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500 Days of Payne

mystery girl

Liam’s POV
I was lying on the couch in my flat relaxing. It was later in the evening and I had just arrived back home after a long day doing interviews and such with the lads. It’s been a few days since I last saw Olivia, since we’ve been quite busy the past few days. I smile a bit when I think of her. God, that girl is gorgeous, and I think I’m falling for her. It’s impossible not to with her smashing good looks and that killer figure she’s got. Plus, she’s a damn good drinker, that’s for sure. That’s my kind of woman.

I brought it up to Harry and even Niall a few times, to touch on my feelings toward her. Ever since she arrived and we first met a few weeks ago, both of us, Liv and I have grown a bit closer. I quite enjoy spending time with her, a lot; she’s a piece of work, at times, but at the same time I love her company, plus I love her feistiness a lot as well.

I shut my eyes and begin to fall asleep. It was a long day and I was tired, not wanting to move from my spot. Just as I fall asleep, I feel my phone begin to go off. The noise pulls me from my sleep and I begin to search for the device making the loud racket. I find my phone and pull it from my pocket so I could see who was calling. Why is Harry calling me? I think to myself as I stare at the screen.

“Yeah, Haz? What you need, mate?” I say into the receiver as I answer the call, in a bit irritated fashion since he woke me up.

“You got your computer nearby, mate?” I hear him ask. I nod my head in response to him and realise he wasn’t here and couldn’t see me. Wow, I’m stupid.

“Yeah, I do. Why?”

“Got your computer nearby? There’s somethin’ you need to see,” he asks in a rushed tone. I look over to the coffee table and spot it under a few notebooks and other rubbish.

“I got it, Haz. What’s this I gotta see?” I reply as I reach over with my open hand and grab the laptop from the table. After I set the computer on my lap, I pull open the screen only for the lock screen to come up. I type in my password to unlock it and wait for him to tell me more, whatever he had to tell me.

“Some article ‘bout you and Liv, Niall brought it to my attention, and I thought I’d tell you ‘bout it,” he tells me as my MacBook comes to life. With my hand that wasn’t being used by having to hold my phone against my ear. I pull my phone away from my ear and tap the ‘speaker’ button so I could use both hands on the keyboard.

“Now what, mate? How’d Irish find it?” I request as I set my phone down on top of my laptop so I can still listen to him babble on.

“You fancy her quite a bit, don’t ya, Li? Starting to rub off on you, yeah?” he jokes and I knew he had that stupid grin on his face that I wish I could smack right off his face, if he was here. I can’t help but smirk at his words, knowing how right he was; he knew me so well, that chap I call my band mate and best friend.

“I may be, Styles. Now, what’s this thing he showed you? What do I look up?” I ask and roll my eyes as I open up my Safari browser.

“Who do you think, Payne? Search up your name, said it was the first or second one, I dunno,” he replies in a slightly annoyed tone.

“No, I was going to look up Lennon or McCartney, obviously it has to do with me,” I reply in a quick slightly bothered manner and roll my eyes as I type my name in the search bar. There were a few news stories that some reporters posted stupid rubbish about me that wasn’t anywhere near to being true. Most of them were just that, rumours. I soon come across one that read, Who’s Liam’s new mystery girl? and that one caught my eye.

“Well, Haz, I think I found it, talk to you later, mate,” I say into the receiver.

“Alright, Payno, until next time my friend,” I laugh at his lame ass joke attempt before I end the call.

I set my phone in my lap before I turn my focus back on the screen in front of me. I click on that so I can begin to read it. There was even a picture of the two of us, from that first night we all went out. The article read:

Who’s Liam’s new mystery girl?

A few nights ago, Liam Payne, famous boy band member of One Direction, walked the deserted London streets at somewhere between 1 or 1:30 in the morning, an unknown blonde girl on his arm. Onlookers noticed by his actions, it looked like the two were either drunk or un-phased by the overbearing flashing lights from every which way. Sources say the two were spotted leaving local hot spot, The Green Man Pub around 1:45 in the morning last Saturday and seemed very close-knit toward each other.

Other suspicions aside, who is this girl? Looks like Liam has moved on from previous breakup with former girlfriend, Sophia Smith, and has taken an interest in this girl, whoever she may be. There has been no word on who she is let alone her name. Who could this bird be? She’s quite the looker, in the short attire she was in, hair a bit of a mess.

Give us your thoughts, Directioners – do you think our Liam’s made the right choice? Drop your comments below and stay tuned for more gossip!

I can’t help but roll my eyes as I finish reading the article. These “reporters” and their so-called “news stories” were pretty stupid if you ask me. It’s quite annoying, being in the spotlight I’m in, which I love to pieces, but there is definitely the time when it’s enough to draw the line. By now, I’m sure my Twitter’s blowing up, as usual with questions and shit about me and Olivia. Speaking of, I haven’t been on there in a while, which is weird because I spend most of my time on there, when the lads and I aren’t busy, and lately, I haven’t.

First things first, I wanted to inform Liv about it and tell her first hand. It’s the right thing to do, since it – the article – in fact, does involve her. I reach for my phone and type in my passcode so I can unlock my phone and tell her I needed to speak with her. That’s when I notice the time, 8:30pm. When I go to my messages, I begin to search for her name and come up blank.

How is it even possible I don’t even have her number? I’ve spent the past few days with her and haven’t even bothered to ask. Nice going, Payno I think to myself as I tap on Niall’s name so I could shoot him a quick message and ask if he had it. He was bound to have it, since those two have become best mates.

After I send the message, I set my phone down and await a reply from him. A few seconds later, my phone chimes, signaling a new message. It was from Niall, who sent me her number. I send him a quick ‘thanks’ text before I pull up a new message so I can send one Olivia’s way.

I begin to type up a message to her and feel a bit nervous as my fingers move across the screen. Why am I nervous? I mean, I’ve been around her a few times before since she’s been here and haven’t felt as nervous as I did now. Maybe it’s the fact I fancy her a lot and can’t get her off my mind?

Ever since I met her, she’s been on my mind nonstop. In previous relationships I’ve been in, when I was with Danielle, or Sophia, even, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way, so smitten yet nervous all thanks to a girl before. I mean, yeah, I loved both of them at the time I was with each of them but we grew apart and wanted different things. Things seem different with her, with Olivia, though, yet I can’t quite decipher what and I liked it, a lot.

I am soon pulled out of my thoughts when my phone chimes. My eyes avert to the screen of my phone so I can read the message. It was a reply from Olivia, which read: Sure, guess so. I’ll have to ask Aunt Mere if I can maybe borrow her car and I’ll be over in a bit. See you then, Liam – Liv :)

I begin to reply back to her message right off. I can come get you, don’t worry ‘bout it, babe. I don’t mind. Be there in a bit, be ready – Li x

After I send the message, I set my laptop over on the coffee table before I get up off the couch and stuff my phone in the pocket of my jeans . I grab my shirt and pull it on along with some shoes before I am soon on my way out the door to go pick her up. The whole drive there, I debate with myself on whether or not to finally tell her how I feel, hoping she feels the same about me.


Here's an update!!! Sorry it's been sooo long since I last updated! :/ and I know it's not much, hopefully it's good enough! Next one will be much longer than this!

I really hope everyone likes it, felt like picking it up a bit since it's been a while since I last updated! Hopefully, Liam and Liv will finally get together soon? You'll just have to wait and see what I have in store for them.. ;)

Comment, vote and subscribe? Leave me your thoughts, please!

Thanks for reading <3



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