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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Ten.


Today was the day I spent with my beautiful girlies. Hadn't seen them in ages. Well, except for Danielle of course.

"SCAR!!!" They all yelled, attacking me with hugs when they arrived. Nearly fell over but I didn't care. It was like they were rugby players and they tackled me to the ground. Aw I had missed them so much!

"Tell. Us. Everything." Chantelle pleaded sharply. She was the biggest One Direction fan of the group and she got a bit mad at me for a while because I didn't take her to meet them. I would...eventually. If it was okay with lads.

"All in good time," I winked cheerfully. "What's new with my fave gals then?"

"Don't toy with us bitch!" Holly laughed. "You first! No questioning." I looked around the room and saw 14 pairs of eyes staring at me, waiting for me tell them all about Harry and I's relationship, really impatiently. God they were demanding.
Other Charlotte.
Also, Danielle was there but she was texting, then smiling uncontrollably whenever she received one, like a twat. So, I let it go. Not that she didn't know everything already.

I told them most of it, but not some of the important details. I wanted to keep some of our relationship to myself. Well, myself and Harry...and Danielle. She could tell I had left important parts out of the story that I'd told her. She had looked quite chuffed with herself after she realised. She was happy I told her things that I didn't tell my other friends.

Everyone was round my house as it was empty. I invited them all because I hated being alone, I couldn't be alone. Also, the funeral was tomorrow and I couldn't bare to be left with my thoughts and I figured we all needed some catching up time.

"Who's up for movies, takeaway pizza and a bunch of alcohol and chocolate?" I shouted enthusiastically. They all cheered. I'd been given a lot of chocolate and fancy wine from strangers I'd met like once to apologise for my mothers death. They probably didn't care, they wanted to feel like a better person to their self. They had no idea the pain I was going through. Anyway, as if some crappy, cheap stuffs gonna take away the hurt away.


"Oh oh oh, this is my favourite part. Watch carefully, watch it!" my mum shouted with excitement. We were sitting in our front room watching the Jungle Book. It was my favourite movie.

"I am so shush!" I chuckled.

"You acting all hard on me mate?" she mocked, putting on a chavvy voice and standing up.

"Yes. What you gonna do?" I joined her, we were trying to act seriously but we were in hysterics.

"Fight me dude."

"Come at me."

"Oryte let's do it." she smiled, then jumped on me with a pillow. I fought back until we were both knackered and slid down to the floor side by side.

"I love you up, I love you down, I love you all the way round. I love you to the moon, I love you to the sun and I love you 10tonnes." we said in unison, breathing heavier. My mum tapped my nose with her finger.

The good old days when I was just 6 years old.


I realised I was sat on the kitchen floor, surrounded by my own tears. I couldn't do this alone, I couldn't live my whole life by myself. I needed my mum with me. She can't have left me forever. She can't!

"Mum!" I screamed, pointing my hand up towards the sky. "I need you." I whispered.

Dani came running to my side.

"Oh my god, Scar. Are you alright?" she asked, rocking me.

"The funerals tomorrow. I can't believe it. She's really gone. She's never coming back is she? I'm gonna be alone forever. I need her. She can't have left me. She can't have!" I started to get angry and my hands twisted into fists. Dani rubbed my back and calmed me down. I could always count on her. She found a face wipe and washed my face with it.

"Your mum was wonderful. She's looking down at you with a huge smile. She's so proud of you. She never knew her daughter could be so precious and beautiful. I guess it runs in the family," Danielle said softly, kissing me on the forehead. "she loves you so much. You're not alone. What about me? What about Harry? What about those 14 people in your living room that have travelled just to see you? What about One Direction? We'll all take care of you I promise."

"Harry and the guys leave for their tour soon," I sniffed. "and I can't live in this massive house alone. There are too many memories."

"Hey. Skypes a friend to everyone," she smirked. "Things are gonna get better. I promise you." she hugged me tighter. After that, she took me back into the living room to continue watching Dear John with everyone else. I took a huge bite of chocolate and smiled a bit. Danielle was the most amazing best friend ever. She had been since were were 3.

My phone buzzed.

Need to talk to you before we go, not seen you in a while.
I miss you.
From HAZ X

Alright, when are you leaving?
Meh. I don't want you to go:(
Harry if you miss me after not seeing me for only 4 days, how are you gonna cope when you lot are on tour?;)
I miss you too though hehe.

