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Crash Into You (Larry Stylinson)

Just Let It Go

Louis's POV~

I shook off the unpleasant feeling I had in my stomach. What if I was gay? Louis, if your gay, you will lose everything. Not only will the gang hate you, but your family will leave you.

You will lose your little sisters, and they are your life, one of the voices in my head speak up. I slap myself and try to forget the thoughts, as Harry comes around the corner.

"Ready?" He asked, looking down,blushing.

"Yeah,let's go" I said. We both started to walk away, when all of a sudden Harry stopped and turned around.

"Listen, my friend isnt t-too.....um....W-well.... She doesn't take a l-liking-ing to y-ou. She kinda...um.... hates y-you." He spoke, stuttering, while rubbing the back of his neck. So its a She.

"Who?" I asked.


"HAZ" I heard a girl scream and jump on his back, not noticing me at all.

"Hey Sexy." Harry yelled, kissing her cheek. I had this aggressive feeling in the pit of my stomach, but pushed it away. Louis, you better fucking stop yourself. Harry hates you.Everyone does. Only when she pulled away did I notice who she was. Alissa.

"Haz, I'm not Sexy,nor will I ever be. You're insane." She giggled. Like I said, she's soft around Harry. She's herself. Harry frowned and pulled her into a hug.

"I wish you could see it." He whispered in her ear.

"I do too" She whispered back,blinking away a few tears, before pulling away , and kissing Harry's forehead. While thanking him for the help. I had no clue what she meant, but I felt it wasnt my place to ask so I didnt. She looked back at me, and her whole demeanor changed. She stiffened and took a few steps toward me.

"Harry, what is Tomlinson doing here? Did he hurt you because if he did-" She almost took another step toward, before Harry pulled her back.

"Kitten, calm down. I invited Louis with us. He isnt that bad." My heart fluttered, yet at the same time cracked. Harry thinks I'm an okay guy. I smiled at that thought. Yet at the same time, that means Harry once thought I was bad and hated me, that made my smile drop. Slowly I snap back into real life.

"But Haz he'll-"


"But I-"

"I dont care ."

"But He-"

"Kitten, What's the first thing you told me when I first met you and when I was scared of you?" Alyssa mumbled a few words under her breath.

"What?" Harry asked ,grabbing at her arms. I smirked because of how much power the tall green eyed boy had over the tiny punk rock chick. She groaned before whispering,

" Don't judge a book by it's cover." She huffed a sigh and pulled away from Harry,crossing her arms.

" Good, now Say Sorry to Louis." Like that's gonna help, She already hates my guts. If there was one person In this world that she could push off a cliff into shark infested waters, It Would 100% be me. She rolled her eyes before speaking.

"Yeah, like thats ever gonna hap-"

"ALISSA! SAY IT!" Harry yelled, his voice hard and dry. Alissa's glaze found the floor as she fliched back. Harry's mouth dropped, leaving me confused. What just happened? Everything that happened next seemed to go in slow motion. Tears streamed down Alissa's face as her knees hit the floor. Harry and I rushed to help her up. I grabbed her arm. But as Harry went to grab her other limb, she screamed at him making me scared.

"STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER." She sobbed through her departed screech. Her voice cracked several times inbetween each word, making each word sound fainter and fainter. The last one was unoticable to whisper. Even lower then that.

Tears fell from Harry's face, I just wanted to reach out a kiss each one away, but the crying girl in my arms stopped me. Even if she hated me, I never want to see anyone like this. I picked her up and followed Harry to the car.

He opened the door while I gently laid her in the back, Harry got in the back also, leaving me to drive. As I started the car, Harry looked at me through the rear-view mirror.

"What Happened?" I whispered.

"She's having a flash back." *******************************************************

Alyssa's POV~~ *Warning~ Sexual *

*Flash Back*


"Come here sluttly bitch." My druken dad yelled, bounding up the stairs. I ran to my door, fumbling to shut it, but it was too late. He pushed his way in and slamed me to the floor. I shouted a curse word because yet again my back wouldn't be okay for at least 2 weeks.

"Were you trying to close me out whore? Does Daddy have to teach you another lesson?" He asked in a angry tone.

"N-No Daddy-y please d-don't. I am sorry. Your little slut is s-so So-rry." I whispered. I already got "a lesson" yesterday. Even if I was 15 I still was forced to call him Daddy. He made me call myself 'his little slut' so many time, that I started to believe every single wicked word coming out of his mouth. I started crawling away, knowing that would only make it worse.

I still had a tiny bit of hope in me. My dad grabbed me by the pants ripping them off. This has happened ever since I was 7 years old, when my mom left. He started to rub on me making me cry. He slapped me and told me to

"Shut The Fuck Up". He made me get on my knees and give him a blowjob. I cried the whole time, but not speaking a word because I knew that he would only beat me harder. He pulled me away from His Dick with a strong tug to the hair.

The back of my head throbed. He threw me to the floor and stepped harshly on the back of head. He then turned me around and kicked my stomach many times violently.

He grabbed the back of my head twisting hair until my entire head burned.He then started punching me. I lose count after 15 punches. He looked into my eyes before spitting in my face and walking out

. I thought it was over but I was wrong. My brother came in with a belt in his hands. You desevre it all, Alissa I reminded myself. He slapped me and did the worse thing possibe.... He stole my V-Card.



I know this is bad. BUT I WILL UPDATE TOMORROW. I have had a screwed up week. I will see you tomorrow lovelies.




Ok what's the deal. Why are you not updating? Why you leave us off with a cliffhanger? It's an amazing story, so just please update!

cliff hanger please write more

Please at least have someone write the rest for you!!!!

ak_sings ak_sings