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Come to me

As they walked through the castle, Louis was taken to his bedroom to be locked up until his father wanted to see him. When the guards open the door for him, he walked in and looked behind him noticing that they locked it on him. Louis signed and put his head in his hands, thinking about Isla.

He one true love and thoughts, he disappointed her and Liam. Believing that his father would never find out about them and what they was doing, thinking that he could of had a normal life with her and Liam, get married of there own accord because they loved each other, have children and a family life.

But that was all to much to ask of but he couldnt change that even if he wanted to because he was the rightful heir to the throne, his sisters cant take after him as long as he is alive and still here.

Louis turned around and looked on the bed, seeing a woman wearing a red silk dress, proping her head on her hand looking at him passionatly. Louis looked deeply at her and then notice that this was Eleanor Calder, the woman he was to marry in 2 weeks.

He couldnt deny it she was beautiful but not like how his Isla was, least Isla had bigger boobs and a way to seduce him by not attempting it, Eleanor looked at him with her golden eyes.

"Come to me"

Louis stared at her not moving and then the only thing he could think of was to bang his door, Felis knew Eleanor was in his bedroom and this was his punishment for doing what he did. As he banged on the door to get him out Eleanor sat up and walked over to him, Louis walked back to the wall still watching her.

She was scaring him, he didnt like this and preyed for Isla to help him but Isla was downstairs with Liam getting the shit shouted at them. Louis' heart started to race and scream for help, his breath quicked and just then Eleanor put her finger on his lips.

"Shhhh sweetheart, i know you have been a very bad boy and bad boys must be punished right?"

Louis stared at her, he was gonna get it off her.

"I know its a bit early for us to be together but when i heard that you were so egar to fuck me you practised on a human to test your skills and i hope now you are an expert"

She stepped back holding Louis' shirt pulling him towards the bed, he didnt want to do this not to hurt his Isla.

He couldnt hurt his Isla like this.

He was going to get raped.


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Oh OHH! Louis is in trouble.. :O


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC