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Serving Liam

Good Payne

The following day...

Piper was busy cleaning tables, looking at her watch that taunted 8:09am; counting down the hours till this evening. As she wiped and collected the used dishes, the images of last night bounced back and forth, causing random smiles as she touched her lips. The feel of Liam's lips lingered but it wasn't enough to calm the insatiable craving to touch them again.

So tempted to text him something sweet, like how she was looking forward to seeing him later, but fear held her back. Fear of being the only one diving head first into an empty pool; falling into too many expectations that he couldn't promise her. The best thing to do, for her sake, would be to enjoy the time spent and return to her simple life once he was gone.

Piper took the full tray back and picked up a fresh notepad for her apron. A few customers came in. The older waitress picked up some menus and handed her one. Offering to take the couple, she nudged Piper to the young gentleman with the innocent smile. When she looked over at him wearing a simple white t-shirt, jeans and a news boy hat, her lips recovered the tingly sensation all over again.

After that first kiss, Liam had to peel himself off, if not he would have stayed the night. To have gotten that close, to smell and feel the softness of her hair and skin and then taste her...he would have seized the night till sunrise. He laid down, anxious, with his heart trembling. He knew the sooner he fell asleep, the sooner he'd see her again.

"Hey..." Piper greeted floating towards him.

"Hel-lo," he answered shyly.

"Can I get you anything, Sir?" She played on as she grinned.

"Yes, I was hoping I could get some tea to go...and your number," he shot back a cunning smile.

"Umm, sure. Follow me, Sir," she turned around, biting her lip like a giddy teenager.

Liam followed her to the back employee room, wanting to touch her as she was only a few feet away.

"I wasn't expecting to see you," she turned to face him and show her true expression...bliss.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Heavenly" he paused, tapping the side of his leg with his hand. "May I kiss you now?" he asked desperately, like a child awaiting his reward.

The millisecond it took for her to react, he had already thrust his lips to relieve the itch. The kiss they shared last night was long and mild, probing the softness of each other's lips; this one was full of forbidden passion. Knowing the limited time, they would have to endure the hours of agonizing wait as though it weren't possible. Liam savored each tug and pull from her mouth, breathing her in to remain stained by her lovely fragrance and morning memory.

Tearing their lips apart, Piper rested her forehead on his chin, catching her breath. Licking her lips, tasting his mouth as her eyes drooled over the boy she didn't want to want. In a matter of seconds he managed to confuse her body temperature, not knowing where to turn to cool off. She rested her hands on his chest that panted in the same rhythm as hers.

"I don't want to but I should go back to work," she whispered glassy eyed.

"Me too, but I just had to see you again before I went bloody mad."

Looking into each other's eyes, they didn't understand how the attraction they felt could be so impulsive, stronger than they could control. Wanting not to care about what was morally right or what proper steps to follow despite the little time spent together. Liam could have easily cancelled all his plans and kidnapped Piper on a flight to Paris. And she would have easily said yes.

The sexual tension arose as their time was up. Biting his lips and clenching his fists, not wanting to leave and for once wishing he could control his own agenda, Liam stepped back one foot at a time. Watching Piper smile, flushed and timid, missing her a few hours would make their reunion even sweeter. About to exit the door he took two steps forward, wanting to take one more kiss for the road, but he stopped himself and retreated.

Endeared by his unwillingness to leave, she hoped he would follow through with the last attempt. Saddened by his disappearance, yet realizing that that was the bigger picture...he would eventually have to leave. Piper collected herself, readjusted her apron and clothes followed by the hard first step. Inches from the door she instinctively jerked back as it swung open. Liam returned.

Holding her tight in his arms, lifting her slightly off the floor, he took that last kiss. Sealing his lips on hers, to take full advantage of the time they no longer had available. Her fingers swam in his hair and then a smile broke them free.

"I'm in so much trouble," he gasped.

"Then go, I don't want you to be late," she pushed him gently.

"No, I mean I'm in so much trouble," he said locking his eyes on her and passing his thumb on her cheek.

Piper wasn't the type of girl to worry about her attire or date. She was simple yet carefree, never feeling the need to impress anybody, especially with her appearance. Believing if someone liked her it was for her and not the facade that most people adorned themselves with. But for the first time, she was challenged. Proving her infatuation.

With a momentary stop, Piper had made her purchase of an amethyst halter blouse with a cow neckline and low back. Finishing off with white skinned pants, borrowed leopard shoes and freshly diffused curls. Not remembering the last time she had gotten so dolled up. After she was taken care of, she checked the apartment and made sure everything was in its place.

