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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Eleven.


Harry and I fell asleep cuddling and crying together and when I woke up he was still snoring. We both had dried tears all over our faces and I got out my phone to text Dani about what had happened. This might have been the last time I ever saw Harry again and I was hurt but I had no more tears left in me. I unlocked my phone and sat up swiftly, realising the time.

"Oh no, shit shit shit." I shouted, waking Harry up.

"What's the matter?!" Harry sat up with me, startled. He was rubbing his eyes.

"My mums funeral starts in 10 minutes. We've slept for like 5 hours Harry!!!" I screamed.

"WHAT? You never told me her funeral was today? Get up, wash your face. I'll take you. Quick!" I nodded and we both rushed around the house to get everything we needed before speeding off in Harry's car. I couldn't be late to my own mums memorial service, that is so disrespectful.

We didn't say anything to each other at all. we'd only just broken up and I was still distraught by that. I wanted to cry but I literally couldn't. We arrived with about thirty seconds to spare.

"We are here to say our last goodbye's to Kimberley Jones. She was a true warrior and unfortunately, she passed away after reacting badly after the operation. Which is not what you want." my mums best friend, Tim was hosting the funeral because we weren't really religious. "Her daughter is here today and I think she would like to say a few words." he looked over at me and I nodded. As I slowly made my way up to the stand I noticed people staring at my outfit. I was in a little white dress with black leggings. Oops. I didn't care though, I needed to have closure with my mum.

I hadn't got my speech with me. I panicked a bit, patting my body all over to see if it was in a pocket even though I was certain I hadn't got it with me. I scrolled my eyes over to Harry. He mouthed 'you can do it' to me.

"My mum was an incredible women and such an inspiration to me. Whenever I felt upset about the stupidest of things she would always know the right thing to say. I'd always come out of the situation giggling and wondering why I ever felt sad about it before. When it was my turn to look after her, I failed," I looked down at my shoes."and I will never forgive myself for that. But, she's at peace now. Heaven has gained another angel and this one will stand out most. She had such a precious, unique personality. Of course, I didn't expect to be wearing this outfit today. But I think it was fete. It shows a bit of my mother back in the world. Something different to everyone else. Something more interesting. No matter where she is I will always love her and one day, I will eventually be reunited with her. Until that day I will continue to try and make her proud of me. I love you Kimberley Louise Jones, I miss you. Take care of everyone else who needs you up there. Say hi to Uncle Kevin for me." I finished, placing a kiss on my hand then placing it high in the air whilst looking up. I got down and people were giving me sympathetic looks. I ignored them though, that wasn't for their benefit it was for mine and my mums. I started to bawl and ran into Harry's arms.

"That was beautiful, Scar." he pulled me closer to him.

"Why did she have to go?" I asked punching him in the chest, not really realising there was actually a person holding me.

"She's at peace now, she's no longer in pain." Harry placed a long kiss on my forehead.

After the funeral was over, Harry took me back home and walked me to my door.

"I'll really miss you. Even if we're not going out anymore." He nodded.

"I know. I'll miss you too."


She looked so broken, so incomplete. I wanted to fix everything for her but I knew I couldn't. This was something she had to get over on her own and I should just be there for her as much as I can before the boys and I leave which was creeping closer rapidly.

Just as I was about to say I'd made a horrible mistake in ending our relationship she spoke.

"We made the right decision breaking up. It would have been too much pressure." I didn't do anything, I just stood there blankly. I turned around to leave.

"Harry please stay. Not in a 'I want you back' way but in a 'I really can't be alone right now' way." Understandable. I was going to offer to stay but I thought it might have been weird.

"Of course I will." I smiled and strolled into her house, shutting the door gently behind me. I made her a big drink of orange squash after I had tucked her into bed. I laid at the bottom of her feet with a pillow.

"Do you think she's watching down on me?" Scar wondered.

"Of course she is." I smiled, staring up at the ceiling.

"She was an amazing person you know. As well as my mother. She was like my best friend too."

"She sounds perfect, like her daughter."

"Thanks Harry, for everything." I sat up and looked at her.

"There is nothing I wouldn't do to make you happy, Scar." I meant it. I loved her.

"I love you Harry." Scarlett whispered.

"I love you too." I couldn't help but smile to the extreme, whilst lying back down and resting my head on the pillow.

She loved me.


Short one.
They love each other aw.
I figured I needed to write about the funeral.
There is so much I want to write about but I'm worried I'll forget when it comes to it ha ha.


I've lost a subscriber guys:(

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I really love this story. It's so exciting:-) please Update:)

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This story is amazing! I love it:)(:
I hate Taylor eurgh. Just kill her pls(;

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