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500 Days of Payne

skype calls & a night out on the town

The guys had just finished up recording about ten minutes ago. We were all standing out here in the crappy weather deciding on what to do now. Right now, all I wanted was to go back to sleep. I was fucking tired and all I wanted was to curl up and fall asleep. I didn’t give a shit where but I’d find a way somehow.

“Liv, you up to go out again tonight, we could go ‘round ten or somethin’?” Niall asks with a smile on his face as he looks over at me.

I look up and smile, immediately nodding in response. Of course I’d love to go!my mind speaks for me before I can open my mouth. There hasn’t been a single moment when I’ve ever turned it down. Wait, I take that back, maybe one time. I was sixteen, I think, or I could’ve been seventeen by then, I can’t even remember.

“Hell yeah I’m up for it, Irish!” I exclaim and smile at him.

“Any other takers?!” Niall questions the group.

“I’m in!” Liam and Harry reply together in unison and high five each other.

“You in Zayn? Louie, El?” Irish asks and looks at the three of them.

“Count me in!” Zayn says with a smile. “I’ll check ‘n see if Perrie wants to come along too,” he finishes with a smile and pulls out his phone. I’m guessing she had to be his girlfriend, because he couldn’t stop smiling as he continued to stare at his phone.

“Love to but El and I are goin’ to dinner with her family tonight, can we take a rain check?” Louis asks looking over at Niall before glancing at the rest of us. Niall lets out a huff and looks at the brown haired boy next to the gorgeous girl.

“Fine, was hoping we could all go out, all of us haven’t been out together in a long time,” Irish lets out a groan and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Sorry mate, how ‘bout on Friday?” he asks the blonde boy and pulls his girlfriend close to him.

“Friday I guess but I’m glad I’ll be with Liv and the other lads tonight, you’ll be missin’ out!” he replies as I feel an arm wrap around my back to rest on my shoulder. As I look over, I notice Liam looking over at me with a small smile on his face.

The next few minutes go by slowly and we talk about tonight. Liam offers to take me back to Aunt Meredith’s so I could freshen up a bit and relax a bit. I wanted to get another nap in before tonight. I stare out the window as Liam drives. Every so often, I could find my eyes traveling to his buff arms and would shift my gaze out the window to keep myself from staring. He was good looking, I had to admit that. We talk a bit as he drives me back to my Aunt Meredith’s house. He jokes about a few things and I laugh at them even though they weren’t that good of jokes. Tonight was going to be great; I was going out with them and we were going to have a good time. First off, I wanted a nap because I was still tired and wanted to rest before then. A good five more minutes go by and we soon pull up to my aunt’s place where I was staying.

“I’ll uh, I’ll walk you up, love,” Liam says and turns off the car as he parks in front of the house.

He climbs out of the car, keys in hand, and comes to my side to help me out. I nod my head slowly and decide to wait. A few minutes go by and I beat him to it and open the door before I step out and slam it shut my belongings in hand. Once we make it up to the door, I turn to face him, a small hint of a smile on my face.

“So, Niall, Haz, Zayn and I will come get you at 9:45? See ya tonight, beautiful,” he says and leans forward, kissing my cheek softly.

As I felt his soft lips on my skin, I couldn’t help but blush a bit and nod my head slowly in reply. What the fuck was he doing to me? I’ve only barely known the guy for a whole two days and I was blushing because he kissed my cheek?! When it comes to me dating, that’s where it gets complicated and shitty. I always fall hard for the guy and then he always screws me over in the end. Well, that’s how it’s always turned out for me. I wasn’t falling for him already, for Liam, was I?

“Y-yeah, I’ll see you tonight,” I mutter with a small smile as I reach for the door handle. He stands there with me for a few minutes. I knock on the door a few times until it opens up. My Aunt Meredith stood there, a smile on her face.

“Hi there love. You lot have a good time at the studio? Peyton told me after you left. How’s recording the new album going, Liam?” Meredith asks staring at him, a smile on her face as she looks at him.

“Good good, it’s goin’ real smoothly, Mrs. Johnson,” he tells her with a smile. I continue to look from him back to my Aunt Meredith as they talked a few minutes. A few minutes go by and I excuse myself to go up to my room.

“See you tonight, Liv,” he tells me once more with a smile and pulls me into a hug and kisses my cheek again.

“You too,” I mutter to myself as I get to the stairs and begin to go up them.

I couldn’t help but smile a bit to myself as I went up the stairs. Seriously, what the hell was he doing to me? I slowly continue my way up the stairs as I listen to my aunt and Liam talking. She was asking him something about where we were heading tonight. I make it up to the top of the stairs when he answers her but I could barely hear his reply.

I roll my eyes and continue on down the hall to where I was staying. I push the door open and step inside, shutting it once I walked in. I go over to my backpack and pull out my MacBook Pro. Right now, I wanted to call Jessie because it’s been a few days since we last talked plus I missed her. I open my computer and press the power button as I set it down on the bed while I wait for it to boot up.

I sit crisscross apple sauce on the bed as I wait for my computer to turn on. The login screen soon comes up so I could unlock my computer. After I type in my password, I wait for it to load. I go to the network connections so I could connect to their wireless internet if they had it. If they don’t guess I’ll have to resort to calling her on the phone long distance.

