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The Mission -Zayn Malik-

Chapter Two

I'm about to walk out the door to start what could completely change my life.


That is until I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I freeze in an attempt to turn them away. I know I had made too much noise which had woken either my mom, dad, or one of my three sisters.



"Tara?" my mom's voice calls

"Yeah mom?"

"Where are you going? Shouldn't you be getting ready for school?"

"I think I'm going to skip today. I have things to do."


She gives me a puzzled look that I ignore and leave anyway.



You're probably wondering why I walk out on my parents like that. Well, I'll put it this way we're poor. I was trying to find a way to pull us out of poverty, and back on our feet again. I spent weeks trying unsuccessfully to find somewhere to hire me.



Lucky for me, I decided to take the short cut that could have very well been the best decision of my life.



I'm sure you're probably confused, so let me explain.

"Alyssa please." I begged as she slammed the door in my face.



Not that I had much hope when I came up with the idea to ask her anyway. Even though she was my best friend. Most people don't just hand you money out of the blue... unless they were filthy rich. Especially to fifteen year old girls.


I turn around and walk down the porch steps, frustrated. Seeing as how my family didn't own a care and couldn't come pick me up, I was forced to walk home in the rain that is beginning to come down in buckets.


In an attempt to stay dry, and walk a shorter distance, I decide to cut down an abandoned alley.


Or at least it had looked abandoned upon entering. I barely have enough time to get in between the two bulidings before I heard the gunshot.


I walk closer to it, not thinking about how the person who fired the gun could be dangerous.... lethal even.


I continue to walk until I see two figures. One of a tall woman. The other a lifeless body on the ground.



"May I help you?" the woman asks.

"D-did you just kill that man?"

"Yes. It's my job dear. He was a murderer. I'm supposed to remain under cover. But I don't think a little girl like you would say anything, right?"


I quickly shake my head before saying "What exactly are you?"


"I'm an assassin. I take requests from the police to kill dangerous, evil people. And I get paid for doing it."

"Would you consider taking me on? My family is poor and I'm desperate for money."


She purses her lips for a moment, thinking.


"I'd have to talk it over with Ms. Brooks, but I'm sure she could use you. And I need a new partner." She says smiling



And so began my three year training that would teach me to be a lethal weapon.


And I was going to prove that was exactly what I was.


Karla Karla