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Crash Into You (Larry Stylinson)

Know what is right


I snapped out of my flash back and found myself in the back of Harry's car. I looked to the side of me and saw Harry with his arm around me crying out the window. I knew that I had yelled at him again. I know he's not crying because of what I said, but because he knew I was in pain.

I was about to hug him to show him I was ok when I realized, if we're in Harry's car, and he's in the back with me, then someone else is driving. I looked up to the drivers seat and saw the one person who I would never want to see me like this.

Louis. The weird thing was his eyes were puffy. I saw a tear. Louis fucking Tomlinson was crying. Maybe he's not as tough as he seems. I turned toward Harry and smiled at him. He smiled back, but it wasn't a real smile.

"Harry, where are we going?" I asked him.

"We are still going to lunch, dear" he responded. I saw Louis look back at us and smile. That was weird because he never smiles.

"Ok first of all don't call me "dear", it sound like and old lady, and second of all, how long did this one last?" I asked him. My flashbacks can last between 5 minutes or 3 hours. So there was really no telling how long this one lasted.

"Only 20" Harry said he looked at Louis and smiled, thought Louis didn't even look at him.

"Cool! So where are we going to go eat?" I asked looking at Harry. "Where ever you want, I really don't care." He said. I have to say, Harry is the only one who still loves me, I still live with my dad but he doesn't touch me because

1) I am old enough to go to the police and make a statement
2) I don't need no fucking police because I am old rude and strong enough to beat the shit out of my dad. I thought about my choices and then decided on my favorite restaurant in town.

"Let's go to Angelo's Burgers. You know, the one in the mall." I said I loved that one.

"No problem, did you hear that Lou." Harry said. We looked at Louis and he nodded his head. I will need to remember to tell Louis that he can't hurt Harry. I saw the way Harry looked at Louis and the whole incident between him and Louis. I knew that Harry was developing feelings for Louis.

And when Harry falls for someone he falls, hard.


As I pulled up to the mall I found a parking space close to the entrance. When Harry got out he immediately connected his arm with Alissa's. I wish that was me.

As we walked into the mall I got lots of dirty looks. I always get looks because of my appearance. It's a shame that no one really knows me as a person. Except for a few people in my gang.

We walked into the food court and Harry's phone rang. I had to remember to get his number. He said he had to take it. Which meant I was going to be left alone with Alissa. As he walked off Alissa looked at me.

"Ok so I know about the whole "oh let's make eachother hard while we're alone in the store" incident because I saw it happen so don't even try to hide it. Now you know I don't like you so you should know I will personally break you if you hurt Harry." She said to me

"What do you mea-" I was saying because I was confused until she cut me off.

"I mean, Harry is Gay. And I can tell he is falling for you. So you should probably know, when he is falling for someone, he falls hard. So you got two choices. You can either leave and go back to your gang and don't have anything to do with us and it will be the same as before or you can love him with all your heart and give him everything you got." She said to me, sort of with a growl in her voice with a deep tone.

"Now I don't want to know which one it is but-" she got in my face and pointed at me in a VERY intimidating way.

"Make the right decision"



Hey guys! I don't really know what she (original author) really wanted to do with this story! This is my first chapter updating on this story. She hadn't updated in a long time so I figured I would see if I could co-own it with her! I didn't want this story to go to waste. I don't know if it was a good update so let me know! If you have and suggestions just message me and let me know! Sorry for the short update! Stay Beautiful-Ali <3

(P.S. does anyone wanna guess what my full first name is! Lol)




Ok what's the deal. Why are you not updating? Why you leave us off with a cliffhanger? It's an amazing story, so just please update!

cliff hanger please write more

Please at least have someone write the rest for you!!!!

ak_sings ak_sings