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Crash Into You (Larry Stylinson)

The First Time


This store is the worst job I have ever been oftered. Stocking and Re-Stocking is not how I pictured this Summer to last. I imagined hanging out with friends down by the Beach. You know... if I had any.... Well, I cant complain, I have Alissa.

She is the only friend I have. Actually She is My best friend. Besides her, That's it. I dont have any guy friends. I know the reasons for that one though. I'm Gay.

Im not open about it. There are way too many people who judge me now, think of when I tell them I am Gay. No one really talks to me. I live by myself in a small apartment. Though I will never tell why,most kids my age still live with their parents and go to school, but I dont.

Oh, Sorry I didnt tell you about me. I'm Harry Edward Styles, and I'm 20 years old. Living in Doncaster with a cat named Dusty. I have no life to the point where I can sit at a store called Music Manic's in the mall, stocking shelves, of the newest Artists albums. Sounds Fun? Yeah, thats what I thought.

I look at the clock on the wall, 12:15. My lunch Break in 15 minutes. Well since Im done with stocking Taylor Swift's New Album RED, I guess that means I have a few minutes of peace to myself before I have Alissa come to pick me up.

So instead of Re- Stocking the latest Demi Lovato album I decide to sit behind the Counter up front and listen to " For The First Time"by The Script, as I watch Boys with their Girlfriends, walking around this place without anyone bothering them, or giving them dirty looks.

Why cant that be me with my Lover? Sad truth fills me, because that isnt normal. A woman and a man is normal. Not Man and Man. I want Normal. Its sad to say but I crave normal. To be able to Walk around with No shame in the world.

Its not like I can change who I am, OR what I've become. So I have learned how to accept myself a bit more. Isnt it sad, when You have to learn how to accecpt yourself? Doesnt that come naturally?I honestly just want normal.

As I look up at the clock to see what time it is, the 17th custmor of the day comes in. At first I take a quick glance, just to see if its Alissa, But its not.

Thats Louis Tomlinson.

The guy every one fears in this Town. Everyone knows not to get him pissed, or he might kill you. So I keep my eye level to my phone and put my ear buds in blasting the music. I peek out through my eye lashes to see him survay the store.

When his gaze falls upon me it stays locked there for a few moments. I shift in my seat, scare at what he will do. He breaks away and walks to the soft music section. Weird. With a guy like that you would think R&B or RAP.

I shook my head and continue to wait for Alissa. After about 10 minutes of waiting for Tomlinson to leave so i can feel safe, Alyssa comes in.

" Hey, Styles" she says. I dont speak and watch Louis search around ,confused, for his Target. His blue eyes dart everywhere. I can tell he is someone who doesnt like asking for help.

" Hazza, Go help him." Alissa is always trying to get me to date someone. She is the only person who knows about my being gay. I glare at her and she just smirks back in return. Of Course. Alissa is one of them. She is one of the bad ass chicks who doesnt give a damn to what people think of her. Alissa is the only chick in this Town who wont throw her self at Tomlinson and isnt scare of him.

She's had a rough life. Her mom left her with her dad and brother, who in which beat her and raped her ,her whole life. She started cutting at the age of 9 and has had 13 suicide attempts in the last 10 years.

She doesnt believe in love, which kills me. How does one not believe in something so important? She is only 19, yet has this wonderless trail of stories haunting her every move. She could be hanging with 30 people in a park gang right now. Yet she decides to spendloner gay boy like me. I know if I said that to her she would yell at me to ' Stop thinking so Lowly of Myself' and thats why I love Alissa . She really cares about me. I look over to see she's giving me her best puppy eyes.

" DON'T LOOK AT THE EYES!" I yelled, covering my eyes. She laughed and uncovered my eyes. Her laugh is sounds funny so I laugh at her. After 5 minutes of laughing at eachother, Alissa pushes me to Tomlinson.
"Pleaseeeee?" She begs, getting on one knee.

" FINE, Shields." I huff. Alissa gets up and does a little happy dance. I just laughed "

Oh, and Styles?" I turned around so I could see her.

" Never Call Me By my Last Name again. I'll be outside." And with that she walked out. I smirked and shook my head. It was too funny at how she hated her last name. Time to help Tomlinson, this should be soooo fun, NOT!

Louis's POV~

After fucking some Bicth I found in the make-up department in Walmart, caking on more samples of foundation on her already fucked- up face, I went to the music store in the mall.

The Fray came out with this new album I have wanted for months , but never had the money. Today I did a "Job" for my boss, and was shot some money. I know what your thinking ' why would a tough guy like you go for the soft music?'The truth is it makes me remember happier times in my life, then the shit I'm in now.

As usual, when I pull into the Mall, only to have people stare at me, like many second my gonna lash out a kill someone. Everyone is scared of me and thats what I want. I dont want people to walk all over me. IT's happened way too many times before and will never happen again.

I walk into Music Manic's and look around the store.My eyes meet with a set of green gems. They look down giving me the chance to see the owner of them. One word. Wow. The Curly boy is cute. Wait. Did I, Louis Tomlinson, just say cute? What The Actual Fuck? I'm not Gay. I just fucked some slut. That shows IM not Gay? RIGHT?

Just when I thought my mind was listening to me;an image of sweat dripping off his curls as I lay on top of him, thrusting faster, with him calling out my name until finially he's screaming it,flashes through my head. I snap into the real world and run to the soft music section.

Why the Hell did I let my mind wander that far? And why did I enjoy it? I quickly shake that off. I rush around trying to find The damn album so I can leave this store,and never see the curls again. After searching around for the album I finally give up and go to ask Curls for help, but before I take one step a brown haired girl comes into the store and hugs Curls as they begin to talk with one another.

He has a girlfriend. A pit drops in my stomach.

I want that to be me.


Good? Bad? Any changes I should make? Do you like? Or should I delete this?




Ok what's the deal. Why are you not updating? Why you leave us off with a cliffhanger? It's an amazing story, so just please update!

cliff hanger please write more

Please at least have someone write the rest for you!!!!

ak_sings ak_sings