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500 Days of Payne

drinkin' every drop until it all runs out

About what seemed like a good two and a half hours later, I wake up to my iPhone going off. I reach out to grab it and press the home button to find my alarm going off. It was 7:20, and I had set it for 7:15. At least I woke up in time so I can still get ready before I go out so I could meet up with Jessie.

I slowly rise up from my bed and go over to my closet so I could pick out something to wear. After a good five minutes or so, I finally decide on wearing a cute flowing top along with some skinny jeans. I even pull out a pair of heels that I thought would go perfect with my outfit.

Once I grab my clothes along with my bra and underwear, I head out of my room to the bathroom in the hallway. I flip the light on as I walk into the bathroom and shut the door once I walk through the door, locking it in place. I set my clean clothes and undergarments on the sink before I make my way over so I could turn on the water in the shower.

While I wait for it to heat up, I pull off my clothes and toss them in the hamper. I get in the shower and let a sigh out of my parted lips as the semi-hot water cascades down from the shower head. After standing there a few more minutes, I soon begin lathering my shampoo and conditioner through my long blonde hair. I finish up in the shower a good fifteen minutes later. I felt fresh and clean, ready for tonight.

I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my wet body; a gust of cold air hits me as I step down onto the rug beneath my feet. I felt like I was in a sauna, the room hot and steamy from my shower. The mirrors were fogged up because I hadn’t let it out of the small space yet.

Once I dry off, I slip on my clean bra and panties before putting on the outfit I picked out. I blew my hair dry with my blow-dryer, all thanks to the attachable diffuser to help my hair dry a bit faster. My hair was all done and looked good. I had just freshly brushed my teeth and I was now putting finishing touches on my makeup.

As I make my way out of the bathroom, finally letting the steam out of the bathroom, I head to my room so I could grab my phone and keys. Checking my phone, I realize it was a few minutes before 8 o’clock. I slip them into a clutch along with some money and my ID of course. Heels in my left hand and clutch now on my right wrist, I take a seat on the edge of my bed so I could slip my heels on. I am soon out my door, heading down the stairs careful in my heels I wore.

“Where do you think you’re going at this hour, Olivia Nichole? It’s almost 8:15,” my mom says, stopping in her tracks as she sees me come in the room. I look up at her and don’t respond.

“I’m going out to meet up with Jessie and a few of my other friends, don’t worry Mom; we’re just going out for a late dinner,” I tell her quickly before I begin to make my way through the living room to the front door.

“Oh, ok. No parties tonight, am I correct?” she asks staring at me a firm look in her eyes.

I stay silent for a minute or two while I think of what to reply. I grab a hold of the brass doorknob.

“Not tonight,” I tell her quick in response, my hand on the door handle.

I hear my mom let out a sigh in annoyance as she continues to look at me. I keep my head down so I wouldn’t have to look at her and roll my eyes. Thankfully, I was facing away from her so she wouldn’t see me roll my eyes and curse once more. “I sure hope you aren’t, Olivia, please don’t lie to me,” she retorts back in an annoyed tone.

“I told you I’m not,” I respond back harshly and pull the door open.

“Be back around eleven-thirty,” I mumble as I head out the door and shut it loudly behind me. I pull out my keys and lock the door with the extra key I had.

I pull out my phone once I made it down the driveway so I could send Jess a quick text telling her I was on my way. Once I sent the message, I begin to walk down the street from my house. Melrose Ave wasn’t too far from where I lived. It was only a half mile or so up the road from where we lived, which wasn’t too far.

As I walk along the busy streets, my phone begins to go off. Stopping in my tracks so I could read it, I stare at the short message I had received from Jessie: Almost there, see you soon, lady! (: I smile at her response and slip my phone back into my clutch zipping it up tightly so nothing would fall out. It takes me a good five minutes or so until I am finally there on the corner of Melrose.

After I stand there for a few minutes, a nice black sleek Mercedes Benz pulls up. Jessie had gotten it from her parents when she first gotten her license at seventeen. It still looked brand new, even though it was over two years old, a 2011 model. She was smiling at me and waving toward me, I could surprisingly see in the dim street lights that were hardly bright.

I give her a wave and smile as I come forward and climb in the front passenger seat.

“Hey there sexy lady! You ready for tonight?” she exclaims as I put my seatbelt on as we take off down the road. I smile and nod my head in a swift motion in response to her question.

“Hell yeah I am,” I tell her, the wide smile never leaving my face.

“So, in a nutshell, what’s the shitty news you got, Oli?” she asks, glancing at me from the corner of her eye as she comes to a stop at a red light. Once she came to a steady stop, she turns to look at me, a smile on her face.