I clicked on the first one I saw and it wouldn’t connect. For the next few minutes, I come up with random passwords to try and get on but it doesn't work. After a few more tries, I finally get onto it. Once I was connected, I go to Skype and log into my account. It was a little after two o’clock. A smile comes across my face when I notice Jessie was online. It’s been a few days since we talked and I saw her. I really missed talking to her and going out.

I press the video call button after I clicked on her name in my contact list. It rings for a minute or two before she answers and appears on the screen.

“Holy shit! Olivia! Oh my god I miss you so much! How are you?!” she exclaims loudly.

I smile widely as I see her on my computer screen, and tell her I miss her too. Since I’ve been here, it hasn’t been the same since she’s not here with me. At least I’m becoming close with Irish, Liam and the other guys, Curly even. Things would be even better if she was here, because I’d have my best friend along with my new drinking buddies, Liam and Irish.

For the next few minutes, we catch up from the past few days since I left. I tell her how I met Liam and how I met Harry first, obviously, when I had to sit beside the asshole for the entire flight to London. It was an interesting flight that’s for sure. I even told her how I first met Liam, which wasn’t too long after I got here, to London.

“Wait, you’re kidding me, Liv! You mean to tell me you’ve been hanging out with One Direction the past few days?! I’m so fucking jealous! I miss you, and I miss going out and partying it up with you. It’s not the same without you, I’ve been going out with Shannon instead but she’s a bitch and not as fun as you,” she groans. I can’t help but laugh at her remark.

“Aww, Jess, she’s not too bad. She’s a bitch at times but not as bitchy as you,” I retort back sarcastically and laugh a bit.

“You’re way bitchier than me, I’m not as bad as you, you’re way worse when you’re drunk but I still love you,” she replies and blows a kiss toward the camera.

“Love you too, Jess. God, would be way better if you were here with me and we could go clubbing and get crazy like we do back home,” I tell her and roll my eyes. I really hated how she was so far away and I was here on the other side of the country. At least, I was becoming closer and have a pretty good time with Irish. He can sure drink so that’s fine with me.

“Well then I may just have to fly out there myself to see you and we can go crazy. Lucky bitch, while you’re there, you’re legal and you don’t have to get carded like me for the next few months until my birthday,” she exclaims and lets out a sigh.

“True, true. Oh my god, you totally should, I need my girl here with me, I mean I have my cousin but she’s sixteen which sucks. When I’m with the guys it’s great cause we get right in and shit,” I tell her.

We talk a few more minutes about everything before there’s a knock on the door. I tell whoever it was to come on in because it was unlocked. The door soon opens and Peyton steps in the room. There was a small hint of a smile on her face.

“Hey, Olivia!” she exclaims with a smile. “What’cha up to?” she asks and sits beside me on the bed.

“Talkin’ on Skype with the best friend back home,” I tell her and motion to the screen.

“So you’re the infamous cousin I keep hearing about! I’m Jessie,” she calls out to the girl beside me a bit louder than intended to. I smile a bit. They exchange ‘hello’s’ and talk for a few minutes. Jessie says that she’s going out later with a few of our friends we go out with all the time, when I was still there.

A bunch of us would always go to house parties some of their friends were hosting at the time. It was so fun and we drank until six in the morning practically at one we went to a while back. It was madness and I ended up with a hangover that was so bad, I stayed in bed for practically an entire fucking week. I soon tell her that I was going out with Liam and the other guys for a few drinks and then some.

We talk for the next few minutes before I tell her I was going to start looking for something to wear for tonight. After we end the call, I shut my laptop and get up off my lazy ass so I could start looking for something to wear.

“What are you thinking about wearing, Liv?” Peyton asks as she looks over at me. She still sat in her same spot on the bed, a small smile on her lips.

“Maybe another dress I brought with me, this blue one,” I say as I go over and begin to look for it.

I soon find it and pull it from the closet where I hung most of my things that needed to be hung up in the closet. I hold it up for to see and she holds up one of her thumbs in approval. It is a navy blue mini dress that stopped above my knee.

“I really like it, Olivia, bet it looks great on you,” she tells me with a smile.

“You up for comin’ with us? Got a fake ID? Might as well get some cousin time in since we haven’t spent that much time together since I got here,” I tell her and muster up a smile.

“Y-yeah, I have one,” she replies softly. “Mum would have my arse if she knew I had one, though,” she laughs a bit nervously. I smile and laugh a bit at her remark. “I…sure, guess so, don’t want to ruin your night with Liam,” she says with a small smile and nods her head.

I soon stop what I was doing and stare at her, a confused look on my face. “My night with Liam? You’re kidding me, right?! Nothing’s going on between us…” I trail off, and can’t help but smile a bit as I think of how I’ll see him again tonight. Nothing was going on between us, I mean, we’re just friends and I was still getting to know him. That's all that was going on, wasn't it?

“C’mon, you can borrow somethin’ of mine, I brought plenty of other outfits with me,” I tell her and shake the thoughts from my mind as I wave her over to where I stood near the closet, my dress in hand. She gets up quickly and walks over to where I was. I motion to her where I had most of them hung up in the closet.

I take my dress and set it down on the bed and plop down beside it. After she goes through my selection a few times, she finally pulls out a pretty purple two tone dress. I couldn’t wait for tonight, it was definitely going to be one hell of a night and I was more than ready. I pull out my phone so I could text Liam and let him know about tonight.


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