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500 Days of Payne

night clubs & karaoke

I managed to find a nice enough looking dress to wear. It was a black lace mini dress that went to my mid thigh. I really liked it because it fit in all the right places plus it had pockets. The black lace was cut out down my back that was exposed. I decided to pair my dress with my favorite pair of heeled ankle boots. I did my makeup how I wanted and styled my hair a bit, leaving it down and pinning my bangs off to the side with a bobby pin.

I smile at my reflection in the mirror. “You look good, Liv,” I jump a bit and turn to see Peyton standing there in the hallway, looking at me, a small smile on her face.

“T-thanks,” I reply. “You uh, scared me,” I tell her with a nervous laugh.

“Sorry,” she replies with a smile and turns to walk off. I was about to turn and finish what I was doing, when she began to say something else.

“Where ya goin’? Out with the lads?” she asks, a smile on her face. I nod in response to her questions and put one last touch of lip balm on my lips to keep them from chapping. This shitty weather made them really dry. I was glad I didn’t forget to bring my lip balm with me.

“Well, have fun; those lads sure know how to get crazy, if you know what I mean,” she tells me with a chuckle and a smile.

“Trust me, I do,” I tell her with a chuckle.

She soon walks off after a few minutes, leaving me by myself again.

The dress looked good against my skin, which was a little fair with a slight tinge of tan. My makeup was done and looked good. After I finished up with my makeup, I put on a few pieces of the jewelry I brought along with me. I walk back into the room I was staying in to grab my shoes. After a few minutes, I get them on which didn’t take long at all. I grab my phone from its spot on the bed near my laptop so I could check the time.

It was only a few minutes after 7 o’clock. I had practically an hour to kill while I wait for them to come pick me up. What to do, what to do. I decide to scroll through Twitter to see if there was anything interesting worth re-tweeting so I could try and pass the time somehow.

On my account, I post some stuff when I go out with friends and party on occasion but most of the time I don’t since I’m always too damn drunk to function, when I go out, anyway. Most of my friends have an account so I follow them. Jessie has one, and I obviously follow her since she’s my main girl. I miss that woman like crazy. I mean, I like that I made some friends with Niall, Liam and Harry, sort of, but I need more girl friends here, too.

After a few minutes, I get bored of Twitter and decide to go watch some stupid fail videos on YouTube. They were funny as hell; I couldn’t get enough of those. Once, Jess and a few of our friends did some stupid shit like that but we didn’t end up filming it because our phones were dead. Alcohol makes things “worse” but being drunk just makes it all better.

I was excited that I was going out tonight. It feels like it’s been way too long since I last went out and had a few. In reality, it’s only been two or three days, before I flew here, but I was still excited. If there’s alcohol or whatever, any kind, I’m there.

It was exciting yet a bit strange since I was going out with new people I just barely met and hardly knew. Once we get a shit ton of alcohol in our systems, things will get better, I was sure of it. That’s how it always is; getting to know people is pretty fun, especially if alcohol is involved in the mix of it all. It was the best. I loved it.

Next thing I know, the doorbell rings, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Olivia! The guys are here!” I heard Peyton yell from downstairs.


I shut my laptop and stand up so I could straighten out my dress that didn’t really need to be neat. We were going out and things were going to get bat shit crazy, I knew that for sure. Especially since I went out all the damn time and got drunk off my ass with my friends. It was the way I liked and knew how to have fun.

I grab the clutch purse I had managed to stuff my phone into along with some money and my ID that I wouldn’t really need since I’m legally old enough to drink here, which was great. I am now more than ready to get this night started. I walk out of the room I was staying and began to make my way down the stairs so I could meet up with the guys who I was sure were waiting for me.

Peyton was standing there talking with Harry, Liam and Niall. As I walk into the room, they all stop mid-sentence and shift their eyes to mine. I chuckled to myself as I stand there staring at each of them.

“You look great, Olivia. Hope you don’t have too much fun without me,” she replies with a smile.

“I won’t,” I tell her with a slight laugh.

“Hey Liv – holy shit you look amazing,” Niall exclaims loudly. The other two pairs of eyes shift to meet mine as I walk into the room. All at once, I noticed each of their mouths drop to the floor, none of the three boys taking their eyes off me.

“You look gorgeous, love,” Curly mumbles with that cheeky smile of his.

