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500 Days of Payne

drunk sing-alongs & sleepovers

The three of us soon find Harry. He was sitting at a table with some guy with his hair up in one of those quiff things. They were joking and laughing about something stupid and each had a drink in their hand. As we approached their table, the two pairs of eyes look over to meet mine, Niall and Liam’s.

“If it isn’t Mr. Payne and the Irishman, how ‘ave you lads been? And who’s this pretty lass ya have here?” he asks with a smile and takes another drink of his beer before setting it down on the table.

“Pretty good, Grimmy, pretty good. This ‘ere is Olivia, me new best friend and drinkin’ buddy,” Irish calls out and throws his arm over my shoulder. I smile at his action and do the same with him, even though it was a bit more difficult considering the fact he was taller than me. He wasn’t as tall as Liam was, that boy is practically a head taller than me and I only come up to his chin barely.

“Been quite alright, Grimmy. Yourself?” Liam replies with a smile.

“Same. Been sat here chatting with Harry, had no idea you lot were comin’ out tonight,” he says looking at the three of us before looking at Harry.

“Oh, and it’s nice to meet you, love, I’m Nick but everyone calls me Grimmy,” he smiles and holds out his hand. I smile and chuckle a bit and hold out my hand. He kisses it like I was royalty or some shit.

“Nice to meet you too,” I tell him with a slight smile.

“You’re quite gorgeous by the way, Olivia,” he points out with a smile.


“We were thinkin’ ‘bout going to that one karaoke place down the road. You feel like comin’ with us, Haz, Grimmy?” Irish asks the two of them.

“I’m up for it, what ‘bout you, Grimmy?” Curly pipes up taking another drink of his glass of beer in his hand.

“What the hell? Sounds like fun to me! Might go with you guys for a bit ‘cause I have to get up early for the show in the morning,” Nick speaks up looking at each of us as he finishes off the last of his beer from the glass.

“Let’s get goin’!” Niall exclaims with a wide grin as he looks at the rest of them before looking at me. We all nod our heads in confirmation at Irish.

He puts one of his arms over my shoulder and leans on me for balance while we wait for them. I put one of my arms around him to keep me from falling. I grab hold of my clutch and hold tightly onto it so I wouldn’t lose it since I had prized possessions in there I didn’t want to lose. If that ever did happen, I would be pissed off. That’s why I always kept my eyes on it at all times so I wouldn’t lose track of it or I would cut someone. It wouldn’t be pretty, hell it wasn’t, because that’s happened to me once before. I ended up losing my ID once when I set it down somewhere so I had to get a new one, which definitely sucked hardcore.

We all soon make our way out of the club and head for the karaoke place down the street wherever the hell this place was. As it came into view, I noticed it was called The Green Man. I chuckle a bit at the name. Why the hell is it called that? How the fuck do people even come up with names like that for places like this? I think to myself as we walk right in. It sounded pretty stupid to me.

I felt someone grab my wrist once we walked inside. As I look up, I am met with a pair of brown eyes I soon recognized as Liam’s. “Come get a drink with me, yeah?” he asked, a small smile on his lips as he stared at me.

“Of course,” I reply with a slight smile and let him lead me to the bar. Each of us take a seat on a barstool beside each other.

“What’ll it be?” a guy comes right up to us asking for our drink orders.

I look at Liam for a moment before I begin to speak. I order my Long Island Iced Tea, while Liam orders a tall glass of beer. I thank Liam for paying for my drink(s) while we sit and talk, waiting for them. Next time we look up, I notice my drink was in front of me. I let out a sigh and take a sip of it.

As I stare over at him, I can’t help but get lost in his brown eyes. His eyes were captivating, I had to admit, they really were. Whoa, slow the fuck down there, Olivia! I think to myself as I take another sip of my drink.

Liam and I joke for a few minutes while we finish up our first round of drinks. He looks over at me and suggests we go meet up with the rest of them, because they were probably wondering where we went off to. I nod my head and feel him grab my wrist and pull me up from my seat at the bar. I stumble a bit and tighten my grip on his arm to keep myself steady.

He smiles a bit as he looks back at me while we push through crowds of people standing around and drinking. We soon make it over to where the rest of them – Harry, Niall and Nick – were waiting for us watching a few drunk people singing on the karaoke machine, slurring their words.

“Livy, Li!! There you lot are! Thought you got lost!” Niall exclaims, taking a drink from a tall glass of beer.

“Just had a few drinks is all, mate,” Liam tells the blonde boy and pats him on the shoulder.

“Alright! So, who’s up next?! Any takers?!” a guy says loudly into a microphone as a guy and girl step off the stage, stumbling on their feet. Niall points to Liam and I, a wide smile overtaking his face as he brings up the glass to his lips again.

I shake my head furiously as I look at Liam and then at Niall. Irish lets out a chuckle and tells me to go and sing something.

“Nope, not gonna do it,” I shake my head again, rolling my eyes this time.

“I’ll go up and sing with you, love. Won’t be so bad. C’mon!” Liam grabs my hand and pulls me up.

After a few minutes of denying his request, I give in. Liam smiles in approval as he drags me up onto the makeshift stage where the middle aged guy stood near a microphone. Both his arms were covered in tats down his arms. I couldn’t also help to notice a few piercings, one on his eyebrow, a lip ring and a small silver earring in his left earlobe.

“Any requests, mate?” the guy asks looking over at Liam and then at me. I shrug my shoulders and look at Liam while I wait for him to come up with something.

“Surprise us!” Liam tells him with a smile.


Liam goes over and grabs another mic stand with a microphone in it and moves it over toward where we stood. We stand there awkwardly for a few minutes before some song begins to play; Dream On by Aerosmith. Liam begins to sing the first verse. When the chorus gets there, that’s when I chime in and we begin to sing it together.

As we sing, the club-goers cheer for more. We continue to sing the song and it soon comes to an end. They all cheer for us to do another one. I actually have to admit, it was really fun. After another song, we went and got some more drinks to sit and watch Niall sing very drunk version of a song by Boys Like Girls; Love Drunk. Song definitely fits if you ask me.

About eight or nine drinks later, I am finally being drug out of the club. I was way off my rocker now that I’ve been sitting and drinking whatever came in front of me practically the whole night. I had no idea what time it was since I haven't checked my phone. All I knew was it was early in the morning sometime. Liam had a tight grip on my waist as we stumbled outside the club after bidding goodbye to Nick, Harry and Niall.

Bright camera flashes were coming from everywhere as we made our way out the doors. He told me I could just crash at his place and I gave him a nod before I realized what I had done. Whenever I’m drunk, I can hardly ever control my actions let alone what I say. From every which way, a shit ton of camera people were shouting questions to Liam and I left and right.

We stay silent as we push through the crowds of people to a black van. “Thanks Paul!” Liam tells some guy as we reach the vehicle. Who is Paul and what is he doing here? He must know Liam or something.

“Get in!” the man with a thick accent that sounded like Niall’s gesturing for us to get in.

Liam and I climb in and the door slams shut. A few minutes later, the car begins moving forward at a fast speed as Liam and I both drunkenly put our seat belts in place. I hardly remember anything as I pass out for the night, unaware of my surroundings not like I cared, really.


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heeey you!! :)

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