" he was american, sweet.

"She has someone, sorry. That's why she's here..." I started. He nodded.

"But yours?" he asked, hopefully. I sort of 'had' Niall but he hated me. I wasn't entirely sure how things were gonna go and this guy was like a god. He was fucking gorgeous. No harm would come from getting his number right?

"Sure." I gave him my number and he gave me his. He then walked off with his mate looking rather happy with himself. His mate looked quite disappointed. Of course he would, someone as perfect as Scarlett had a 'boyfriend'.

Scarlett shot me a puzzled look and floated back to me.

"Who was that?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Aidan." I replied, gorming into the distance while I pictured his face.

"What about Niall?" Scarlett said, snapping me out of my daydream.

"Niall won't take me back. Even if he does, better safe than sorry. Plus, it's not like Niall's my boyfriend. He's not what Harry is to you."

"Harry and I are not going out." she replied sharply.

"You want to though?" she stared down at her toes.

"Yeah," she swallowed. She seemed unsure. "I just hope this whole thing doesn't back fire in my face." I agreed with that. I was half dreading their reactions.

Our bags decided to come. In their own bloody time. We'd been waiting for ages and it was now 11:30pm(American time). The hotel was approximately 20mins from here, so we were luckily going to make it for Harry's birthday. Just in time.

We paid the taxi and got out, grabbing all ours luggage from the boot.

Here goes nothing.


We'd done it. We'd got to the hotel 10mins before Harry's birthday. My heart was bumping so hard, my head was pounding and my tongue was dry. I stepped up the reception desk that was made out of marble. Real marble. Jesus, this hotel was fancy already.

"Hello. I'd like to check in my name is Miss Scarlett Jones, I booked about a week ago?" I shook, nervously.

"Oh, yes. Hi Miss Jones. Your room is number 203 and here is your key," she answered cheerily, handing me a card key. "you place the key into the allocated area and it unlocks the door. You then do the same inside the room in order for all the electricity to be on. If there's anything you need they'll always be someone on reception and there's a list of numbers for room service etc on the wall of your room."

"Thank you very much."

"You're welcome, Miss. Is there anything else you'll need?"

"Erm, where is Sir Axl Dunbar's room?" she scurried through her papers.

"Er, I think they left a couple of days ago." she shot me a cheeky smile, knowing they were One Direction.

"What?" my heart sank. "Do you have any idea which hotel they went to?" I couldn't believe I didn't think of that. Of course, they wouldn't be in the hotel after their gig. They had to move on to perform their next one. I was so stupid!

"I do, Miss. But I am very sorry I can not inform you with that information, it has been noted to me that it should stay private." she genuinely looked sympathetic. Suddenly, Dani ran over.

"Please!" she begged. "Our boyfriend are there, we need to talk to them!"

"You're telling me you're going out with members of One Direction?!" she laughed, hard in disbelief.

"What? It's true. Well half true." I sighed.

"Half true? As in the fact you think you're going out with them yet they have no clue who you are." she chuckled again, shaking her head. Sarcastic bitch. I gritted my teeth. Danielle tugged at my arm and we wandered off to look for our room.

Once we found it, I fell on to the bed. We came all this fucking way and we don't even know where they are." I mumbled into the pillow.

"Can't you just text Harry?" she bit her lip.

"We haven't texted since the whole thing," I admitted. "It would be suspicious to text him out of the blue saying that." she nodded sadly.

"For gods sake." she moaned.

"I have an idea." I sat up happily.

"Yes?" she motioned me to carry on, her eyes glistening.

"I could ask Anne. She'll know won't she?!" I grinned. She did too.

"Of course!"

I got my phone out and asked her. I waited very very impatiently for her reply.

To Scar
They're still in the same one until next wed.
It's cos they have three concerts in the same area.
Fake name=Sir Axl Dunbar
Love you take care x x
From Anne

We always said we loved each other now aw. Wait what?! They were still here? Why would that cheeky receptionist lie?

"What the fuck?" Dani screamed, after reading the text. "Little sket."

"I know right?" I managed to laugh.

"We can't go back to her, she won't tell us where they are!" she complained.

"How are we gonna find them then?" I questioned, losing faith.

As soon as I said that, as if it was faith I heard Liam and Lou's voice. I jumped out the room and saw the two of them.

"SCAR!" they shouted in unison, squeezing me into a group hug.

"Shh." I signalled.

"What are you doing here?" Liam whispered.

"I came to surprise Harry for his birthday!" I grinned. "Where's your room?"

"Number 222." Lou smiled, kissing me on the cheek.

"Don't say a word. Just keep them awake yeah?" I winked. They nodded enthusiastically.

I ran back into the room, got changed and added make up, It was the quickest I'd ever got ready, along with Dani. We literally ran on our tiptoes through the corridor, searching for the room. We finally came across it. Room 222. I reached my hand out to knock when Danielle grabbed my wrist.

"None of them know me." she was wobbling.

"You'll be fine. You have Harry, Niall and me." I tried to smile but I couldn't really imagine how she was feeling.

"I think I'm gonna go back to the room." she pouted.

"Nope, you're not doing this without me." I pecked her on the forehead gently, then counted down before I knocked.

"3, 2, 1..."



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I really love this story. It's so exciting:-) please Update:)

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This story is amazing! I love it:)(:
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