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Just lying there was enough for Isla to cry into a deep sleep but most of all she wondered where Louis was, Liam held her close to him and whispered things that would make it better but it wouldnt work this time. Isla was falling apart. Then out of know where Isla heard Louis' voice.

"No! Dont do this"

His thoughts came pouring through to her and she couldnt stop them but to hear Louis think about her, preying for help was the only he could think of. Isla and help. She looked up at Liam and he looked down at her with a confused expression on his face, Isla shook her head and then Liam knew.

She was going cold, her hair had darken and her face became pale. Liam took another look at her and then began to crawl back, she was going to blow. The lords just watched this happening as Liam did, but how come it only works now? This is why Louis bitten her in time she will change but only when Louis wanted her too.

Isla became angry and saw what was happening in Louis' eyes, there was a women on top of him and Louis trying to push her off. Liam stared at Isla, he heard the rope behind her back break with little force, standing up without fear. Just when you wanted it to happen her darling blue eyes turned red with angry and love, she was going to kill that woman.

Then she looked at Liam and smiled, her white fangs glisened and Liam nodded. Off she went to help her love, the guards followed after her but she was too fast. Pushing into Louis' locked bedroom she saw what pained her thoughts was Louis being scared, Eleanor turned around to just have her brown hair grabbed by Isla's strong hands.

Louis sat up and looked to see she had change, she was one of him now, never to change back to what she was. Isla smiled and dragged Eleanor by her hair to the hall where her father was, she pushed open the door pulling Eleanor behind her.

Henri watched trying not to get involed because it wasnt his war, it was between Isla and Eleanor. Isla slung her on the floor and stood over her, looking down at the slut.

"You bitch! Your not even suppose to be together until you are married!"

Isla's eyes grew even more angry and behind her was 2 guards coming into kill her, but Louis was hiding to help Isla if needed. Once the first guard came to hit her Louis ran in and pushed him up the wall, he went flying and clashed. Louis ran over to Liam and undone the rope behind his back, helping him to his feet.

Eleanor ran to her father with bruise marks on her neck and wrists. Isla walked over to Louis and gave him a hug, Liam joined in and Louis looked at Liam over her shoulder, smiling at him and infront of everyone Liam kissed Louis. He kissed him. Louis looked down and back up smiling even deep, Isla looked at the both of them and shook her head, chuckling a little before kissing each one.

Eleanor just stood and watched with fear, Felis was going to do something but Louisa stopped him; looking at Louis.

"This is what you want Louis?"

Isla looked at him as he looked at Louisa, Liam looked at her as well. Louis nodded at his mother and looked at Isla, she went onto her toes and leaned up towards his lips kissing him, Louisa looked back at Felis.

"We cant do nothing about this Felis, we cant break them up. Its got to far now, it would be cruel too."

And Felis agreed for a change, looking how Louis treated Isla and Liam was nothing he would of done with Eleanor. Louis looked at his father and waited for a sign that he was with him all the way, Felis looked at him and a smile crawled to his face. Only small but easy to see. Louisa stood back with Felis and kissed him on the cheek, he looked down at her confused.

"What was that for?". Rubbing his cheek, Louisa smiled. "For being a caring father of your sons choices".

He smiled at her holding her close, he soon relised that this was going to be forever and they are going to be around forever to watch there sons life expand with his lovers Isla and Liam. Even though Louis' grandfather wouldnt to proven it Felis was different and decided on his sons choices and what he wanted to be.

Instead of becoming a King he became a knight, having sunday off to be with his loved ones. Isla was the one for them. Now that she is a dracula like Louis her name was changed completely, telling her family want happened but they all think she was crazy and never believed her.

But once Isla was 18 she moved out and got a place of her own with Liam and Louis, there little home. It was a dream come true, Liam getting a human job and working so did Louis.

It just worked out smoothly, still in contact with Louis' family and Liam's friends.

All from the dream of having a Dollhouse.


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This is coming to an end now and i only have one chapter left to finish of this book, yes i said book.

I know you guys are roaring fans of this so i thought of doing another book to this.

I need a title for the next sequal, based off Isla, Liam and Louis' life in the future. Tthank you guys so much :)


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
Hello!!! If you guys don't know yet the new series of the Dollhouse saga "Forever always, for eternity" is finishing soon. If you want to stay with the series of Dollhouse saga subscribe to the 2nd part before it finishes !!! =-O ♥♥

@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC