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Can't Crush The Boss


We're back in the 90s and high school junior Chloe Vargas is about to start her first job at a local video store. First her parents, then her teachers, and now one more authority figure . . . her boss. Except what's a girl to do when she develops a crush on the ever flirtatious Harry Styles, a boss with a reputation and good looks to leave any girl scorned.


Chloe Vargas

Chloe Vargas

17, main character

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

22, Video store manager and college student.

Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper

20, Chloe's coworker

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

23, Trisha's boyfriend

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

23, Harry's old high school friend.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

21, Harry's close friend and employee.

Rachel Gonzalez

Rachel Gonzalez

19, Chloe's coworker

Trisha Kreviak

Trisha Kreviak

22, Harry's friend and employee


  1. Summary

    Who? What? Where? When?

  2. Who's The Boss

    The green eyed night manager

  3. Butterfly Will Break Out

    First Night Out

  4. Texting After Hours

    Flirting through phone screens

  5. Robbed

    She didn't give it to him but he stole her first kiss anyway

  6. Moonlight Perfection

    Let's try this again

  7. Irresistable

    Who can resist his charm?

  8. The Secret Is Out

    No longer spineless

  9. I Ain't No Square

    The perfect dress

  10. It Takes Two

    The new terms

  11. Flirty Hands

    Meet Herman and Hannah . . . hand travelers.

  12. So In Love

    After getting caught

  13. Minor Changes

    Night before prom

  14. Prom Knight 1

    The dance

  15. Prom Night 2

    The Suite

  16. Harry's Parents

    Quick Tour

  17. I Have An Idea

  18. Sweet Ice

    Feelings get stronger as you go weaker


I miss this book I followed it before and then either you reloaded it back on or I just lost touch with it wverytime I re read it it makes me love it! Truly miss it! Hope to hear from you soon D,:


Tierra Cooley Tierra Cooley

eeeeeeeeeeee so excited for the next update!

Ahhhh this is so good!!!!!

Oi! Ooooooohhhhh can't wait to read more! ^-^ :) ♡♥♡♥