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500 Days of Payne

stupid articles & late night drinks

I was relaxing in the room I was occupying while I was here when I hear my phone begin to go off. My eyebrows furrow together in confusion as I reach over to grab my phone. Who could be texting me right now? I think to myself. It was late and all I wanted was to relax and do my own thing and not be interrupted by some annoying asshole that won’t leave me alone.

I sit up and reach over toward the table where my phone was lying. The screen was lit up and I probably had a message or some shit from someone. I grab the device from the table and press the home button on my iPhone to see what it was. I was a bit surprised yet slightly creeped out when I noticed a text from an unknown number.Who texted me and who the hell got my number? I unlock my phone and go to my messages to see who it was from and what it said.

I open my messages and go to the recent one I got, the one from the unknown number. My eyebrows crease together as I begin to read it. Hey! I found something I need to inform you about, sorry it’s kinda late. Mind coming over for a bit? Let me know babe. Oh and this is Liam x

I stare at the screen for a few minutes as I begin to think of the possible things he wanted to tell me about. What does he need to tell me and why was it so important? I was curious now and wanted to know what the hell he had to tell me. Why can’t he just tell me over a text?

I let out a sigh from my lips as my fingers begin to fly across the keyboard on my iPhone. It read: Sure, guess so. I’ll have to ask Aunt Mere if I can maybe borrow her car and I’ll be over in a bit. See you then, Liam – Liv :)

I set my phone in my lap for a few minutes and begin to scroll through my newsfeed on Facebook, on my laptop, to see what everyone was up to. I come across a few of my friends, Harley and Connor, two guys Jessie and I always chill with at parties. It’s always fun with those guys. There were a few pictures from a few days ago of some big party. They were in a picture with Jessie, drinks in their hands. I smile sadly; I missed her so fucking much. I hated how I was so far from home. Hopefully she’ll try and fly out here soon because I really want to see her. It would be a hell lot of fun with her here.

Before I know it, my phone is going off again. I pick it up from my lap and glance down at the screen to see a new text from Liam, which read: I can come get you, don’t worry ‘bout it, babe. I don’t mind. Be there in a bit, be ready – Li x

A sigh escapes my lips as I read his message. Fine, guess I’ll get up and find something decent to wear. I’ve been in my pajamas mostly all day, because I just wanted to relax and stuff. I get up and make my way over to the closet. What should I wear? I think to myself as I begin to rummage through to find something to wear.

I decide on a crop top and some high-waisted denim shorts. From taking a shower earlier, my legs were freshly shaven, which is a great feeling, along with my underarms. Plus, I smelled pretty good too, thanks to that nice smelling stuff Peyton has in her bathroom. After I pick the outfit, I change into it and walk back in the room so I can grab my shoes. Just as I slip on my vans, the doorbell sounds off through the house. Damn was that loud.

There is soon a knock on the door of the room I was staying in. “Yeah?” I call out.

“Liam’s here for you!” I hear Peyton on the other side of the door.

“Alright, coming,” I mumble as I stand up and grab my phone along with my purse before I go over to the door. I pull the door open to see Peyton standing there, a look of confusion in her eyes.

“What’s that look for?” I question.

“Curious as to why Liam is here so late is all, and why,” she says in a normal tone and shrugs her shoulders.

“Oh,” I mutter as I put my bag on my shoulder and set off for the stairs. I begin to wonder what exactly he has to tell me. Soon, I am at the bottom of the stairs and I see Liam standing there.

“Ready to go?” he questions as he stands there, keys in hand.


Liam tells Peyton to have a good night before we are on our way outside. He reaches for the handle and opens the door. I decide to be nice and thank him. He gives me a smile in return and I follow him to the car. I was so fucking jealous of his car, the black corvette that blended in with the night; it was a really nice car, one I could never afford.

I soon hear the faint sound of a beep, which was the car unlocking, so I reach for the handle so I can open the door and get in. after I take a seat, he takes his spot on the driver’s side, and we are on our way to his apartment or whatever they called it here, flat, I think. Stupid name, who the hell even came up with that?

It takes us a good ten minutes or so before I notice we were in front of his apartment. He puts the car in park and shuts off the engine before removing the keys. After turning the car off, he gets out and comes over to my side and opens the door for me so I can get out. I give him a slight smile in return before I follow behind him toward the front door.

