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500 Days of Payne

welcome to hell

“Attention passengers, we will soon be landing at Heathrow soon, please buckle your seatbelts as we prepare for landing. Hope you’ve all enjoyed your flight on British Airways. Thanks and have a lovely day,” the loud voice clicked off the intercom.

I run a tired hand through my hair and wipe under my eyes to get sleep from them. I glance out the window for a minute or two before I look over to see Curly asleep beside me. I didn’t know his real name, but I decided that will be my nickname for him, because I thought it suited him. To be precautious, I clicked my belt in place and pushed him awake. He shifts in his seat and opens his eyes a few seconds later.

“Hey Curly, the pilot or whoever it was came over the intercom and said to put our seat belts on ‘cause we’re about to land,” I tell him. He nods his head in response and mutters something I couldn’t understand.

“Y’know, I was already awake, just resting my eyes, babe,” he tells me with that cheeky smile again.

I just roll my eyes and shift my gaze away from his so I was looking out the window again. We were slowly descending through the clouds. Buildings were coming into view as we reached our destination. Next thing I know, we are going down the runway. I was here; I was actually here in London. So many thoughts were running through my mind at a rapid pace.

Once the plane came to a stop, a loud voice came over the speaker again, telling us we could remove our seat belts and begin to grab our things. Yes! I think to myself. I could finally get off this god forsaken plane; I was tired of being beside Curly, whatever his actual name was, for the past ten hours. It didn’t really matter to me; he will forever be called Curly by me if I ever manage to see him again, that is. I highly doubt it since London is a huge ass city.

Curly stands in the aisle and reaches up to grab his stuff, whatever he managed to put up above the seat. I let out a sigh and roll my eyes while I stand there, waiting for him. He seemed like he was just dragging on whatever the fuck he was doing so I could wait even longer.

“Curly, c’mon, hurry the fuck up, let me get my shit, I’d like to get off this plane,” I tell him in an annoyed tone. “And even more away from you,” I mutter just as he moved away swinging a bag over his shoulder.

“It’s all yours, babe,” he tells me, motioning to the spot he was just standing in as he moved up in the line.

I brush past him and reach up to the compartment above the seat so I could grab my backpack. After I get it down, careful due to my laptop along with other things I brought along. I get it down and swing the bag over my shoulder and take my spot behind Curly. If only this line could move faster so I can get out of his sight.
After a good five minutes or so, the line finally moves up. I let out a small sigh of relief when I finally step into the terminal, being polite to the stewardess standing at the front of the plane. The girl gives me a smile I knew had to be fake along with a slight nod of her head.

“I never heard your name, love,” he says with a smile as we walk down the long way that led into the airport.


“Such a pretty name for a beautiful girl like yourself, hope I see you again, Olivia,” he tells me with a cheeky smile, dimples fully exposed. “Call me Harry,” he tells me with another one of his cheeky smiles.

“If you’re lucky enough, you will, Curly,” I tell him with a smirk. He is soon out of my line of sight, probably going to find someone he knew that was on the flight, one of his friends, I bet. Out of sight, out of mind, that’s how I see things.

As I look up, I realize I was now in front of customs. I have a feeling this is going to take a while, waiting to get through customs. This especially sucked for people like me, who are coming from an entirely different country, from the United States, no less.

I let an exhausted sigh from my mouth as I stand there and wait. I wish this could speed up a bit, I hope to God I don’t have to stand here much longer. I really didn’t understand how business people could do this all the time traveling the world and shit. This was tiring, I had to admit. I cross my arms over my chest and shift the weight from one foot to the other while I wait for the line to move up.

It takes me a while to get through customs, what felt like an hour, but I make it through successfully. Now, to get my bags, which I had a feeling would take a while, because I was confused with this airport, which was huge. I follow the signs toward the baggage claim, which lead me what seemed like a long way. Just as I come upon it, a red light flashes brightly and many bags right after another came rolling out on the roundabout.

After I grab my bags, I begin to look around for my Aunt Meredith, wherever she was waiting for me. This airport was huge, so it definitely was going to take me a while to find her in this place. It was also packed and you could hear high pitched screams from a mile away. I bet it was just someone famous, had to have been. Nothing I haven’t heard or seen before, living in Los Angeles. Famous people are everywhere in LA.

“Olivia?” I hear my name being called out.

I turn at the sound of my name to see a blonde woman coming toward me. My Aunt Meredith stood there, a warm smile on her face. It’s been a while since I’ve last seen her, about five or six years. She was a spitting image of my mother, being her older sister, and my Aunt, obviously.

“Aunt Meredith!” I exclaim, a forced smile forming on my face.

“I thought that was you, lovely. How are you, Olivia? Been quite a while, dear,” she exclaims in a thick British accent as she comes forward and hugs me tightly.

“Good, how’ve you been?” I question, a smile on my face as we pull away from the hug.

