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Along For The Ride ~Niall Love Story~

Last Night

Louis's P.O.V.

Last night was sooooo fun!!! We all went to the park and had a big bonfire! We brought tents and everything! Liam and Danielle went into their tent a little early though:/ It made me and the other boys wonder. We kept going and asking liam what they did but he wouldnt tell us sooo.... It kinda got me thinking..

My thought was interupted by Ella calling us all down for breakfast. I heard someone running down the stairs like a flippin elephant!! Of course i knew it was Niall. I CALMLY walked down the stairs. MMMM I LOOOVED the smell of bacon and eggs cooking in the morning! Next person to come down was Harry then Dani then Liam Perrie and then Zayn. Zayn always looks so tired in the morning! Its quite funny accually.

Niall's P.O.V.

Before Ella could call us downstairs for breakfast, I was up and i flew down the stairs. "Ok Niall you like food WAYYYY to much!" she said to me. All I did was laugh. After breakfast, we decided that today was a lazy day. Harry sugested watching movies and eating snacks. Liam chose the movie which was, of course the Toy Story trilogy


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