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Along For The Ride ~Niall Love Story~


Ella was a normal girl, other than the fact that Liam Payne is her brother, and his best mate is Niall Horan (her secret crush)


Ella Payne

Ella Payne

Hey guys its Ella here!! YES Liam James Payne is my flippin' big brotha!! I LOOOOVE him to bits and if anything happened to him.... UGH nevermind i'll just cry thinking if anything did happen! ANYWHOO i shall tell you about me now!<3 My fave colours are: Green, BLUE, ReD, and well i guess rainbow!! I like: One Direction, Justin Bieber, DC, Nike, MY BESTIES(aka Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik,and my Bro<3 The thing i really dislike are: Girly things, Bullies, B****es that be hatin' on my boys! aand spiders EWWW Well gotta go now Liam is callin' me down for dinner<3

Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards

Hey Guys my name is Perrie and i fainted at the One Direction signing:/ Silly me! My fave colours are: Blue red green and purple I like: 1D JB Girly things And i LOOOOVE Zayn Malik I dont like: bugs, drunks and too many things i guess.. Well enough about me! I am going to talk to Zayn!! EEEEKK im sooooo nervous! Oh and did I forget to mention? Im also in a band called Little Mix<3



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