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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Twenty-Three.


Liam and I were talking for ages, just genuinely laughing and keeping our minds off each others issues. It felt good, talking about something other than Harry for a change. I wasn't mad at him, yet. That depended on his explanation. And somehow, I didn't think I would get one tonight. So, I was trying to avoid seeing him.

"You and Harry will be fine." Liam reassured, obviously noticing the worry in my eyes.

"I hope so," I tried hard to smile. "thank you."

"For what?"

"Making me realise there's more to life than a relationship," he raised an eyebrow, taking it the wrong way. "not like that, I mean Harry still means a lot to me. I'm so glad we're together and I feel so privileged to know him. But, it was nice to have a genuine chat if you know what I mean? Because recently, I have not stopped thinking and talking about boys. It's nice to speak about something different." he nodded, dropping his eyebrows and looking relieved.

"Ah," he was smiling again. I loved his smile, he always showed off his perfect teeth and cheekbones. "I see." I heard the door open and snapped my head up to examine who it was. I was sort of expecting it to be Harry. It was Taylor. I clenched my fists. Liam immediately took hold of my hands and rubbed them. "Everything's gonna be fine," he whispered. "I'm here for you."

"Oh, hi Scarlett. There you are," she shot me a devilish grin. "how come you left the party I was looking for you everywhere!"

"Well, how surprising you didn't find me down the back of Harry's throat." I muttered, bitterly. She just ignored me.

"Oh, Liam. How are you?" she scratched her head looking kinda nervous. Why was she nervous around him?

"Leave. Now." he spat.

"Ooo, harsh." she laughed sarcastically, suddenly all her nerves had twisted into confidence. She had obviously made Liam feel uncomfortable, but he seemed perfectly fine when we were talking about her earlier. For some reason I didn't think that was to do with Harry and I. I just sat there, blankly. I felt lost.

"What do you want, Taylor?" he rolled his eyes, his face tensing a little.

"Well, I know what you want." she winked. "I noticed Scarlett was here and came to talk to her. We're friends Liam." she turned to face me. "You look rough, babe." Taylor chuckled mischievously to herself again. I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Shut it." Liam stood up.

"Ooo, I'm scared." she bit her lip, playing along with the act. "How's your boyfriend?" she directed this towards me.

"How did you kno-" I started before being cut off by Taylor.

"know what? That you are going out? That you are his mysterious girl? Oh, please. I know everything. If you're smart, you'll understand to leave him. Never come back again otherwise they'll be trouble." her evil smirk had now merged into a frown, she was pissed.

"Are you threatening me?" I was hoping for that to come out nonchalantly, but in fact I just sounded terrified. Which I was.

"I guess you could call it that." Oh look at that, the smirk returned. That intimidating, twisted, devilish smirk. I hated it.

"What you gonna do?" I bit my lip, my voice cracking.

"Let's hope you don't find out."

"You can't do this to her. Why can't you just accept Harry doesn't love you anymore?" Liam stepped in.

"Oh but he does. Scarlett saw how passionate our kiss was." Taylor winked at me.

"He was drunk. You know how he is when he's drunk." Liam defended.

"Yes, but I cheated on him, remember? So, it would make sense that he still loved me. If I hadn't have cheated, we'd still be together."

"No you wouldn't. He would have realised you were a bitch eventually. The true light appears in everyones eyes. You're a whore." he crossed his arms, clearly about to blow. He still looked panicked though, in some way.

"Oh, Liam. you didn't think that though did you?" chuckling again...

"Don't." Liam evidently knew what she was on about. Should I say something? I didn't want to get involved but it killed me seeing how much pain he was in. I didn't know what she was blackmailing Liam with, but I knew I hated her. I didn't think much about it, I just stepped close to her. Moved my face close to hers so I could feel her breath, then slapped her. I slapped her hard. My hand was bright red. She had fell to the floor, clenching her cheek which now had a lovely plum, hand-shape on it. Her eyes were watering.

Liam grabbed my arm and we ran out. We left her there. He called a taxi and we leapt in it.

"Shit Scar," he cursed. "you shouldn't have done that. Media's gonna go crazy and she'll find a way of shifting all the blame onto you."

"I'm sorry Liam, I know," tears ran down my face. Something I had been used to lately. I fucked up, big time. "she was causing you so much pain, I couldn't just let her do that to you." Liam hugged me tightly and even smiled slightly.

"Thank you, Scarlett." he then directed the cab driver back to our hotel. Good. That's exactly where I wanted to be.


