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500 Days of Payne

food & exploring the city

I roll over in the bed, my face buried in the pillow. This bed was too comfortable. I slowly open my eyes a bit, squinting as I notice the bright sunlight coming in through the window. Letting a groan slip from my slightly parted lips, I bury my face back in the pillow, wanting to get back to sleep. Why the fuck is it so bright out this early in the morning?

I snuggle deeper underneath the comforter and pull it over my face. It hardly did justice trying to rid the harsh light blinding me. I was just about to drift back off to sleep when I am taken back by the sound of a knock on the door. I let out a throaty groan and bury my face deeper in the pillow as I could.

“What the hell do you want? I’m trying to fucking sleep here!” I grumble in annoyance as I slowly rise up in the bed and toss the covers off my body. I shiver in the process as I get up and slowly pad over to the door.

I roll my eyes in annoyance and curse one more under my breath as I pull the door open. I was quite surprised to see Liam standing there, a small hint of a smile on his face.

“Morning love. Sorry if I woke you,” he tells me. I just roll my eyes and tighten my grip on the door handle.

“What do you want? It’s too damn early and I’m still a bit jetlagged from the flight. Need sleep,” I mutter and run a hand through my messy blonde locks.

“You still up for me to show you ‘round the city? It’s half eleven now so if we leave now, we’ll have time for everything we have planned,” he replies with a smile as he leans against the door frame. We? What did he mean by we have something planned? Were Curly and the rest of them coming along with us?

He wore a white shirt that clung to his chest making his muscles stand out underneath, dark wash jeans, a plaid flannel shirt wrapped around his waist for some unknown reason, and a black pair of lace-up boots to complete his look. The flannel looked pretty stupid but that was just my opinion. He even wore a black snapback backwards on his head.

I avert my eyes from his built chest to his face, our eyes connecting once more. As he looked at me, his brown eyes bored into my blue ones as if he knew everything about me. My heart was pounding fast and my ribcage felt like it was about to rip through my skin.

“I…sounds good, I’ll uh be out in a minute I guess,” I tell him before I turn so I could shut the door.

“Alright, see ya downstairs, Olivia,” Liam tells me with a smile before he turns and walks off, leaving me standing there.

I shut the door once more and lock it in place. As I lean against the newly closed door, I begin to regain my breath control and contain myself. What the hell was going on here? There is absolutely no fucking way in hell I am starting to fall for this guy when I just met him last night. I didn’t even know a single thing about him. It wouldn’t hurt to get to know him, I guess. Being a hardcore partier, I’m always around different kinds of guys everywhere I go when I’m out partying. Plus, in my nineteen years, I’ve never really been in a single long-term relationship before, just occasional flings that end a week or two later.

I begin to look through my things for something to wear. After a few minutes, I come across a pair of jeans that were ripped out in the knees and a loose black sleeveless crop top with the words Stay Weird in white letters on it. It takes me a few but I finish getting ready in about ten minutes. I put a cream colored beanie on my head as I slip out the room once I pulled on my black Chuck Taylor’s.

I hoist my bag up higher on my shoulder as I go down the stairs. My phone was in my open hand tight in its grasp. I walk in the living room to find Liam sitting beside Harry, Peyton and Niall. I wondered where the other two, Louis and Zayn were. I groan and mumble something under my breath as I walk in the room. I decided I would just ask them later.

“Morning Liv!” Peyton exclaims, smiling at me and waving a bit. I smile a bit and wave back.

“The princess is finally up! Took you long enough, babe,” Harry trails off with that stupid cheeky smile of his.

“Shut it, Curly, I ain’t a morning person,” I snap at him rolling my eyes, shoving him a bit.

“Well I could make you one if you’d like,” he mumbles with a smile earning a shove from me and the other three. “Oh! And Liam here wouldn’t keep his yap shut all last night about you once we left,” he finishes with a cheeky smile.

“Hush up, Harold! Leave the bird be!” Liam calls out. I make a mental note to thank him later. Harry lets out a groan and rolls his eyes.

“Morning, love,” Niall exclaims with a smile. “How are ya?”

“Mornin’ Irish,” I reply with a small smile as I take a seat in the only empty seat beside Liam. “Alright. Yourself?” I ask the boy with blonde hair and brown peeking through his roots.