I roll my eyes before averting my eyes to Liam. He was staring at me a little longer than the others, his mouth open and eyes wide. He soon realizes what he was doing and shifts his eyes elsewhere. Man, each of these guys cleaned up nice, I had to admit. Liam wore a nice button-down shirt, slightly faded jeans with a few rips in the knee and those same lace-up boots he wore earlier along with a nice leather jacket over the shirt he wore.

“W-wow, you look…smashing, babe,” Liam mutters a smirk on his face.

“Thanks,” I tell each of them with a slight smile to be polite.

“So, you ready to go, Olivia?” Liam asks with a smile.

“Hell yeah, I’m ready to go!” I exclaim a bit louder than I intended to.

“Let’s get going, then,” Liam grabs my small hand in his big one and drags me behind him. I give him a smile and nod my head in agreement. Niall and Harry follow close behind as we walk outside. The wind picked up a bit and I felt a chill run down my spine causing me to shiver.

“You cold, love? Take my jacket,” Liam tells me looking at me as we approach the same car from earlier. It looked expensive and in really nice shape. Liam stops to look at me, a sincere look on his face. I shake my head telling him I was fine and that I didn’t need it. I could feel more goose bumps on my arms as the wind picked up a bit.

“Fine, I’ll take your stupid jacket, its cold as fuck out here,” I mutter and hold my hand out to take it from him.

I could hear Irish and Curly snickering at my remark. “Shut it you two,” I snap at them as Liam hands me over his jacket after shrugging it off his broad shoulders. “How the flying fuck are you not cold standing out here?”

“It’s just something you get used to, babe,” Harry tells me and I snatch the jacket out of Liam’s hands and pulling it on after slipping my arms through the sleeves and shoving my hands into each of the pockets. I roll my eyes at his answer.

“C’mon, love, in you go and we’ll be on our way,” Liam tells me and pushes me toward the door after opening it up. I mumble a soft “thanks” to him before I get in the car. We are soon on our way to wherever we were going.

“You know, Livy, after we dropped you and Peyton off earlier, you were all Mr. Payno here, could talk ‘bout, I’d say someone has a crush,” Niall pipes up loudly with a grin and pats his shoulder. I laugh a bit and feel my cheeks heat up a bit. It had to have been the fact I was freezing, it had to be. Was I actually blushing?

“Hush up Horan, if you don’t stop, you won’t get to where we’re headed,” Liam reprimands the blond Irishman and pushes him a bit. I laugh at the two of them and roll my eyes. Irish pouted and crossed his arms over his chest like he was mad at us, which I thought was funny.

Liam sat beside me, leaving Niall on the other side of Liam as Harry drove. On the way to wherever we were headed, Liam and Niall asked a bunch of questions about me. I wasn’t even close to becoming drunk yet but it was nice, actually having a real conversation while I’m sober for once. I had learned Liam was from some place called Wolverhampton, wherever the hell that was. Somewhere here in the UK, I presume.

“We should save the rest of the questions for when we get there,” Liam tells me with a small smile. I give him a nod and tell him I could wait. Every so often, I couldn’t help but notice him looking at me from the corner of his eye, a slight smile on his face.

Next thing I know, I am being dragged up to the entrance of some night club. The atmosphere made me grin; it felt like home and was like music to my ears. It was packed to the brim of people, just what I liked when I went out. I laugh a bit as Niall grabs my arm and pulls me behind him as we pushed through the hoards of people so I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd. We get in right away. I guess being famous definitely has its perks.

The loud music pumped through the speakers and vibrated the floor boards as we walked. Harry and Liam were a little ways behind us not that I cared really. I glance over at Niall who still had a hold on my wrist. “I might head for the bar, want to come along?” I ask him and smile a bit.

He nods and smiles a bit, “’Course, love,” he tells me with a smile and begins to drag me through the crowd. We make it through the crazy hoards of people and end up at the bar. I take a seat on one of the rickety stools while Irish takes a seat beside me.

Meanwhile; Liam’s POV
“Haz, can I talk to you about something?” I ask as I look at the curly-haired boy who stood beside me.

“Anything, Li, tell me what’s on your mind, mate,” he replies with a kind smile and pats my shoulder.

“Does it have anything to do with Olivia? I noticed how you were looking at her,” Harry asks as he looks at me a smirk on his lips and his eyebrows raised a bit.

“I…yeah, I guess,” I trail off, trying to think of the right words.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her. The girl I had just met that I couldn’t get off my mind was here with me tonight but she was off with Niall. Each of the guys knew when I liked someone, because I get nervous whenever the girls name is brought in the picture. I didn’t know what it was, I had just barely met her, Olivia, last night and I was already having thoughts like this.