I stumbled to an empty toilet, surprisingly. Damn, I was pissed. I'd regret this in the morning. I collapsed to the floor, holding my head. Everything was fuzzy, I was breathing heavily. That was enough alcohol for one night. I wondered where Scar was, I wanted to hold her, kiss her. I wasn't a nice person when I was drunk and I never knew what I was getting myself into, I just knew I wanted to be with her. Now.

It was 4 in the morning and I had been sitting in the toilet for about an hour. My vision started to clear at this point, and I was feeling a tad more sober. A tad. I was still completely unaware of my presence. Suddenly, I threw up about half of what I had drank and I was literally just sat in my own vomit. It did make me feel better though. I splashed my face with water and washed my mouth out.

I made myself back into the main club and three quarters of the people had left. I felt I should too, before I passed out.


I took her back to her room, hoping Danielle wouldn't be in there. I had to speak to Scar, alone. She'd heard a lot and I needed to explain myself before she joined it all together herself. She was a clever girl.

"Key?" I asked, hovering over her pocket that I assumed it would be in. She just nodded. I placed my hand into her pocket gently, retrieving the key. I unlocked the door. Empty. Thank god. I handed her, her pyjamas and lifted her into her bed. "So I'm guessing you'd like me to elaborate a bit?" Scar didn't say anything, she just stared. "Okay, well I'll tell you anyway. I need too. Scar, I was the guy Taylor cheated on Harry with. Only Taylor and I knew, until now," I stopped, getting my breath back. I gulped. It felt so much worse now I'd said it out loud. I looked up to see how Scarlett would react, nothing. I continued. "I felt horrible about it. I really did. I still do. I confronted my love to Taylor and she rejected it. She was in love with Harry. I was going to confess everything to him eventually, but he didn't seemed hurt. He didn't love her. She loved him. Yet she was the one who cheated. I'm still confused to this day."

"D-do you still, you know...l-l-love her?" she finally responded. I shook my head violently.

"Of course not, she's a slag. A bitch. I hate her." Scar nodded.

"Liam I'm scared." she admitted.

"She won't hurt yo-"

"What is she going to do if I stay with Harry? How did she know we were going out? How did she know so much about me? Am I going to die? I don't think I can cope." she cut me off, shivering. She wasn't cold. It was fear.

"She won't be able to do anything to you, all of us will protect you. I promise. I know this is gonna sound weird but I kinda think she stalks Harry. She's obsessed with him."

"Do you think she took the photos of us? So people will know? If she stalks him she's bound to know I would freak out if the paps found out about us!" See, told you this girl was clever.

"That sounds very likely..." I trailed off. She smirked looking proud of herself, until realisation hit her and her smirk turned into a pout.

"I don't want this. Any of it. I just want Harry. And you guys. Not any paparazzi or fame or crazy ex-girlfriends. No drama. There would always be strings attached. Why didn't I see it coming?"

"Hey," I lifted her chin up. "we're gonna get through this. All of us. Get some sleep." I said, spinning on my heels to leave.

"Wait, stay with me?" I could see the scarce in her eyes. I couldn't leave her like this. I slipped into the opposite side of the bed after locking the door and fell asleep next to her. I lifted my top over my head as I was becoming too warm. I spooned Scarlett for the whole night.


I woke up to hear a few urgent knocks on the door. I answered it topless after noticing the time, 1pm. I assumed it was the cleaners and didn't think much of it, until I opened the door. It was Harry and he was fuming.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Harry shouted. Shit shit shit. This woke Scarlett up. She sat up swiftly, absorbing the situation.

"Nothing happened, Harry. He was looking after me." Scarlett said, sharply.

"By 'looking after' do you mean he took advantage of you?!" Harry snapped, his face turning red.

"No of course not, mate. I wouldn't do that to you." I answered, trying to stay as calm as I could.

"Oh really? That's not what Taylor told me!" Harry's veins on his neck were about to pop. That was just what I wanted to hear. Guilt and fury were bubbling within me. I couldn't believe I once loved that girl. She was trouble. I glanced over at Scarlett who was nearly crying. But she looked pissed at the same time. Fuck.

"HARRY. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP." Harry and I both fell silent, our jaws dropped. Scar's volume was unbelievably loud. It made me shudder. She paused in between each word, showing her pure anger. "You can't accuse Liam of having sex with me. He was taking care of me which is heaps more than you were doing. Instead, YOU decided to eat Taylor Swift your ex-girlfriends face off. Then she black mailed me, Harry. Blackmailed me. But where were you?" Harry's face dropped from furiousness to complete and utter sadness. Tears welled up in his eyes, his cheeks were flushed leaving the rest of his pale. He bobbed his head and flickered his eyes down at his bare feet. He was hurt.

And it was all my fault.

Good one Li.


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