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500 Days of Payne

a night out on the town & vodka shots

The doorbell soon goes off throughout the house. Peyton and I were all ready for tonight going out with the guys. I grab my clutch purse which had my phone and a few other things in it. My smile becomes wider as I look at Peyton. She was fixing the bottom of her dress and stumbled around in the heels she wore.

“Come on, Peyton, you ready? The guys are here I bet,” I say and turn to her as I stop in the doorway.

She nods her head and stumbles behind me as I head for the stairs. I couldn’t help but snicker softly to myself as I hear her, Peyton, stumbling around in the heels she wore of mine I was kind enough to let her wear. I continue my way to the stairs and walk down them, careful not to trip in the heels I was wearing. I don’t, thankfully, and make my way down stairs, clutch tight in my hand.

As I neared the bottom of the stairs, Peyton close behind, I could hear Liam’s voice throughout the house along with Irish, Curly, and Zayn’s, even, and some girl’s voice. I get to the bottom and walk in the front room to find Liam standing there, Irish, Curly, Zayn and this breathtakingly gorgeous blonde at his side. I smile a bit as I walk in the room.

“Hi there, love. Look smashing,” Liam compliments me with a smile and comes over to press a kiss to my cheek. He looked nice in a pair of jeans, those lace-up boots, a v-neck and a snap back that was backwards on his head. As he does so, I notice Curly with a smirk on his face. I smile and thank him softly before he pulls away a few minutes later. Peyton soon walks into the room and stands there quietly, waiting for one of us to speak.

“Wow, you look great, Peyton,” Niall tells my cousin and pulls her in a hug and gives her a peck on the cheek. Her cheeks turn a light shade of red as he pulls away. She mutters a slight ‘thanks’ to him.

“We ready to get goin’?” Liam asks, still beside me, as he looks around at everyone else and then turns to look at me. I nod my head and we all agree.

“Oh, and Liv, this is Perrie, Zayn’s bird,” Liam says, motioning to the very pretty girl beside Zayn. She had bleach blonde hair, a stud in her nose and was clad in a black lace dress, similar to one I have. I smile and mutter a ‘hello’ to her.

“’Ello, love,” she says with a smile as she comes forward and embraces me in a hug. Man, these British people sure like to hug. I kindly return the gesture and pull away a few seconds later.

“What we waitin’ for? I’m ready to get goin’, mates!” Niall calls out and crosses his arms over his chest and gestures toward the door in a quick manner. i roll my eyes as we continue to stand there. I was slowly becoming antsy and wanted to get this fucking show on the road. After a few minutes, we’re finallyheading out to the car.

Once we make it to the car, we all pile in and buckle up so we could head to wherever we were going. I was in the back next to Liam and Irish. Peyton was sitting next to Harry and Perrie was in the front passenger seat beside Zayn as he drove.

I sit there and laugh at some random shit Irish and Liam were talking about. I join in on their conversation and we begin to laugh about a bunch of random shit that happened a while ago to him, to Irish, at one of their shows or whatever. I am soon a bit caught off guard when I hear Perrie call out my name.

“Yeah?” I question as I turn toward the front where she sat.

“What brings you here to London?” she asks in a different sounding accent than Liam’s.

I begin to think of that for a minute before I respond to her question. “My parents sent me here ‘cause they think I’ve lost control with all my partying and shit,” I reply with a simple shrug of my shoulders and turn my focus back to Liam. “Least I’m enjoyin’ myself, though,” I mutter.

“Would hate if my parents did that to me,” she replies with a smile.

For the next few minutes, she begins to ask me some random questions, to pass the time. She asks me some things about myself like where I was from in the States and what there was to do back home. Living in California, there was a shit ton of things to do but I spent most of my time partying it up and getting drunk along with my friends with any liquor I could get my hands on. It’s what I lived for; that’s what I love to do, and I didn’t care what anyone else thought.

Next thing I know, I realize the car had slowed to a stop and when I looked out the window, that’s when I knew where we were. The lights shined bright under the night sky, streets of London packed with crowds of people outside the club. I felt a smirk make its way to my face as I climb out of the car, after Liam. The seven of us make our way to the front of the club. I am pulled by the wrist toward the entrance of the club by Liam who gave me a small smile.

The rest of them were already way ahead of us. I’m sure Irish was just waiting for us to get inside. After Liam and I walk past the guy letting people in, we head inside. Just as I suspected, he stood by the entrance waiting for us. Music was blaring through the speakers and pounding the floorboards as we entered. I smile a bit before Liam looks at me.

“Come get a drink with me, love?” he asks with a smile.

I nod and give him a small smile in return as he grabs my wrist pulling me toward the bar. I motion for Niall to come with. Once we got inside, the other guys weren’t in sight along with my cousin, Peyton. Zayn was with his girlfriend most likely whom I thought was pretty cool, and I have no idea where Peyton went off to. With Harry, possibly but that was the least important thing on my mind right now.