My mind was going so fast in my mind, and all I want to know is why I was here, and what he needed to tell me or whatever. I hated waiting, always have and I’m pretty sure I always will, no matter what. He unlocks the door and we walk inside.

“Would you like somethin’ to drink, Liv?” Liam asks as we walk inside his apartment. He looks at me as he begins to head to where the kitchen was but turns to look at me. I give him a nod and tell him “sure”. A drink for me is perfect anytime, no matter what time of day. He gives me a nod before he goes toward the kitchen to get the drinks.

“Make yourself at home, love,” he calls from the kitchen as I stand in the doorway.

I don’t say anything; I just mumble something under my breath and slowly make my way to the living room. As I go over to the living room, where I woke up a few days ago, with a hangover, from going out with him and the guys the night before last. I take a seat on the couch while I wait. A few minutes later, I look up to see Liam walking in the room, beers in each hand.

“One for you, love,” he smiles and hands the bottle over to me. I smile a bit and take it from his grip. “Thanks,” I tell him as my hand tightens around the glass bottle and I bring it up to my lips. After I take a sip, that’s when I open my mouth.

“So, what’s so important you needed to tell me?” I ask as I set my beer on a coaster on the table that sat in front of where we sat.

“Well,” he takes a sip before setting the beer down on the coaster before I notice him grab a laptop that was sitting there on the coffee table. “I found this,” he says as he types something in before turning the screen around to show me. On the screen was a picture of me with Liam from when I went out with them the night after I got here. It was some article thing. The headline read: Who’s Liam’s Mystery Girl?

My eyes begin to scan across the text on the screen as I begin to read this article thing. It read: Who’s Liam’s new mystery girl?

A few nights ago, Liam Payne, famous boy band member of One Direction, walked the deserted London streets at somewhere between 1 or 1:30 in the morning, an unknown blonde girl on his arm. Onlookers noticed by his actions, it looked like the two were either drunk or un-phased by the overbearing flashing lights from every which way. Sources say the two were spotted leaving local hot spot, The Green Man Pub around 1:45 in the morning last Saturday and seemed very close-knit toward each other.

Other suspicions aside, who is this girl? Looks like Liam has moved on from previous breakup with former girlfriend, Sophia Smith, and has taken an interest in this girl, whoever she may be. There has been no word on who she is let alone her name. Who could this bird be? She’s quite the looker, in the short attire she was in, hair a bit of a mess.

Give us your thoughts, Directioners – do you think our Liam’s made the right choice? Drop your comments below and stay tuned for more gossip!

My eyebrows come together in slight confusion as I finish reading it. Wow. I think to myself. Just wow. How much time do these damn people have with their lives to write shit like this? Sure like a hell lot of it if they can come up with shit like this to post online every day. They don’t even know me, not one bit. I’ve never really paid much attention to stuff like this and never let it get to me, really. Yeah, I really don’t give a shit about most things but this was different, something new I’ve never experienced before and I somewhat cared.

“I hate articles and shit like this,” I mumble as I stare at the screen before my eyes.

Liam and I are soon lost in conversation about god knows what, laughing as we continue to drink and go on about random stuff. Before too long, I glance up to see it was a little after midnight. I was becoming tired, yawning ever so frequently.

“I-it’s late, t-think I better get going b-back to my aunt’s place,” I mutter as I take another sip of my drink. “T-tired as h-hell,” I mumble and look over at him, a yawn escaping my mouth.

“You’re free to s-stay the n-night if you don’t mind, Liv,” he smiles. I don’t respond right away as I begin to think if I should stay or not. The next few minutes go by as I begin to think of what to reply. Should I stay? I might because I could pass out any minute, being how tired I am. The two of us talk a bit more and laugh about things. A little while longer, I am soon out to the world and I hardly even remember falling asleep, here, on Liam’s couch yet again.


Holy shit. So here's the next chapter! I'm so sorry it took me soo long to update!! I will try to update quicker next time, writer's block really sucks! :/ this was a pretty crappy chapter since I haven't updated in so long. Hopefully, Liam and Liv will get together soon!

I hope everyone likes it, please let me know what you think.. comment, vote, subscribe? ♥
thanks for reading <3



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