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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Twelve.


I opened my eyes. I was holding Scar in my arms loosely. I couldn't leave her. It would kill me. She said she loved me but maybe that was because she was in a vulnerable place? I had to get out of here, it was too late to change my mind. I needed someone who could keep her away for the day...THE GUYS. I dialled Lou's number into my phone, meanwhile walking into another room.

"Hiya Haz, s'up?" he answered.

"I need you lot to take Scar out for
lunch." I pleaded.

"Course we can! It's not a punishment, Harry. You don't have to sound so sincere." he chuckled down the phone.

"Alright." I was weakly smiling. "Thanks mate."

"Sure. How come anyway?" I could hear
Scar waking up.

"Doesn't matter I'll explain later. Bye." I replied quickly, then instantly hung up.

"Harry?" Scar mumbled.

"I'm here," I ran back into the room she was in. "I have to go and spend my last full day with my family, so...I need to go." my head slouched.

"O-oh. Okay. Guess this is our last conversation then?" she seemed hurt. I nodded.

"Maybe." I agreed.

"Well bye then." she said, slightly bitterly and burying her head into her pillow. I wanted to stay with her, my heart was telling me to. My mind had different ideas. I just left, a pain stabbing into my chest and my mouth wobbling.

"I wish I never broke up with her." I muttered to myself, while entering the front door to my own home. Scarlett's car was still here. Ugh.

"Hey Harry." my mother beamed.

"Hi mum." I tried to sound polite, though I wasn't in the mood.

"What's the matter?" she question, concerned.

"I broke up with Scar yesterday. I shouldn't have," I was starting to cry for the sixth time this bloody week. I was getting sick of it for gods sake. "What the fuck was going through my head? It was a shit idea." my mum looked appalled by my language but she realised now wasn't the time to have a go at me for it.

"Oh." That's all she could say. Oh?!

"Well, thanks for the pep talk." I spat sourly.

"Harry, don't take it out on me. I just don't know what to say. I don't understand why you broke up with her?" she looked shocked, but upset.

"I guess I thought she could do better." I frowned with frustration.

"Don't start that. I know you two will work it out, when it's true love it all falls into place. I promise." she sighed, kissing me on the top of my head before walking away. It was more complicated than that. She didn't get me. No one did. Well, except for Scarlett Bianca Jones.


How could he just leave like that? He tells me he loves me then the next day leaves without saying a word about how he felt. How was I supposed to feel? He was shooting me mix signals. Damn, I wished he was easier to read. It was unpredictable.

Left my car at his too, the joys.

My phone buzzed. My heart was lighting up, hoping it was Harry. It wasn't, it was Lou.

To Scarlett Jones
Lunch today with us?
Harry can't make it.
From Louis Tomlinson

To Louis Tomlinson
Yeah sounds good.
From Scarlett Jones

To Scarlett Jones
we'll pick you up at 1.
Hopefully we'll cheer you up.
From Louis Tomlinson

To Louis Tomlinson
From Scarlett Jones

Spending today with them would be good, it would distract me from dick, I mean...Harry.


I know it's really really short.
I wanted to make a quick one though:)
I couldn't write very much because I'm not feeling too well and I feel too weak to actually do anything so, sorry!


I've lost a subscriber guys:(

Thank you:) I'm halfway through an update.
I blame pizza for taking control of me!

I really love this story. It's so exciting:-) please Update:)

Frizzi Frizzi

Thanks so much:)
Ha ha, not just yet;)

This story is amazing! I love it:)(:
I hate Taylor eurgh. Just kill her pls(;

Jo_Stace Jo_Stace