Once we make it to the bar, we order our drinks, and I take my seat in between Niall and Liam. I order my Long Island Iced Tea like always. I couldn’t help but notice Liam steal a glance at me every so often, a slight tinge of pink to his cheeks before he looked away each time, going back to his conversation with Irish. I soon jump in on their conversation while we wait for them to hurry up with our damn drinks. Are drinks soon arrive and each of us pay.

“Did I tell you, Liv, you look smashing in that,” Liam says and takes a swig of his beer, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Thanks,” I reply with a small smile.

“You look handsome,” I say simply and take another sip of my drink. It slid down my throat and I can’t help but smile as I look at him.

“I think you should be the one to get all the compliments, babe, not me,” he replies and takes a long swig of his drink before setting the glass down on the hard counter-top. I laugh a bit and roll my eyes at his comment. For the next few minutes, we sit and laugh at some people who looked so hung over as we drink. I bet that’s how I looked to most people when I went out, especially with Jessie and we drink the night away.

“C’mon, Livy, let’s go find the other lads, we could take some vodka shots,” Irish speaks up, his eyes big and takes another swig of his beer. I just nod and take another sip of my Long Island Iced Tea. It was close to being finished and I was almost ready for another one.

“After a few more drinks, Irish, still on my first one,” I tell him with a laugh and push his shoulder lightly.

“Deal,” Irish says and takes another drink of his Corona before setting it back on the hard counter-top of the bar. I down the rest of my long island iced tea before holding up a finger to a nearby bartender so I could get a new one. Pretty soon, I have another in front of me, and I’m taking a long drink, the liquid sliding down my throat with ease.

“S-so, earlier, when you guys had to record or w-whatever, I t-thought it was p-pretty cool,” I say my eyes on Liam beside me. His eyes move to mine and I can’t help but look into them, his dark eyes shining in the light from the bar. He had a slight smirk on his face.

“Glad you liked it, babe,” Liam replies with a smile.

The three of us laugh at random shit for the next few minutes and continue to drink before we head over to find the other guys and girls, wherever they were. I was slowly becoming drunk now that I had a few drinks in me, close to four now. My words were slowly becoming slurred as the night went on. After a few more drinks, I’m being drug toward a enclosed section of the club. Liam had a light hold on my wrist and Irish was trailing behind.

We go over to a booth where we find Harry, Peyton beside him. Who knew where Zayn and his girl were? He had a drink in one hand and his other hand resting on her shoulder, and was leaning over, whispering something to her. She soon bursts out laughing and hiccups, covering her mouth with her free hand. Her other hand was occupied with some glass with some liquor; I couldn’t quite point out what. I feel my lips curve up into a smile and let out a laugh.

“O-oh, h-hey, Liv! Thought we lost ya there! Where’d ya go off to with Lee-um?” she asks, hiccupping once and a giggle escaping her lips. She brings the glass up to her lips and takes a drink. I could tell she was drunk and I don’t think we’ve even been here very long, but who’s keeping count? I wasn’t, that’s for sure.

“Was with him and Irish at the bar,” I mumble as I slide into the booth beside Peyton, who was grinning wide, a glass of something strong in her hand. It smelled like Jack. Liam slides in beside me and then Irish.

“Mind if I have some?” I ask as I look at her, a slight smile on my face.

“S-sure, but I w-want the rest, save some for me,” she mutters and hands it to me, running her other hand through her blonde hair that fell a little past her shoulders. I give her a slight nod of my head and take the glass from her. I take a swig and hand the almost empty glass back to her.

“How ‘bout those shots?” Irish requests, looking at me and Liam and then glancing over to Peyton and Harry. We all agree on getting two for each of us. I sit and strike up some conversation with Curly and Peyton for a few, before I look up to see Zayn standing there with Perrie at his side.

“I want some shots!!” Perrie exclaims with a smile on her face as they slide in beside Harry and Peyton.

“I’m down for some,” Zayn says with a bright smile, pecking the beaming blonde beside him on the cheek. I smile a bit; they were actually pretty cute together.

“I’ll go get them!” Irish pipes up, a smile on his face.

Zayn offers to come help him with the glasses and bottle of vodka. It got crazy; things always got bat shit crazy when I drink that stuff and I can’t control my mouth or actions. Irish and Zayn soon go off to get them. To pass the time, I answer random questions from Perrie, about myself. In return, I ask some things about her, too, to be nice.

Zayn and Irish come back a good ten minutes later with shot glasses and the bottle of the good stuff. A smile makes its way across my face when they walk up. Irish pours the strong liquid from the bottle quickly as Zayn set them down on the table. Liam passes one to me and I give him a smile as a ‘thank you’.

“Okay, in… 3…2…” Harry counts down, glass in hand as he looks around at each of us. We all nod, waiting for him to continue. Knowing what was coming next, we all down it without another glance or word. I begin to feel the buzz after I slam it down on the table and take it down in one gulp.

After downing a few more, I look over at Liam. He was smiling back at me, eyes dilated from the alcohol. “Liv, dance w-with m-me?” he questions, reaching out to grab my hand. I look at him for a minute and slowly nod before I catch myself.


Here's the next chapter!!! :D
Sorry for leaving you hanging... it will continue in the next chapter, promise. ;)

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The update was wonderful!!! Can't wait for the next one

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