“I’m good myself. Thanks, love,” he says with a smile.

“What do you say we get going?” Liam asks looking at the others before looking at me. We all agree and are soon on our way to wherever we were headed.

Harry was up in the front with Liam who was driving, which left me, Peyton and Niall. The three of us were in the backseat. I was sitting next to Niall and Peyton in the seat beside the window. Niall and Peyton were talking amongst each other and Liam and Harry in their own conversation I tuned out. I was in my own world as I stared out the window until I was brought out of my concentration by Niall’s loud voice.

“I’m hungry! Liam, can we please stop somewhere and get food?” Niall asks – whines – as he looks at Liam who was staring back at him through the rearview mirror. I couldn’t help but chuckle at him as he looked at Liam, who was driving, his eyes on the road.

“Mate, you ate on the way to pick Olivia and Peyton up. Can’t you wait another hour or two?” he asks Irish looking in the rearview as the car slows to a stop. He had a funny glint in his eye as he looked back at the boy seated beside me.

“I could go for something if you don’t mind stopping,” I mumble a bit louder than I intended, every one’s eyes shifting to meet mine.

“There’s a proper good place up here where they have burgers and stuff,” Liam exclaims looking at me quickly in the rearview as he slowly begins to drive forward. “If you’re interested, love, I’ll stop if ya want,” Liam replies with a small hint of a smile.

“If you don’t mind, I’m actually starving since I haven’t eaten anything,” I reply. Liam gives me a nod in reply as he continues to drive. Niall looks at Liam and then over at me, crossing his arms over his chest, frowning a bit. I couldn’t help but laugh at his expression; I’m guessing the boy loves food.

“How come you deny my request but offer it to her instead? Not fair, mate,” Niall questions Liam still pouting, his arms crossed firmly over his chest.

“Because I can, Horan, now hush up, you might get some if ya quit whinin’,” Liam mutters shifting his eyes back to the road.

“Olivia, tell me, where you from, love?” Harry asks, turning to face me shifting in his seat in the front. He had a small smile on his face.

“California,” I tell him.

“What part? It’s been a while since we last been there for a show,” he replies.

“Los Angeles,”

“That’s quite an interesting city, have to admit that,” he tells me with a smile. I nod my head in response.

“Yeah, it’s especially insane as fuck when everyone’s out partying the night away, myself included,” I reply with a slight laugh as I recall a time when I was at some crazy ass house party with Jessie a while back. We were drunk and high as fuck and she came up with the brilliant idea of streaking around the block. It was fun but we almost ended up getting caught by the cops which sucked total ass.

“I think you’re my new drinking buddy and best friend, babe,” Niall exclaims throwing an arm around me and hugging me tightly. We pull away after a few minutes.

“Thanks Irish,” I mutter with a slight smile as I look at the blonde boy beside me.

“I like that, but I’ll only let you call me that, I shall call you Livy,” he replies with a smile. I let out a groan at the nickname he chose for me. His eyebrows crease together in confusion as he looks at me as if he’s asking why I don’t like it.

“I don’t like that name, Niall,” I tell him, scrunching up my nose and shaking my head no in disapproval.

“Why not? I do, so I’m keeping it, that’s what I’m calling you from now on!” he exclaims crossing his arms over his chest and lets out a huff.

“Whatever,” I roll my eyes.

Looking up, I notice the car had came to a stop. We were in front of that place Liam was talking about.

“Alright everyone, we’re here!” Liam exclaims loudly. We all unbuckle our seat belts and climb out of the car.

“Food!” Niall calls out in excitement as he steps onto the pavement beside me. Liam, Harry and Peyton laugh at Irish, even rolling their eyes. The four of us were standing around for a minute or two before we begin to head toward the entrance.

“Ladies first,” Liam says with a smile as he goes and opens the door for me, holding it open so I could go inside. Peyton was behind me along with the guys. It was a quaint little shop and smelled good, too. My stomach began rumbling as we get in line. The place didn’t seem too crowded; there were a few people in line and not too many people. Next thing I know, we were the next ones in line, well I was, anyway.

