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Serving Liam

Come To You

Piper's head lay on the pillow, heavy and troubled. Her eyelids trembled, fighting back her emotions. She had grown attached and it was too late to back down. In less than two hours Liam would have to leave for the airport with the rest of the band. How could she go back to her average life when she had spent the last wonderful days growing close to the boy who captured her heart.

Liam lay inches away from her, clenching the pillow with his fists as he stared back into her longing eyes. Barely a sentence was uttered in the last half hour. He wanted to remember every last second with her before it was time. He reached for his phone on the night table and turned on the camcorder. Liam began to record his silent film featuring Piper and her glowing countenance.

Blushing from the tiny lens zooming in on her face, Piper hid her smiles in the pillow. But Liam continued. She turned to look up at the ceiling, covering her eyes with her hand, starting to feel a bit insecure. If it weren't for his charming grin on the other side of the phone, convincing her how much he enjoyed this. After a few minutes she felt comfortable again.

"Are you going to miss me?" He spoke tenderly while keeping the recorder focused on her sweet expression.

"Of course, I'm going to miss you." She replied sincerely looking intently into the lens.

"I'm going to think about you every day and every hour."

"No, you are going to forget about me the minute you get off that plane." She teased.

"You're wrong. It will be my worst flight ever . . . ever!"

Liam observed her glow dimmer on his screen. He hated the thought of having to leave. He didn't know what to expect once he found her again. Surely he didn't anticipate falling for her to the point of insanity and ache; and he hadn't even left yet. Switching the camera option, he set the phone on her night table so that he could easily see they were being filmed.

"Your battery won't last long." She hinted.

"I have enough." He smiled down at her.

Resting on his forearm he hovered over her. Looking up at his device, he could see everything perfectly clear; hoping to replay the whole video on the plane. Liam tucked her tiny strands behind her ear; his fingertips gliding over her pink cheek bones and across her forehead. Laughing quietly as she scrunched up her nose.

"You are not going to make a sex tape are you?" She whispered.

"I wasn't planning to . . . but now that you mentioned it."

There he did it again, switched on that boyish grin that could convince any girl to commit the purest of evil or good. That very look that melted her heart and warmed the blood throughout her entire body, when Liam's eyes lured her to fall in love.

"I wasn't expecting this." She continued to speak softly.

"Neither was I."

"I mean it. You've ruined everything. You've turned me into a mess."

"I'm a bigger mess. I'm the one leaving. Not because I want to but I have to."

"Yes, I know that."

"Come with me Piper."

"Don't be silly." She joked pushing on his shoulder.

"I'm serious, Piper. You said you wanted to travel the world, so come with me?"

At first Piper thought he was speaking impulsively, but he was serious. His stare said it all. Pondering the possibility and how lovely it sounded, she knew it was too last minute. Still the thought of him wanting her desperately by his side was enough to consider the scandalous good bye tape.

They both knew what her answer would be, unfortunately. He still had a few months to go before the end of the tour. Knowing how addicted he was to his phone and keeping in contact, he would try his damn best to keep her from missing him too much. If he did it for his fans from time to time than how much more would he sacrifice for Piper . . . even sleep,

Leaning in to kiss her, Liam's phone began to ring.

"Shi-" He exclaimed in annoyance. "Hello?"

Piper felt his sudden separation and loss of body heat. This would be more unbearable than she thought.

"Ok, just text me . . . Thanks mate." Liam hung up and quickly checked his video. "Oh good it was saved."

"So are you going to record my goodbye present?" Piper asked, eyes twinkling.

Eyes widening joyously, Liam placed the phone back in position.

"But if I hear about anyone seeing it . . ."

"No are you kidding me? I would never do that to you."

Liam spoke truthfully. He would hurt every hand that got a hold of his phone. And if there were a way to protect it with a password, he'd find out. Sadly his manager called to tell him they would gather in the lobby in thirty minutes. He didn't care about the silly film anymore. Liam just wanted to hold and kiss Piper for the time that remained.

"It's so strange. The present . . . you feel like you have all this time, and then it's up." Liam rambled.

Resting her chin on his chest, Piper thought about Liam's comment. It made sense. It felt like they had all the time in the world, but each time she looked at the clock the minutes ran less like an hourglass. Laying on top of him, she indulged in a long kiss that would only be broken by that last warning text he was expecting.

Liam's fingers tangled in her hair, pulling her closer and deeper. Keeping the shy ones for later, right now he wanted to kiss her so badly that his mouth would surely throb on the ride to the airport. Turning over, to cover her body with his long figure, the taste of salty tears began to drip in their mouths. Like a set of waves, came their passionate push and pulls; soon dying down till they were more overcome by tears than the strength to continue.

Nuzzling his face next to hers, hearing the subtle sniffles from her nose. Their faces were damp and flustered. Still they kept kissing¸ with breaks in between to wipe their eyes and exchange a sympathetic glance.

"Piper . . . I know we haven't been together long enough-" He sniffled a few times. "To know if this is . . . call it love. But it feels pretty damn close." He smiled as he dropped his face on to her chest to hide his watery eyes.

"Would it help if I confessed that I feel the same way . . . I'm telling you I'm a mess now." She chuckled and pressed down on her eyes to somehow stop from crying.

Liam's phone beeped. It was the last call, he had no choice but to get ready. Saving the second video, he did a quick third one of him giving her one last heart felt kiss.

"I'm sending you that one." He sighed.

Piper stood up with him and got dressed. Helping him find his clothing, she scanned the room for any stray belongings. She was allowed to stay in his room that night and check out in the morning. Desperately wanting to go in the car with him, she wasn't allowed.

Liam slipped on his jacket and stacked his luggage together, ready to give Piper one last hug. Trying harder this time not to cry, he squeezed her tight, planting kisses on her head and smelling her hair for the last time. He felt a wet spot upon his shirt and automatically knew she was weeping for them both. His heart hurt. It felt heavy like stone in his chest as he began to feel a little sick to the stomach even.

Lifting her face gently he gave her that timid last kiss that tasted as bittersweet and painful as he foresaw. Ripping away, he put his bag over the shoulder and dragged his suitcase by the handle.

Turning around one last time he said, "You'll wait for me right? You're not going to give up on me?"

Piper was biting down on her nails as she didn't even fight the warm streams down her cheeks. Nodding she skipped towards him and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"I'll come to you, if you don't come to me sooner." She murmured in his ear.



Just found this story and I love it. Update soon!!!

blwl blwl

Oh no no!! Not a ending on a bad note!! Please dont make me wait another year for another update!! I loved this chapter even though it broke my heart in about a million different ways!

M.J. M.J.

Sorry it took me so long, but I hope you enjoy the update :)

Hi just dropping by checking if you are alive and if you plan on updating your awesome story. I dont know what it ia about it has an aura of maturity and reality to it that is very hard to find. You are a wonderful writer and i truly hope you havent forgotten this story. I havent! There us still someone out here waiting! Merry chritmas!

M.J. M.J.

I will do my best to update this week :)

ciaoniccie ciaoniccie