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Along For The Ride ~Niall Love Story~



It has now been three months since all the boys have found out:/

It feels so weird having something growing inside you, and today is the day that i get my ultrasound!

It turs out that i get twins!! EEEEP!! None of the boys know yet, so i think they might argue over names for ONE baby only. Im not going to even bother to tell them until it happens! Haha im so evil arent I?

Today me and the girls are going shopping for some maternity (if thats how you spell it) clothing!! I love my girls!

_______________________________skipping the shopping trip____________________________________

We bought alot of clothes

We got home and for some reason only Liam was there. I dont know why though? Oh well! We decided to show him what we got. When we walked over to him, he looked nervous. He turned around and asked if he could talk to me alone. That kinda scared me!

Liam's P.O.V.

I was nervous, i mean i should be. Shouldnt I? Ok Liam calm down! Its not that hard is it? Its just a- I heard the girls come inside. "Dani can i talk to you please?" I think i scared her a bit.

"Yea ok Li" I brought her up to my room, got down on one knee, and she started to cry. "Danielle Peazer, I love you with All of my heart! Will you mary me?". There was no answer, she just fainted, adn i guess it made a pretty big thud because Perrie and Ella were up here in no time!

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED LIAM!!" Perrie screamed. "LIAM WHAT IN THE BLOODY HE-" Ella couldnt finish, she just stared blanckly at the ring.

Perrie's P.O.V.

Me and Ella were just grabbing the clothes that Dani bought earlier, when we heard this loud THUD coming from upstairs. We rushed up as fast as we could. When I entered the room all i saw was Dani laying on the floor unconsious. "LIAM WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!" i screamed, followed by Ella yelling "LIAM WHAT IN THE BLOODY HE-" and then stopped.

She just stared blanckly at something. Then I looked. He had just proposed and Dani fainted.

Ella's P.O.V.

The ring was a BEAUTIFUL 24 carrot diamond and white gold ring It was the biggest ring i have ever seen! I for some reason fainted too!!


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