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Crash Into You (Larry Stylinson)

The mall


I got off the phone, I walked back into the food court and saw Alissa and Louis during on opposites side of a 4 chaired table. They were each turned around in their chairs and had their backs to one another.

"Okay I wasn't that long so nothing bad could have really happened." I told them they each look at me and then look at eachother. Then they went back to the way they were.

"Guys!!! Someone tell me what's happening!!" I said raising my voice along the way. Alissa groans and then turns toward me.

"It's nothing Haz, it's just, there was this lady with a band shirt on and I like the band and he doesn't, we got in a little argument." She said avoiding eye contact. I very well knew that wasn't the truth. Well the truth will come out soon or later.

"Is that all?" I ask Louis knowing it very well wasn't. I was kinda hoping he would tell me. He looked up at me.

"Yeah that's all." He said flatly. I heard Alissa moan in pain. I gave her a confused look not knowing why she made that noise.

"Ugh..... Okay well just a little info for you two, every month or so, a girl has this period of time where things happen to her. These things make you have all kinds of emotions and pains so if you'd excuse me, I'm gonna go home and cry, sleep, and eat." She said turning around and walking toward the door. I looked at Louis and we were both equally weirded out. That was until I realized something.

"WAIT ALISSA, YOU DON'T HAVE A CAR!" I yelled at her

"I'm taking yours!" And then she walked out the sliding doors. Well great. She's leaving with MY car leaving me and Louis stranded at the mall. We haven't even ate yet but I'm not all that hungry.

I pulled a chair up next to Louis and examined his face while he was looking at something across the food court. He had beautiful sapphire like eyes. His hair was so feather like. It looked so touchable. I reached forward and ran my hand threw his hair. He instantly snapped his head and looked at me with a deadly look. If looks could kill I would be dead. "

I'm sorry.. I-I just, your hair is so touchable. I had to. The urge was killing me." I said stuttering like an idiot putting my hands up in surrender. He kept the serious look before loosening up and smiling.

"I'm sorry curly. I'm just not used to people touching me, let alone talking to me." He told me. He was looking strait into my eyes. Usually when you talk to people you don't hold eye contact for longer than 3 seconds. He held eye contact throughout his whole sentence. He just kept looking at me until his eyes flicked above my shoulder and a sudden fear filled his eyes. Looked back at me and then up and back to me.

"What's the matter Lou?" I asked him concerned. I turned around and saw some of the guys he hangs out with. There was a guy with a black quiff holding hands with a girl that had a pinkish/purplish hair color. Next to them was a guy with shorter hair with a girl that had Brown wavy/curly hair. I looked back at Louis and he was already getting up.

"I'm sorry Harry but I have to go. Here, put in your number. I'll call you later." He handed me his phone. I slid my thumb across the screen to unlock his phone finding his wallpaper to be a picture of him when he was younger holding a womans hand who I was guessing was his mother. I looked for a few seconds and quickly put in my number, knowing his friends were probably watching us. I handed his phone back to him and he mumbled a quick "thanks" and started to walk away.

I stood up from my chair and looked back at him. He was slowing his pace before he turned around and started to walk back towards me. I looked back at his friends and saw that they weren't watching us anymore. I looked back at Louis who was now jogging towards me. I started to walk towards him to, thinking he forgot something. I was about to ask him why he turned around when I felt a pair of lips on mine.

I was in shock at first but then I melted into the kiss. I kissed him back quickly and then he pulled away looking over his shoulder quickly to see if his friends were looking and then he grabbed each of my shoulders looking into my eyes.

"I'm going to call you later Haz. Your going to answer. I'm going to tell you to meet me somewhere. Your going to come. Ok?" He asked never breaking eye contact. He looked back over his shoulder before grabbing me by the back of my neck and pulling me into a kiss one more time. He pecked my lips quickly and then looked back at my eyes.

"Ok" I said nodding quickly not wanting to hesitate that way he doesn't think I don't want to. He smiled and nodded then turned around and went to his friends. I watched him say hi to them and then they all walked away. Before he turned the corner he looked back and I could've sworn he winked at me.

I felt my cheeks get warm and I turned around walking towards the door getting my phone out to call a taxi. That's when I realized something. I was falling for Louis.




I finally updated!!!! I honestly don't really like this story that much but I promise I'll make it better.... the original author didn't give me much to work with... anyways I'll be updating way more often because I have plans for this story!!!! Stay Beautiful-Ali<3




Ok what's the deal. Why are you not updating? Why you leave us off with a cliffhanger? It's an amazing story, so just please update!

cliff hanger please write more

Please at least have someone write the rest for you!!!!

ak_sings ak_sings