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The Mission -Zayn Malik-

Chapter One

The buliding where my 'boss' told me to meet her reminds me of an evil villains lair in one of those strange horror movies. I guess that should make sense to me though. Technically, I am a villian. Then again, I do protect people too.

You see, I have been in training. Training for a 'job' if you can even call it that. Training to be an assassin. I take requests from the PD who want somebody dead. And I kill them.

Yes, the PD. It is completely legal. The people who are wanted are considered threats to others. Suspected murderers and robbers, etc. The police come to us to get it done in 'style'.

Up until today, I have only been a 'side kick' of sorts. An assistant of some of the top people in the buisness. Helping them to complete their tasks and eliminate their targets.


But now, I am ready to take on my own mission.


"Hello Tara."

"Hello, Mrs. Brooks. Good afternoon."

"Well, I assume your not here for chit chat. I must say, I am very impressed. All of the fellow 'workers' that you have assisted in their quests say you are brilliant."

I smile a small smile before saying "What is my mission? Who is my target?"

"Excited are we? I like your style Tara. Anyway, this is your target." she says shoving several papers in my face "His name is Zayn Malik."

I take a look at the dark haired boy on the paper.

"I've heard of him. He's from that famous boy band. One Direction I think."


"May I ask why he is wanted dead?"

"Mr. Malik is suspected of several robberies."

"Okay. So what's my mission?"


She laughs a little before answering.

"Dear, I think it's obvious. Get close to him, make him trust you. Tara,you must kill that boy. Kill Zayn Malik."

"Mrs. Brooks, if he really was a criminal, wouldn't he have been caught? I mean seeing how he is always in the public eye."

"Well that only means he has more people who would be willing to back him up. Protect him, if you will.

"What about the rest of the band?"

"Harmless and immature. You should have no trouble getting the Malik boy away from them."


I nod and stand up.

"Remember Tara, I have heard nothing but the best. Prove that you've got what it takes. Don't let me down."

"Understood." I say before walking out the door.


Karla Karla