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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Eighteen.


It was 7am and Dani and I were wide awake. We were just talking and laughing together like we used to. I felt more happy now to know I had made up with her and we could go back to being best friends. Danielle reached for her phone and stalked Niall's twitter.

"God woman, you're obsessed!" I giggled.

"E-er Scar..." she paused.

"Yes?" I felt nervous just because of the tone she was using. She sounded worried for me, like something awful had happened. Either that, or something huge...

"Well, good news is there's a new twitter trend."

"Why is that good news?" I asked sarcastically. "and what's the bad news?" I continued.

"It may or may not be about you." she said hesitantly, biting her lip. I snatched the phone from her hands and scrolled down Niall's wall.

"MYSTERIOUS GIRL?!" I screamed in horror. "WHY WOULD NIALL DO THAT?"

"This was my fault," Dani scrunched her eyes closed. "I'm so sorry."

"How is it your fault?" I questioned, now puzzled.

"Well, he blatantly did this because he was mad at me."

"Oh," I laughed. "hun, it's not your fault, You didn't tell him to write that tweet." I felt surprisingly calm all of a sudden.

"Are you sure?" she wanted to make sure I was positive. She looked extremely guilty bless her.

"Yes!" I told her.

"No one's gonna find out who you are, Scarlett. Harry wouldn't do that to you and neither would anyone else in the group. I know that, you know that. It will happen when you're ready for it." she promised me.

"What if I'm never ready for it, Dani?" I whined, about in tears. "Harry won't be able to cope with hiding me from the paparazzi forever. They're gonna find out."

"Everything will work out, I guarantee it," she hugged me. "Breakfast?"

"Breakfast." I confirmed.

We strolled downstairs and into the kitchen. Dani's mum, Sarah, was in there.

"Oh hi, Scar!" she looked chirpy and surprised. She's evidently remembered about my mum and completely twister her face expression into sympathy. "How you doing?"

"I'm okay." I replied honestly. I wasn't the best but things were getting better.

"If I'd of known you were here I would have made pancakes!" she smiled.

"Can't you anyway?" Danielle fluttered her eyelashes, pleading.

"I suppose so. Little treat, eh?" she got all the ingredients out and we helped start making the mixture.

"Okay," I said, reading the recipe in front of me. "we need to sieve the flour into a big mixing bowl, making sure we hold the sieve from as high up as possible so there is enough airing in flour-"

"-then make a slight dip in the flour in order to crack the eggs into." Dani finished. We giggled at this.

"Alright. Now what?" Sarah demanded.

"Whisk!" Dani and I said in unison. Sarah started whisking the mixture and it went everywhere. Let's face it, she wasn't the best at techniques in cooking, but her food always tasted amazing. We all exploded into a fit of laughter, until we were pretty much rolling in the mess.

We had finished making the pancakes and we were now sat at their breakfast bar, scoffing them. Sam(Dani's younger brother)entered in his boxers. He was two years younger than us. He noticed me and covered himself.

"Crap." he yelled, blushing before he ran off.

"He always used to have a crush on you, Scar." Sarah winked. I chuckled.

"I don't know why you're laughing. It's true. He probably still does, strange child." Dani agreed.

"Aw." was all I said. My best friends brother having a crush on me? That was all levels of wrong. Although, he did have a six pack and a rather nice body. He was pretty good looking too, but still. So wrong.

Sam came back in a little later, fully clothed and smelling very strongly of aftershave. A little too strong in fact.

"You absolutely stink!" Dani coughed. "Could you be wearing any more fucking perfume?!"

"It's aftershave. I'm not a girl." he defended himself but he looked embarrassed. He was obviously regretting putting so much on.

"You'd fool me." Dani mocked.

"Oi." they were so cute when the argued. It was like they were 13 year olds again and were both showing off to the guess. AKA moi.

Sam sat down at the table opposite me.

"Hey, Scar. Not seen you in a while, how are you?" he smiled, he was trying not to ask about my mums death, I knew Sarah had too but they both wanted to know. I thought I might as well get it over with.

"I'm alright thanks, my mum passing away has been pretty difficult though." I admitted.

"I'm sorry about that. We all miss her deeply. We were all at the funeral, I'm not sure if you saw us. You had left before we managed to speak." Sarah looked relieved that I had brought it up so she didn't have to. 'we were all' yeah, all except Dani.

"It's alright, you know I'm glad she's not in pain anymore. It killed us both that she practically lived in the hospital."

"I bet it did. I agree, I think she's happy she's free. Your speech was very inspirational, I felt very proud and I bet your mum did too." Sarah was so lovely and considerate.

"She'll be looking after you from up there, you know." Sam nodded.

"He's right, for once." Dani added. I left out a soft giggle.

"Thank you." I whispered, trying hard not to cry.

"Shall we look at flights now?" I asked Dani when we'd returned to her room. I had already texted Anne to let her know where I was in case she worried.

"Yeah, but Scar. I don't know whether or not I can afford it. I don't think I'll be able to go unless there's some ridiculously good deals on." she admitted sadly.

"I'll pay." It wasn't so much of an offer it was a demand.

"Scar, you haven't even got a job. How are you supposed to afford this?"

"My mum left me £500,000. Plus my dad has to pay me £100,000 a year."

"What the fuck, really?! If she had all that money why didn't she pay for the operation?"

