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Crash Into You (Larry Stylinson)

Making Friends?

~Louis's POV~

As I get a better picture of Curly's girlfriend, I soon realize why he picked her. That's Alissa fucking Shields. I heard that she's so good at sex, she will never put out for anyone.

I question the rumors actually, because no guy is ever within ten feet of her. I also heard she doesnt believe in love. If I had a chance with that girl I'd fuck it hard and good too. Yet I know I'll never even come close to that good of sex.

She's the only girl in this ghost town who hates my fucking guts, when I didnt even have sex with her. That girl is one of the most feared girls in the world....and I hate her for it.

You see I have to work to make sure people fear me. Which means killing people and fucking every girl in sight. Alissa gives a person this look and they obey, falling to her feet.

All though, around Curly, she seems more herself. Sweeter, nicer,and funnier. I begin to wonder why she puts up this wall of protection around herself,when in the real world, she's a soft teddy bear.

My best lad Niall might like her.Then I remember shes dating Curly. Well maybe we could be friends. I just have to find a way to aproach her ...without limbs being ripped off, or bats being brought out. I look back at Curly. I want him under me, in bed, screaming out that he wants more.

Wow, Tomlinson, calm the fuck down. I decide to leave the love birds alone, and go back to hopelessly searching for the album, when all of a sudden Curly comes up to me. I search around the store to see his girl is gone.

" Hello, How may I help you?" He says with a grin. His voice is deep and Husky, which for some reason is a turn on. My voice has always been high pitched. I hate it. I cant try to be big and bad when My voice sounds like a Fucking flower.

"Well, I'm looking for the new The Fray album." There we go with the fucking Daisy. Curls smiles at me and leds me to the back of the store.

" All the new stuff sits at the back of the store, and Lucky You I just Re-Stocked these." He throws me an album, he picked off the shelf. We walk to the front of the store. I check out his bum on the way up. God Damn, Jesus gave him an ass. I quickly snap out of that thought. Louis, you like Girls. Not GUYS. He scans the album.

" 14.99" I pull out $15.

"Keep the change."

" Oh, thanks for the extra penny." He joked.

"Well fine, Give it ba-"

"NO, I NEED IT GOD DAMNIT!" He yelled. Then covered his mouth. I didn't know why. No one was in the store. Then it hit me, he's scared of me. He thinks I'm gonna hurt him. It was quiet for a few moments,until I started laughing. Curly tilted his head to the side, confused at what the joke was.

"You need that Penny that much?" I said inbetween laughs. Curly blushed and looked down nodding.

"I'm Louis." I said sticking out my hand.

" Harry" He said back, shaking my hand. The Name fit him well.

" Well Harry, Tell me about your music." I wanted to see if he had good taste.

" I live my life by John Mayer, Ed Sheeran,and The Script." He stated strongily.

" Wh-Who's The Script? Ed Sheeran is one of my favorites. John Mayer will always be one of the best. But The Script? Who the hell is that?" Harry's mouth dropped.

" What? You dont know who The Script are?!" I shook my head.

"Well...." He bit his lip, causing 'my little friend' to perk up. Oh good God, Stop him. I try to look anywhere but him.

"..... My best friend has their album... if you want, We're about to go out for lunch, You could come." He said looking down. He then saw 'my little friend' and smirked. He looked up at me. I started to blush.

" So, What do you say, Lou? Yes?'' He asked with the same look on his face. Pride, that was the look,Pride. Pride that he did this to me.

'' Um-m-m S-s-ure H-harry ." I stuttered. God, help me please.

"Okay. Ready ?'' He asked, glancing down at my 'area' again. He knew that it was bothering me. It's like he wanted to show everyone what He did. Well Two can play at this game. I went extremly close to his ear and bit it, pulling slightly.

'' oh yeah baby, I'm Ready." I whispered. " If you know what I mean." Brushing my hand over his dick. Harry whimpered, his 'area' sticking out now too. I pulled back and started to walk away.

" Ready to go, Harry?" I asked innocently. He glared at me.

" Yeah, just let me take a quick trip to the rest room." He growled. I just smirked,as he pushed past me. I dont know what just happened, but I know I loved it..... I.... No.... I can't.... Am I Gay? Hold the fuck up!

Is.... Harry.... Gay?


HAHAHHAHAHAHAH I'M A PERV. Should I delete this? Or keep going? Your Choice.




Ok what's the deal. Why are you not updating? Why you leave us off with a cliffhanger? It's an amazing story, so just please update!

cliff hanger please write more

Please at least have someone write the rest for you!!!!

ak_sings ak_sings