We leave in 2 days. That's kinda what I wanna talk to you about.
From HAZ X

Oh okay then?

That didn't sound so good...

Come round tomorrow yeah? Bout 11ish.
From HAZ X

What if he was going to dump me because our relationship is too early for him to leave me? I really really liked him as well. Everything was going good with one of my relationships for a change.


To Zayn, Li, Niall, Lou.
Need to talk to you bout something important.
From H

To H
Okay, meet us for coffee at hotel?
From Lou

To Lou
Sounds great. Ta
From H

To H
no sweat, see you in 5
From Lou

I entered the coffee shop within the hotel and I felt really hesitant to talk to them about everything. My heart was pounding against my chest. I was worried about how they were going to react. If they were my real friends though, they'd understand. That's what my mum always told me anyway.

"Er-r guys?" I forced the words out of my mouth. They looked up at me. Niall had been texting and smiling to himself, but when I walked in he put his phone away.

"Hey Harry. What's up?" Zayn asked, looking slightly puzzled.

"Yeah mate, what are you scared to tell us?" Lou looked concerned.

"We're your bro's." Liam added.

"Yeah. It's not like we're gonna throw you outta window if you say something we disagree with." Niall joked but was still raising an eyebrow.

"Okay. Well it's about Scarlett." I spoke, a crack sounded in my voice.

"You guys haven't broken up have you?" Lou looked down at his feet, his concern turning into full sadness.

"No!" I spat. "Well...not yet." they all snapped out of whatever they were doing and froze in shock, towards me.

"Are you gonna dump her?!" Zayn questioned, raising his voice a little.

"I think because we're going on tour that there will be too many complications and so much pressure on our relationship as we've only just started out. It's too early to go into this. If we'd been going out longer our relationship would be more secure, but for now I don't think it will work." It was hard for me to say this, I don't really know why I changed my mind all of a sudden, when Lou asked me if we'd broken up I thought we should. I really didn't want to end things with her but to be honest, I said I would because I was so convinced her feelings weren't as true as mine. I didn't want to get hurt. I was afraid. Harry Styles was scared that a girl would break his heart. Woah.

"This isn't just an ordinary girl, Harry." Liam flickered his eyes at me.

"Yeah. You fell in love with her in the first few hours you spent together. Relationships like that only come to you with that one special person, once in a lifetime. That's her to you and that's you to her. Everyone can see that." Louis exclaimed, giving me a hearty look. That was true. I did believe she was 'the one' for me but I really didn't think she liked me as much I liked her. I never told the guys the real reason. I wasn't normally a soppy romantic but she made me want to be that way. I did love her. I knew it from the start but I was afraid to admit it. Jesus, I never believed in that 'love at first sight' bullshit before, but now it had pretty much happened to me. Damn.

"Whatever, nothing you say or do is gonna change my mind." I said sourly.

"Then why did you come to talk to us about it?" Niall asked, rather proud of himself for 'outsmarting' me. I was about to them what I'd originally came to ask, but I left it. I scowled at him then walked out. I didn't need the boys' approval. Dicks. Why couldn't they be supportive for a change? I knew what I had to do now and it was going to break my heart.



It was a beautiful morning and I was off to see Harry. Although, the funeral was tonight so I was feeling a bit dishearted. I wondered if Harry would come with me. I hadn't told him about it yet, so I'd probably ask him when I was at his. I was so thankful he had helped me through my mums...death so far. He meant a lot to me.

I arrived and rang the doorbell. Harry opened it. He was home alone. His expression was spread with anxiety and sadness. This made me nervous. This was worse than I had thought, wasn't it? Maybe it was going to make my day 10x worse.

We sat on the carpet with our backs leant against the sofa. He looked deep in thought, but his eyes refused to meet mine. He was just glaring at the ground as if he had everything against it. He hadn't blinked or said anything for minutes. It was worrying me.

He looked like he was crying without tears. Like he'd cried enough so he physically couldn't anymore. As if his eyes had dried up

"Harry?" my voice crumbled and my eyes welled up.

"Oh god, Scar. Please don't cry!" he bit his lip, waterworks appearing in his green orbs too.

"You're breaking up with me aren't you?" I whispered, a tear finding its way out and rolling down my bare face.

"I have to." his voice and mouth were trembling. I nodded. Another tear exited, then another and another. Until they wouldn't stop. I was full on crying.

So was he.


Oh no they broke up:(
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Do you remember when Niall was texting?
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