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Serving Liam


A casual chat on a late night with a waitress. That was all it took for Liam to remember that restaurant and visit each time he'd pass through L.A. Not knowing that the more times he'd find that same waitress, the more he wanted to see her again.


Liam Payne

Liam Payne

1/5 One Direction, recently broke up with his ex- Daniel Peazer

Piper Tallent

Piper Tallent

Waitress, works night shifts and meets Liam one night before the restaurant closes.


  1. 2 AM

    Late night in L.A.

  2. Hello Again

  3. It Is What It Is

  4. Good Payne

  5. Let's Be Idiots

  6. Two Loves

    What Liam was afraid of

  7. Come To You

  8. Let Go

    Time after time

  9. The Scare


Just found this story and I love it. Update soon!!!

blwl blwl

Oh no no!! Not a ending on a bad note!! Please dont make me wait another year for another update!! I loved this chapter even though it broke my heart in about a million different ways!

M.J. M.J.

Sorry it took me so long, but I hope you enjoy the update :)

Hi just dropping by checking if you are alive and if you plan on updating your awesome story. I dont know what it ia about it has an aura of maturity and reality to it that is very hard to find. You are a wonderful writer and i truly hope you havent forgotten this story. I havent! There us still someone out here waiting! Merry chritmas!

M.J. M.J.

I will do my best to update this week :)

ciaoniccie ciaoniccie