“Hi there!” a girl with long wavy dark hair smiled at me. “What can I get for ya today?” she asks looking at me, the smile wide on her features as she looks at me, waiting for me to respond. Her nametag read Karleigh I hold up my forefinger telling her I’d need a second and a small smile.

She nods her head, “Take your time!”

I begin to look at the menu behind her so I could decide what I wanted to eat. They had a lot of good sounding food items. After a few minutes, I decide on a BLT with everything on it along with fries or whatever they call it here, chips, I think. I also get a drink with it. I was starving, I hoped it will be good.

As I pull out my wallet to pay, I realize I don’t have any of the UK currency, pounds to pay with. I was caught off guard when Liam walked up beside me and handed the girl money for mine.

“I got it, love,” he tells me with a smile and readjusts his snapback.

After standing there, staring at him for a few minutes, my mouth slightly agape, I move. “Thanks,” I mutter. I grab my cup and step off to the side while I wait for the rest of them to order their food.

“Y-you’re L-Liam Payne,” the girl exclaims, a look of shock on her face as she hands him back his card.

“The one and only,” he tells her with a smile.


We were now on our way to walk around somewhere. The food was good, really good at the place we went to. I was stuffed to say the least and I ate everything. Liam and the guys insisted on taking me around on one of those red charter buses to show me around the city. After discussing it a few, they decided against it, claiming it would draw too much attention to them.

The boys soon decided to take me to the London Eye. They claimed you can get a great view of the city from way up there. As we approach the place to buy the tickets, there were about a million flashes of lights coming from every which way. Stupid paparazzi.

“Come on, love,” Liam grabs my arm as he pulls me away from the paps who kept snapping pictures left and right. Soon, we are thankfully in one of the pods of the Eye. At least we were away from the stupid paparazzi. About fifteen to twenty people shuffle in the pod and the doors shut. It was more spacious than I thought it was.

It soon begins move and we were secured in our seats to be safe. Liam sat beside me and Niall across from me. Harry and Peyton were sitting on the other side of Niall.

“You havin’ fun so far, Liv?” Peyton asks with a smile.

“Yeah, I am, Peyton,” I admit with a small smile as I glance over at her.

“I'm glad!”

“So, where’s Louis and Zayn?” I ask looking at Liam and then at the other two boys who were looking at me.

“Louie went home to Doncaster to see his family because he hadn’t been home in a while,” Liam says looking at me with a small smile.

“What about Zay–” I get cut off by Harry beginning to speak, interrupting me. I roll my eyes as he begins to talk. I always hate when I’m talking and then someone cuts me off. When I’m trying to get a point across, I’d like to finish off my thoughts before I get interrupted by some asshole that begins to talk instead.

“He’s with his bird, Perrie, something ‘bout planning their wedding, I think,” he finishes with a cheeky smile and wiggles his eyebrows. My eyebrows furrow together as I look at Curly.

“Wait, he’s getting married!? How old is he anyway?” I ask as I turn my gaze from Harry to the window, again. My eyes go wide as I notice we were high up.

“Yeah, he is,” he replies. “The bloke is 20, love,” he finishes with a chuckle. I just nod and pull out my phone so I could take some pictures to send Jessie. Speaking of her, I missed her, and I’ve only been gone for barely a day, I think.

“Holy shit, this is amazing! You guys were right, it is a great view!” I exclaim with a wide smile as I turn to look out the window and take a few pictures. I got a few of Big Ben and one of Westminster Abbey even. The view from up here is incredible, it really was.

After a few more hours of showing me around, they took Peyton and I back to her house. Niall brought up the idea of us all going clubbing, well, Liam, Harry, Niall and I. I wasn’t too sure about Peyton. I accepted right away telling him I would love to go.

“Great, Liv, well, the lads and I will be back to get you around eight. Be ready! See you then, love,” Liam tells me with a smile and pecks my cheek.

“Oh, I sure will be!” I reply with a slight chuckle and wave to each of the boys.

They actually weren’t too bad of guys. That was kind of a shock for me to say that, actually. I was surprised at my thoughts. Tonight, they will definitely not expect what’s to come, especially since I’ll be around alcohol if we’re going clubbing. I was more than ready. Now to find something to wear for going out tonight, which I knew was going to take a while.




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