“If I tell you now, it wouldn’t be in a nutshell anymore, would it?” I joke as I watch the busy Los Angeles night life pass by through the window. She laughs at my joke.

“You’ll get the full story when we’re drinking it up, Jess,” I tell her with a small smile.

“Fine,” she replies in her fake sad tone.

We talk amongst ourselves and catch up while she continues to drive. A good ten minutes later, we arrive at our destination, a bar we always come to when we aren’t at parties our friends are throwing. Once Jessie parks the car, we get out and grab our clutches we brought along with us that housed each of our ID’s that look eerily legit. Mine said I was 22. I was tall thanks to my dad’s side of the family unlike my mom’s who was on the shorter side. I was glad I was average. So was my sister, Andrea. Plus, without even looking at my ID, I looked like I was over 21 already, which was great.

Jessie and I loop arms as we hurry across the busy street over to the huge line at the bar, Dark Tavern. We stand there for the next few minutes while we wait for the line to move up. There were a few girls standing in front of the burly man behind the candy red rope who looked our age, maybe even younger. The man denied them at first but once they pulled out their ID’s, they were clear to go in. Jessie and I were the next ones up behind a guy and a girl who I guessed had to be together by how he held onto her waist. Those two soon disappear through the doors.

“ID’s please?” he questioned Jessie first who pulled her ID out showing it to the man.

He gives her a nod and lets her go through. She goes through, putting her ID away and moves off to the side so she could wait for me. I pull out my ID to show him. He looks at it for a second before glancing at me. After a few minutes, he gives me a nod and hands me back my ID. I give him a polite nod in return as he lifts the rope so I could meet Jessie on the other side where she was waiting for me. I slip my ID back into my clutch.

I grab Jessie by the arm and pull her toward the bar. We soon arrive at the bar, each taking a spot on one of the vacant bar stools. Jessie gets the bartender’s attention. Seconds later, a guy is standing there in front of us.

His name was Rick and he was super nice, we get lost in conversations a lot when Jess and I come. He is sure fun to talk to, even though his manager is always getting on his ass about conversing with customers. I mean, we’re regulars here.

“Back again, ladies? What’ll it be?” he questions, smiling at each of us. I give him a small smile and nod. Jess does the same.

“Long Island Iced Tea,” I tell him. He gives me a nod before scribbling my drink down on the notepad. He looks up at Jess who gives him her drink order. She always gets a vodka soda.

“Coming right up, be right back,” he tells us before going off to make us our drinks.

While we wait, Jessie turns to me. “So, can you tell me now?” I just smile and roll my eyes.

“When we get our drinks you’ll get the whole story,” I tell her with a slight smile.

Next time I look over, I notice our drinks were sitting in front of us. I take a sip of my drink before turning to Jessie who was taking a small sip of her vodka soda. For the next ten minutes or so, Jess and I talk about a bunch of random things that have been going on in our lives while we drink and have a great time. We finish off our drinks and are soon on our third or fourth ones of the night, a nice cold glass of Corona. I was already beginning to lose count with the amount of alcohol in my system already. Jess soon opens her mouth, and I knew what was coming.

“T-tell me, Liv,” she tells me staring over at me after setting her drink down. “What’s the news you got? Inquiring minds w-would like to know,” she giggles a bit as she takes another gulp of her beer.

“O-okay, w-well,” I take a big gulp of my drink before I continue. I was going to need it. “I-I’m leaving for L-London in two days,” I finish, looking at my best friend who stared back at me with a look on her face like I just told her I had killed someone. I knew she wasn’t exactly expecting for that to come spewing from my mouth.

“Y-you’re w-what, O-Olivia?” she asks, slurring her words.

“I-I s-said, I’m going to London in two days, my p-parents are sending me,” I say and bring the glass of beer up to my lips and take a sip.

“Really? I’m going to miss you like crazy, hope you don’t have too much fun without me there,” she says pouting as she looks at me.

“It sure as h-hell won’t be as fun without you,” I reply with a drunken smile on my lips.

For the rest of the night, we drink it away going on about a bunch of stuff and having a great time before my life would become a living hell in two days. That night since we were too out of it and I was way too intoxicated to want to go home, I just crashed at Jessie’s apartment on her couch. She didn’t mind at all, obviously.

Even though I was drunk out of my mind, I was still thinking of what would be happening to me a few days from now. I will be on a plane to England. Just great! were the last thoughts that ran through my head as I passed out from consciousness.


Here's the next chapter! (:
Hope y'all enjoy it!!

What do you think? Please drop a comment if you like, I'd love to know what everyone thinks of this so far! I'm really having a fun time writing this.




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