Liam wore black from his vest, shirt and pants; all except for his white kicks. A little nervous as to the turn out of his evening with Piper, worried that she might be overwhelmed at the sight of their obsessive fan base. If it weren't for advertisement purposes, he would have rather stayed in the hotel, having an intimate dinner date.

It was 7:46pm and a knock at the door. Piper's hands were shaky with excitement as she revealed the gallant visitor. His mouth dropped in slow motion as he adjusted his sight to this ravenous beauty.

"For once, I'm the lucky guy tonight! May I be your accessory?" He grinned and extended his bent arm.

He kissed her cheek, leaving her with a smile stretched from ear to ear. Taking his hand while closing the door behind her. They walked out to a black limo.

"You'll be alright tonight won't you?" He whispered as he opened her door.

Her grin and purposeful batting of the lashes filled him with assurance.

Seated inside, were the rest of the band mates, some single some with their dates. Liam introduced her to each one, to which they greeted her kindly and gave him an approving nod. He was well aware of the possible leakage of pictures featuring him and his date tonight, but that didn't faze him. He wanted to have a fun and meaningful night with the girl he had been losing sleep over.

Right away Piper noticed the youthfulness of the group, not only in their smooth skinned faces, but in their reckless humor. They made it impossible for her to keep a straight face, realizing she was drunk on laughter much quicker than she could ever reach with a few drinks. Needless to say she took a liking to his friends, promising a fun filled night.

Arriving at the dance club's private entrance, the guys were still escorted by the guards; making it in safely and untouched. Inside, Piper stepped aside along with the band's significant others, as the pop stars were briefly interviewed on camera. Meanwhile, noticing the music videos on the clubs big screens; everything was sinking in. Liam then took her by the hand to their reserved booth, where they relaxed and ordered a round of drinks.

They agreed to share a drink as they weren't big drinkers...or dancers. Still they were up for a good time, whether that included goofing off on the floor or enjoying a slow dance to a fast song. Though he preferred to sit with his arm around her, frequently smothering himself as he'd nose dive in her sensuous curly locks. Sensing the spies among them snapping away at their phones, spreading the stories. All he cared about was being covered with nothing but Piper's soft hair that night.

With his free hand he grabbed hers to steal her attention. Playing and tangling their fingers together like a pair of newlyweds, his sad brown eyes traced every curve of her face; intoxicated by her.

The room at its max capacity, but to her, it was an enormous smear on the wall behind Liam's focused figure. She cupped his face with her other hand, brushing his eye brows and passing her thumb on his lips before blushing and looking towards the floor.

He raised her chin with their clasped hands and asked "Are you doing alright?"

Nodding she squeezed his hand as well.

"We can go, if you'd like?" He suggested.

"I don't want to make you go. I'm fine," she insisted.

He pulled in close to her ear, "I'd rather be alone with you."

The sound of his invigorating British accent made her shiver. Barely clothed, the goose-bumps blanketed her exposed back and arms. Hardly able to nod in agreement to his idea. Smiling even more as he jumped to his feet, ready to leave. Liam reached out his hand to help her up and search for the closest band mates to inform them of his plans.

Back in the Limo, Liam wouldn't let go of Piper's hand. "You look so incredible tonight."

"Thank you, I don't do this normally. But honestly, I wanted to impress you."

"I'm beyond impress. I-I...I can't even talk, I'm so blown away," he smiled childishly.

"So where are we going?"

"That was my next question actually. And please don't misinterpret, but I thought if we went and got some of your things at your place, then we could come back to my hotel room and hang out all night? Unless you work in the morning."

"No, but don't you?"

"Well we have sound check later in the day, and the concert in the evening...which I was hoping you would come to," he raised his brows.

"Well as fate has it, I'm off tomorrow. So I'm yours all day."

"Mine all night and all day, wow...yes!" He chuckled and held on to her hands.


Thoughts lovelies? Let me know what you think :)


Just found this story and I love it. Update soon!!!

blwl blwl

Oh no no!! Not a ending on a bad note!! Please dont make me wait another year for another update!! I loved this chapter even though it broke my heart in about a million different ways!

M.J. M.J.

Sorry it took me so long, but I hope you enjoy the update :)

Hi just dropping by checking if you are alive and if you plan on updating your awesome story. I dont know what it ia about it has an aura of maturity and reality to it that is very hard to find. You are a wonderful writer and i truly hope you havent forgotten this story. I havent! There us still someone out here waiting! Merry chritmas!

M.J. M.J.

I will do my best to update this week :)

ciaoniccie ciaoniccie