“I’ve been good, love, very good. Splendid, you already have your bags! You ready to get going onto the house? Your uncle Jack and Peyton can’t wait to see you,” she questioned me as we stood in the airport as tons of people scurried all around us to get where they were headed. I nod my head in response to her.

I pull up the handle of my rolling suitcase and begin to drag it behind me after I settle my duffel bag on my shoulder. My Aunt Meredith is walking ahead of me while I am slowly trailing behind her. As we got outside, that is when the cold air hits me, a shiver running down my spine. Fuck it was cold out here!

I curse under my breath, making a mental note to not forget to wear a jacket next time. Why is it this cold here when it’s June and it’s warm everywhere else? None of that shit made sense to me one bit. I am soon standing in front of a striking black Mercedes Benz that looked brand spanking new. I couldn’t even begin to think how she could afford a car like this. You’d have to be filthy rich to own a car this new looking.

She opens up the trunk for me so I could stick my bags in the back. After I put my bags in the back, I get in the passenger seat, while my aunt gets in the driver’s seat. We are soon on our way to her house, wherever it was. After a twenty minute long drive and catching up a bit, I notice we were in front of a nice looking house.

After cutting the engine, she unlocks the doors so we can get out. I get out and make my way to the trunk so I could get my bags. I notice her press a button that unlocks the trunk, a beep going off as it opened. I push the trunk open a bit more and reach for my bags. After grabbing my bags, I follow her up to the house.

She pushes the door open, which was unlocked, and motions for me to go inside. I comply and drag my bags behind me as I went. I set my duffel bag on the floor beside my other one because it was kind of heavy. I even take my backpack off my shoulders and set it at my feet.

“Jack! Peyton! Olivia’s here!” Meredith calls a bit louder than normal. A few minutes later, I look up to see my uncle and cousin walking into the room. Peyton was a few years younger than me, sixteen I think. As soon as I feel her eyes on me, she soon races forward and envelopes me in a tight embrace. I smile a bit as I hug her back.

“Olivia! I’ve missed you!!! I’m glad you’re here!” she exclaims excitedly looking at me after we parted from the hug. I muster up a fake smile and mumble a ‘me too’ to her, which sounded surprisingly real.

“Glad to have you, Olivia! Missed you, love,” my Uncle Jack tells me with smile as he pulls me into a hug. I give him a small smile and hug him back.

“Peyton, love, could you show Olivia to her room? I need to get dinner ready, our company will be here soon,” she informs her daughter looking toward her. Peyton gives her a nod in return. My eyebrows furrowed together in confusion as I looked back at my Aunt. What ‘company’ is she talking about? I don’t remember her mentioning anything like that on our way from the airport.

“C’mon Olivia, I’ll show you to your room!” Peyton says and grabs my duffel from the floor before swinging it over her shoulder and heading for the stairs.

“Okay, I’ll follow,” I tell her and put my backpack over my shoulder.

Grabbing hold of the handle of my rolling suitcase, I drag it behind me as I follow my cousin. We soon make it up the stairs, with my bags, and I follow her down the hall to a closed door. I’m guessing this is where I’ll be staying for the summer, great. She goes forward and pushes the door open and turns the light on. It was a pretty big sized room with a King-sized bed in between two windows. The walls were painted a light shade of purple.

“Here ya go, Liv. I’ll leave ya to unpack. See ya in a bit for dinner,” she replies cheerily at me, a smile on her face.

“Thanks. See you then,” I tell her with a small hint of a smile before she walks out and shutting the door, leaving me alone. I set my rolling suitcase on the floor beneath the bed. As I look around the room, I notice a dresser was against the wall diagonally from the bed.

Now, to begin unpacking all my stuff, which I wasn’t looking forward to at all. This was definitely going to take me a while. I unzip my suitcase and begin to put all of my things in their respective places. It takes me a good twenty minutes to get all of my stuff in the right places they needed to go. Just as soon as I was finished, I lie down on the bed, my phone tightly in my grip and hear the doorbell go off.

I get up and straighten out my clothes as I get up and walk toward the shut door of the room I was in. After grabbing hold of the handle, I turn it and pull the door open. I slip my phone in the pocket of my jeans as I make my way down the hallway toward the stairs.

After going down the stairs, I hear loud voices of boys coming from wherever the living room was. I follow the sound of the voices into an open room with a sectional couch and a big flat screen TV against the wall. I could have sworn one of the voices I heard was familiar, and I was sure fucking right about that. As my eyes caught a glimpse of his curly locks, my mouth dropped to the floor as I continued to stare at him in shock.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” I ask in disbelief as I stared over at the boy I was sitting next to on the plane a few hours ago.


Next chapter, finally! (:
Here's a bit of a filler for ya. Also, sorry for leaving you hanging there at the end ;)

What do y'all think? Please leave your thoughts, I'd love to know what y'all think so far - would mean a lot!



heeey you!! :)

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Hey, look who's here! ;)

i think liv is going to turn him down

I have a feeling next chapter they're gonna kiss or one of them confessed that they like one another

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The update was wonderful!!! Can't wait for the next one

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