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500 Days of Payne

flight to england

Today was the day I’ve been dreading ever since I got the news a few days ago. I was leaving for London today. Both of the bags I was taking with me were packed to the brim with everything I was bringing along. I was surprised everything fit.

Now, I was on my way to the airport with my parents. Jessie even came along too, which was surprising since I knew how much they disliked her. A loud sigh escapes my lips when I look out the window to see we were pulling into. She sat in the seat beside me, my backpack in between each of us.

I wanted to hop out and make a run for it. I didn’t want to be here, but I had no other choice. Next thing I know, we are pulling into a spot in the huge ass parking garage at LAX once my dad paid so we could park the car. There was no way I could back out now. If I wanted to, I would have already jumped out most likely getting myself run over and killed in the process.

My dad parked the car and we all started getting out. After I got out, keeping the door open for Jessie, I went to the back so I could grab my bags. Swinging my backpack over my shoulder, which had my laptop and a few other things, I stand and wait so I could get my bags. Seconds later, the back opens up thanks to my dad finally pressing the button so it would open. I pull out my rolling suitcase and set it on the sidewalk beside me before reaching for my other bag, an over the shoulder duffel with overflow that wouldn’t fit in my rolling suitcase.

“Thanks for finally opening it up so I could get my crap,” I mutter while I stand there, looking at my parents and Jessie, who chuckled at my remark. I tell her to shut up under my breath.

After a few minutes, we all begin to head inside the airport. I stop walking and glance back at my parents for a second. “So, where are we supposed to go?” I ask looking at Jessie and then to my mom and dad, shifting the weight from my right foot to the left, my left hand on my hip.

“I don’t know why you’re looking at me, how am I supposed to know?” Jessie asks with a slight chuckle as the four of us stand there, looking around the huge ass airport.

“I don’t have my ticket, if I had it, I’m sure I’d know by now. Mom, can I have it, ‘cause I’m pretty sure I’m going to need it so I can get on this flight,” I ask, looking at my mom who nods her head. Seconds later, she pulls out a few pieces of paper, one I was guessing had to be my ticket, the other, I had no clue what it could possibly be.

“Here, Olivia, it should be on there somewhere,” my mom tells me, handing the perfectly straight ticket over to me.

I grab hold of it and begin to scan my eyes over the page to find what I was looking for. It took me a minute or two until I realize it was the big letter in the corner, Gate F it read in big bold letters at the top left. I was on Flight 463 to London Heathrow.

“Gate F,” I say as we begin to head toward wherever so-called ‘Gate F’ was. After asking a few people, we find out it was three floors above us. I just want to get there and check in my bags and call it a day, plus I didn’t even know how much time I had left before my flight left, which sucked.

We all pile into an elevator to take us up to wherever Gate F supposedly was. After a good five minutes or so of standing in the small space with barely enough room for my big suitcase, the doors finally open. I let out a sigh from my lips as some people get off. I dart forward, with my backpack on my back, my smaller duffel on my shoulder, and my rolling suitcase behind me.

On the wall, next to the elevator, was a big sign that said Gate F in big letters. I look around for the place where I could check my bags in, under British Airways, of course.

“Honey, do you need help with that?” my dad asked, looking at me as we got in line so I could check in my bags.

I was glad the line wasn’t very long. I shake my head, telling him I was fine on my own. I am soon the next one in line and go over to the person behind the counter. It takes a few minutes, and I manage to get it up on the scale myself. My parents even had to pitch in and pay for how much my bag was over the weight limit, a good forty dollars.

After checking my bags in, which didn’t take too incredibly long as I thought it would, we were now standing near the security check point. I shrug my backpack back onto my shoulder as I stand there looking at my parents and best friend. It sucked knowing that they couldn’t move forward with me, I wish more than anything Jess could go with me, but that wouldn’t end up too well.

“Have a safe flight sweetie; your Aunt Meredith will be there to pick you up when your flight gets in,” she tells me, embracing me in a tight hug. I tighten my arms around her frame, my chin resting on her shoulder. She was fighting back tears as we hugged. I rolled my eyes and let out a slight chuckle.

“I will, okay,” I reply as we pull away from the hug.

“Bye dad, see you when I see you,” I tell him and hug him.

“Don’t cause too much trouble for Meredith or we might have to fly out there ourselves,” my dad tells me in a serious tone with a laugh as he hugs me back. I tell him I won’t, surprisingly making it sound reasonable like I meant it.

Finally, I had to say goodbye to Jessie. I open my arms for her to hug me. “I’ll miss you, Liv; don’t have too much fun without me now, I already know you will. Love you,” she says as we hug each other tightly. I laugh and tell her I’ll have a few for her. She even tells me to not forget to Skype her every now and then telling her what’s going on there. I agree and tell her I’ll see her soon with a wink.

