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500 Days of Payne

awkward first encounters with five famous idiots

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Standing before me was the guy, Curly, who’s name I now knew was Harry. He is the annoying shit I had to sit next to the whole flight here. My eyebrows were firmly pressed together as I stare at him, my mouth slightly ajar.

“I could ask you the same thing, love,” he spoke, that stupid cheesy smile on his face. I just roll my eyes as he finishes.

“Wait, you two already know each other? How?!” one of the other boys, a boy with short brown hair, tanned skin and beautiful brown eyes, inquires, looking at Curly – Harry – first before looking at me, a confused look in his eyes. Beautiful eyes, what the hell was going through my mind?

I barely even know him. As my eyes study him, I notice a tattoo of three chevron arrow looking things on his right arm. It was one of the things I loved about guys, especially when they had tattoos. I even had a few of them myself, but I don’t want to get into that right now. I notice Harry’s eyes go from the boy who just spoke to mine and back to his.

“She’s the pretty bird I sat by during the flight, I told you ‘bout her, Lou,” he spoke up, now looking at one of the other boys with messy brown hair and blue eyes.

“She’s fit,” I hear the other tan skinned boy with raven black hair, a sleeve of tattoos along his right arm and gorgeous brown eyes pipe up. He had a thick British accent just like Harry, yet slightly different.

“Zayn, hush up, ya wanker,” the blonde one spoke up, a different accent than the other boys, Irish, I’m thinking.

“I’m Niall, love,” he gives me a smile along with a hug. I give him a fake smile as he pulls away. “Nice t’ meet ya, Olivia,” he tells me.

“You too, Irish,” I mutter with a put-on smile.

The raven haired boy came forward next and introduced himself as Zayn. I give him a slight nod and a slight smile as he, too, hugs me.

The boy with messy hair and blue eyes steps forward next. He introduced himself as Louis. I smile a bit and tell him it’s nice to meet him, too, to be nice.

Lastly, the tan skinned boy with short brown hair and captivating brown eyes came forward, a small smile on his lips. “I’m Liam, it’s nice to meet you, love,” he tells me as he pulls me into a hug, his big arms wrapping around my small frame. I smile and hug him back, being friendly.

“You too,” I mumble.

“Hey, uh…sorry to interrupt whatever was going on but Mum says dinner’s ready,” Peyton says walking into the room, looking at each of the boys and then at me.

“Nothing’s going on Peyton,” I tell her softly.

She gives me a questionable look and a slight hint of a smile. I mouth tell you later to her as I walk into the dining room along with the five boys and my cousin where my Aunt Meredith and Uncle Jack were waiting for us. She just nods in reply as we all take our seats at the table. I was sitting in between Harry and Peyton.

As dinner went on, I couldn’t help but notice Liam catch a glance at me every so often. I shifted my gaze back to the plate of food before me. I take a bite before I look over at my cousin and then to my Aunt Meredith.

“So, Aunt Mere,” I begin as I look at her. “How do you know them?” I ask as I place a small bite of casserole in my mouth.

“Well, Peyton is the one who befriended Harry and along with him came the boys,” she says and grabs her drink, taking a sip before setting it back down.

I nod a bit as I pick at the food on my plate. “So, what do you guys do?” I ask, looking at each of the boys who stared at me with curious eyes.

“Wait…you’ve never heard of us? One Direction?” Irish pipes up, his mouth full of food. He stopped whatever he was doing to catch a glance at me. The scene was kind of funny; I had to keep myself from laughing at him.

“Um…no,” I finish and look back at my plate of food in front of me. “Am I supposed to?” I question, sarcasm laced in my voice as I pushed some of the remnants of food around on my plate.

There was silence at the table for the next few minutes until one of the boys spoke up, breaking the awkward as hell silence. “No, love, you don’t have to. Was just making conversation, I like your feistiness,” Harry replies with a smirk as he looks at me from the corner of his eye. I just roll my eyes at his stupid comment.

Dinner went by a bit slower than I would have liked. Every so often, I would look up to see Liam staring at me, a small smile gracing his lips. The boys were asking me random questions as we finished eating. My Aunt Meredith was cleaning up our empty dishes and my Uncle must’ve went to the living room, leaving me sitting there with the five boys rattling off questions left and right. Peyton went up to her room to call her boyfriend or something.

“I’m going out for a smoke,” I mutter as I slowly rise from the table and move toward the doorway of the dining room.

I could feel five pairs of eyes on mine as I turned to walk off. As I walk off, I can’t help but hear the boys blabbing about something about the fact I smoke. I roll my eyes at their and continue my ascent up the stairs. Once I made it to the top of the stairs, I walk into the room I was occupying for the time I was here, going right to my bag.

After unzipping the bag and opening it, I begin to dig to find what I was looking for, my pack of smokes I brought along. I also grab my favorite jacket that was super comfortable – it was a maroon looking color with faux-fur lined on the inside – where I kept my lighter. I was surprised it was still in its rightful place, in the pocket that was inside my jacket. Like a secret hiding place for cigs and other shit like that.

After shrugging my jacket on, I stuff the pack of Marlboro in the deep pocket of my jacket. I sail down the stairs, my hands shoved deeply in the pockets of my jacket and head for the front door. Once I grabbed hold of the door handle, I pull it open and step outside, the chill of the cold air catching me off guard a bit. I zip up my jacket and pull my hood up over my hair as I stepped toward the driveway. Pulling out a new cancer stick from the box, I light it and inhale before blowing it out my mouth.

For the next few minutes, I stood there and smoked the cigarette I held between my fore and middle finger. I didn’t even hear the door open and then close seconds after. I turn to see Liam standing there, hands in his pockets of a jacket he wore.

“Hey, want a light?” those words left my mouth before I could catch myself. I curse to myself in my head as I shake the thoughts from my mind.

“No, thanks,” he replies shaking his head and holding his hand out toward me, which told me he wasn’t interested. “You know smoking stunts your growth, right?” he asks looking at me, his brown eyes glowing under the dim lights on the porch.

“Does it really look like I give a shit?” I reply and go back to smoking my cig.

“Harry’s sure right, you sure are a feisty one,” he says. “And quite a looker at that, love,” he tells me with a smile.

“Why’d you come out here, anyway?” I ask blowing out smoke as I took another drag of my cigarette.

“The lads were getting out of hand, playing some game with Peyton on the X Box or something, and I wanted some quiet,” he tells me with a sigh as he leans up against the side of the house, crossing his arms over his chest.

“So, love, what brought you here to England?” Liam asks as I sit down on steps that led up to the door. He takes the spot beside me.

“My parents sent me here because they think I’ve lost control with myself because of all the partying and shit I do,” I tell him and roll my eyes.

“Wow, I take it you’re quite the one to get into trouble, yeah?” he asks with a hint of a smirk on his lips.

“And your point is…?” I reply with sarcasm in my voice.

There was silence between us for a few minutes before one of us spoke up again. In return, I decided to be nice and ask him a few questions like where he was from, obviously from the UK due to his accent. For the next fifteen minutes or so we talk about a shit ton of random things.

“Tomorrow, if you’d like, I’d love to um, show you around London. I’d really like to see you again, Olivia,” Liam tells me with a smile and pecks my cheek.

I stay silent for a few minutes before I decide to give him an answer. Slowly, I nod my head telling him yes. He just gives me a big smile in response. That night, I fell into a deep sleep thinking of how tomorrow would go since I would be going around London with this guy showing me around. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.


There you go! Hope y'all enjoyed it! Things are finally getting somewhere now that she's met the guys! c:

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