"I didn't know either. I guess she expected to die..." it hurt me to say that, but it was a reasonable conclusion. "I'll probably spend it all in one go though to be honest." I added, brightening the mood. "I'm gonna get another job anyway. One where I can sing. I'm determined." I smiled.

"Are you sure you don't mind paying, Scar?"

"Yes, missy!"

"Thank you so much. Now I just need to try and convince the mother." she winked.

We looked on the website for flights and we decided to go first class. My first time on a plane so I thought it should probably be a good one to remember.

"Woo, first class!" Dani beamed. "Do you know what hotel they're staying at?"

"Yes, it's a place called 'The Turner's 5 Star Resort' it's in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their room name is under Sir Axl Dunbar. That's jokes." I laughed, she joined. We booked a room there and the flights and the excitment was kicking in. We were due to arrive on the 30th of January and land at the airport at approx 11pm. Roughly an hour before Harry's 22nd birthday. I wanted to get him something really good.

"Now that's done and we arrive before Harry's birthday, shopping trip today? You need to help me pick out a present for him."

"Sounds perfect. Need to get some stuff for America anyway." she smiled.

"You're going to America?" I teased.

"Yeah, why? Are you?" she joined in, putting a shocked look on her face.

"Yeah! Maybe I'll bump into you," I winked. "I need to stop off at my house first." I gulped, I hadn't been back to my house since it had been broken into. I think the insurance people had fixed and replaced stuff by now, but I needed to get changed anyway.

We arrived, it looked normal. I unlocked the door and ran upstairs to my room.

"Okay, you watch TV or whatever and I'll have a quick shower." I told Dani. She nodded, smiling at me and I left the room.


I was sat on her bed watching a bit of 'Don't tell the bride' when I noticed a lad on a bicycle ride past. He stopped, evaluated the house and then got a notebook out of his pocket. He jotted a few things down, took a couple of pictures with his phone and then continued riding his bike. That was strange.

Scarlett had finished in the shower and had got changed into different clothes in the bathroom. She'd put some make up on and all she had to do now was dry her hair.

"What's up?" she asked, noticing the confused look on my face. I debated whether or not to tell her, then I realised it would make her more apprehensive and I didn't want her to stress on something that was probably nothing anyway.

"Oh, nothing. Just this programme. I mean, who would trust the guy to plan the wedding on his own? I wouldn't do that for free money." Scar chuckled softly and rolled her eyes.

"You do make me laugh, Dani." she said, shaking her head.

Once she'd dried her hair, she grabbed a coat and locked the front door while we made our way to her car. It was quite a bright, sunny day but it was cold. Very cold. Scar turned the engine on and started to move. We had normal chit-chat on the way, like girls do. Gossiping about the latest celebrities and songs we liked. We were talking about One Republic and One Direction of course.

"Do you think Niall will want me there?" I knew what Scarlett was going to answer with, but I wasn't sure whether he'd be upset about it. I had to talk to him in person though, he needed to understand why I lied to him. I hated that I lied.

"Definitely. His eyes will glisten when he sees you there!" she comforted. I didn't believe her though. I sighed heavily.

"I hope so."

"You'll never know unless you try. If everything fails, we still have America to explore. So I think it's a win, win." she laughed.

We arrived at the shopping centre and I paid for the car park ticket. I figured it was fair seeing as she paid for my flight to America and accommodation. AND she paid for the fuel to get us here. You know, so we were equal...

I absolutely adored shopping with my best friend. We headed straight towards topshop. I found some really lovely shorts, skirt, knitted jumper, top, platforms, more platforms, flatforms, crop top, sunglasses, satchel, eye liner, dress, a few pairs of these socks and a bikini. If you think I went crazy you should have known what Scarlett bought. She might as well have bought the entire shop and I would tell you what she got but it would literally take me about 7 hours. Also, the great thing about where we going in America was that it was hot, so we can feel like we're back to summer again. Yay.

We then made our way to river island and dug a deeper whole into our purses. Then to primark, got a few things there. Republic, new look, office. Oh my god. I need to tell you the shoes I got from office. They were amazing. White vans, navy toms, timberlands which I didn't necessarily buy for America, air max, Jeffrey Campbell, Dr. Martens(which I didn't really buy for America either), converse and uggs. Scarlett had to help me out a bit with money, I'd literally broke the budget in topshop. Okay, she helped me a very very generous amount and I dread to think how much she spent. We definitely did a years worth of shopping. We then visited boots, superdrug, the fragrance shop, body shop, yankee candle and then went for a spot of lunch.

We had about 20 bags each and we were struggling to carry them all. We decided to go for lunch at a lovely Nandos and it was flipping delicious. I had a chicken burger with chips and salad and Scar had a chicken wrap with chips and salad too. It was a peaceful end to an eventful day. Oh my god, when you had a HUGE amount of money, it felt good to shop. I was very very happy with that days purchases.

I couldn't wait to impress Niall with some of the outfits I'd bought.

Maybe even the sexy lingerie.


Man, they shopped until they dropped;)!

What about Harry's present though:0


I've lost a subscriber guys:(

Thank you:) I'm halfway through an update.
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I really love this story. It's so exciting:-) please Update:)

Frizzi Frizzi

Thanks so much:)
Ha ha, not just yet;)

This story is amazing! I love it:)(:
I hate Taylor eurgh. Just kill her pls(;

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