As I begin to walk toward the security check point, I turn and smile, waving at them. They wave back to me. Before I know it, they are out of sight. Now, I was sure going to have fun, waiting in the long ass line to get through security. After standing in line for about fifteen minutes or so, I finally make it through, everything good, which made me heave a sigh in major relief.

While I wait for my flight to be called, I go and take a seat. Pulling out the ticket that wasn’t perfectly crisp and clean, I hold onto it so I won’t lose it because I was definitely going to need it to get on that plane. I pull out my headphones along with my phone so I could listen to some music to pass the time. I plug the headphones in the jack before putting my ear buds in my ears. I go to my music and tap on the first song I came to, which was a song by Daughter called Youth.

To pass the time, I listen to a bunch of random songs I had on my phone. I have a shit ton of songs on there, close to a thousand, I think maybe even more than that. I was glad I had a 32 GB iPhone to hold them all. It would have made things a shit ton easier if I had a 64 GB one, but wasn’t able to get one so I’m stuck with this one instead. At least it’s in good shape and I get a hell lot of use out of it.

I am taken a bit by surprise when I hear a loud booming voice over the intercom. “Flight 463 to London Heathrow on British Airways is now boarding. I repeat, flight 463 to London Heathrow is now boarding,” a voice booms loudly over the loud speaker.

I rise up from my seat and grab my backpack from the chair beside me and swing it over my shoulder. Once I get it on my back and tighten the straps on my shoulders, I clutch onto my ticket before I begin to make my way over to the respective gate so I could get on the plane.

I had to get in line behind a bunch of other people who were waiting to get on the plane, just like I was. I let out a sigh while I stand there. I held onto my ticket tightly in my hand so I could give it to the person whoever was taking them.

Before I know it, the line begins to move. Thank God, I can finally move up! Stupid people, moving so damn slow… I think to myself as I move up in the line. I was almost up there, still behind a couple of people who were holding up this line. As I look behind me, I notice there were a shit ton of people waiting to get on. After a couple minutes or so, I am finally the next person.

I hand the girl my ticket and she gives me a big smile. It had to be fake, I mean, who would be happy working in an airport? It’s probably a real crappy job and they hardly get paid, but who was I to know. In my nineteen years, I’ve only had one job I’ve ever worked at until they fired me for getting there late too many times. I worked at a music store, which was pretty cool, I guess since I got to listen to great music all day, when I was there.

“Have a nice flight!” the girl, Sarah, told me and motioned for me to follow behind the other people to get on the plane. I give her a small smile and mutter a ‘thanks’ before I walk down the passageway that led to where I would be for the next eight or nine hours.

I soon walk onto the plane and begin to look for my seat. I soon find my seat and put my backpack up into the compartment above me before sitting next to the window. I plug my headphones in and get lost in my music as I stare out the window. I couldn’t believe that I was actually on a plane about to go half way across the world. All the way to London, England. As much as I wanted to walk off this plane, I didn’t, surprisingly.

Never in my life have I ever traveled across the world to England. Furthest I’ve ever been away from home was when I went to Ohio to visit some family, but that was a while back. One thing that made me stoked about going to London is that I can legally drink there. I was really looking forward to that plus that I wouldn’t have my parents towering over me every second.

I mean, my Aunt Meredith hovers but it isn’t anywhere near as much as my parents. But it’s been a while, like years since I’ve last seen her. I barely remember it since I was a baby at the time I think. I hum along with the music that was playing as I continued to stare out the window.

I am soon pulled from my thoughts and taken a bit off guard as I feel a tap on my shoulder. As I look up, I notice a curly haired boy with bushy curls and green eyes staring at me. He was in too tight jeans, a white shirt and he had a shit ton of tattoos visible on his arms, I could even spot out some on his chest.

“Yeah?” I question as I pull one of the headphones from my ear and look over at him, my eyebrows raised.

“I think you’re in my seat, love,” he says and gives me a cheeky smile. I roll my eyes as I look at him. He had a British accent, a thick deep one at that.

“Sorry, Curly, seats taken, but there’s one here,” I tell him in a sarcastic tone and point to the empty seat beside me. He puts his things up in the compartment above the seat before sitting beside me.

I was about to put my ear bud back into my ear and resume listening to my music when he continues to speak. Rolling my eyes, I pause my music and pull both of the ear buds from my ears and wrap them around my phone so I could listen to him babble about whatever was going to spew from his mouth.

“You’re feisty, I like you,” he says, looking at me and smiles again.

I scoff and roll my eyes as I shift in my seat to look out the window. Who was he to talk? He was annoying and I’ve hardly even said a word to him since he interrupted me a few minutes ago. This was sure going to be a long flight, especially if I had to sit next to him for the next nine or ten hours, so much fun. I laughed in my mind; it wasn’t going to be fun at all, being beside this annoying guy whoever the hell he was during the flight.


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