“I’d say someone has a crush,” Harry smirks and wiggles his eyebrows. I shove him a bit and laugh.

“I don’t know Haz, I mean, I just met her, we all just met her yesterday,” I mutter.

“Well, mate, we’re here at a club, she’s with Niall at the bar, I think, go get a drink, have some fun and get to talkin’ with her,” Harry tells me with a smile and is soon out of my sight. I let out a sigh as I stood there trying to get some thoughts straightened out in my mind until I decided to go over and meet Niall and Olivia at the bar. He was right, I guess. I could use a drink or two.

Back to Olivia’s POV
I laugh at some stupid jokes Niall was telling me as we waited for our drinks. We had ordered them like ten minutes ago and still hadn’t gotten them. Niall had offered to pay and I let him. What the hell was taking so long? The place was packed and a shit ton of people were standing at the bar getting drinks.

“Finally!” I exclaim loudly when I look over to see our drinks in front of us.

“Are they short staffed or what? This place is packed solid,” I ask to no one in particular as I grab my Long Island Iced Tea and take a long sip. After taking one, I set the glass down.

“Who the hell knows? This place is always packed,” Niall shrugs and takes a long sip from his glass of Corona.

“So, were you serious when you said Liam was talking about me? I’m not sure if I believe it or not, I hear it a lot,” I ask bringing my drink up to my lips and take a sip or two. As I set the glass down on the bar, I realize it was already half way empty. I drink it like water, how people drink it to stay hydrated.

“Yeah, why you asking, love?” he asks as he sets his half empty glass of Corona on the bar. Damn, Irish sure knows how to do this. He is definitely my new best friend. A friend that can drink with me is a lifelong friend.

“Because, I hear that from a lot of bastards who just want to get in my pants, when I’m out partying,” I reply and shrug my shoulders. Niall nods his head and finishes off his drink.

“What’s this talk about bastards I hear?” I stop as I hear his voice behind us. Liam, he had to walk up at this time, didn’t he?

“Nothing Li, sit, have a drink with us,” Niall motions for him to take a seat beside me. He gives me a smile and motions for me to talk with him. He turns to flag a bartender down so we can get some more drinks. I roll my eyes and turn to Liam.

“Let’s finish our game of twenty questions, shall we?” Liam asks a smile on his lips as he looks at me. The smile on his face never ceases as his brown eyes stay locked on my blue ones.

“Sure,” I tell him and take a sip of my drink. It took me a few more sips before I was done.

He gets a cold glass of beer and it comes quickly as he ordered it. He takes a sip of his drink that was close to spilling from the top and sets it down on the bar. For the next hour or so, Liam and I continue to drink and talk about random things.

I was slowly beginning to slur my words seeing as I was already on my fourth or fifth drink of the night. We get to know each other better and I have to admit, I was having fun with him. He seemed like a decent guy, he really did. I felt bad when he told me he was born with only one kidney but now has both working fine, which was a good thing.

At one point, Niall had joined in on our conversation and mentioned something about some karaoke place not too far from here. I immediately turn it down, telling the boys I sucked at it and didn’t have a good voice.

“C-c’mon, Livy, w-why not?” Niall questions with a slight pout and takes another sip of his beer.

“C-cause I s-suck at i-it, I sound horrible, c-can’t even carry a t-tune whatsoever,” I mumble and take another sip of my drink.

The two boys are now starting to bug me by how they won’t stop hounding me about going to that karaoke place. I was sitting with two drunken idiots who I call my new friends and they were already getting on my nerves. I soon let out a sigh and tell them I’ll go. Things are way funnier when you’re drunk; I was up for a challenge.

“This is going to be s-so much f-fun!” Niall cheers, raising his hands up in the air in victory that I had said yes. I laugh a bit and roll my eyes. I reach over and push him a bit. He pushes me back and we are soon trying to push each other over from our seats at the bar. Liam separates the two of us and puts an arm around my waist to keep me from getting to Irish, even though I was just messing with him.

“L-let’s go find Harry then we’ll b-be o-on our w-way!” Niall exclaims in his drunken state as he slowly rises from his seat and begins to find Curly; wherever he went off to not that I really cared. I couldn't help but laugh a bit as Liam did something hilariously stupid as we search through the club following behind Niall to find Curly, wherever the boy was.


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