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Bad news pt2

Isla POV

Who was she? And what the hell was she on about? 'Grave danger', i really felt on saying 'Yes! I shagged to dead people last night'. But i had to shut up and dont give away there identity. Dr Hart looked like that girl of Judge Judy who protested everything and she really wanted to know what was going on with me.

She walked herself into my house, i looked around to find that Liam must of moved because his mug was gone, Dr Hart walked to the kitchen. I shut the door and felt Louis' hands grip my waist, he was protecting me in some way like balancing the pressure of how i was feeling at the moment.

I mean who wouldnt feel shit scared if a random person came up to your door and said there were to tell you that your in danger? That was fucking terrifrying and Louis helpped that pressure. She sat in the same seat that Liam was just in and looked around the whole kitchen, then came out of her bag a clipboard and recorder.

She clicked her pen and began scribbing away on this paper, i couldnt tell what it said cause i didnt have my glasses but one word that i made out was 'EXAM GHOST ACTIVE'. How did she knew i had ghosts? They have only been here a night and now someone knows about them being here, what is this world coming to?.

Then she asked me questions like yes or no, but the other question was more like 'How old are you' and 'Do you live alone'. The one question which struck me was this one.

"Do you feel like theres somebody else here, apart from yourself when you are alone?"

I looked at her and in my head it was going like that monkey was the tamberins, i was trying to come up with a lie. But of course, me being a good girl i wasnt so good with telling lies but then Louis was saying what to say down my ear.

Only i could hear him because he let me.

"Tell her you havent heard of such stuped things like that"

I repeated what he said to me but changed it so it didnt sound old fashioned.

"No, i feel at home when im alone. Its peaceful without my sister or parents and i dont feel like there is anyone else here"

She wrote what i said down on that paper, then she put it back into her little shachel. She got up smoothing down her blazer, i walked her to the door and when she was out i shuted the door. But then she blocked it from shutting and looked at me.

"I mean it Isla, if theres something you ent telling me i will find out one day and you are going to suffer the most because you are the one causing this to happen. Not anyone else or your sister, Yourself and there will become a time when you will be in 'grave danger'. Call this number if you need to tell me anything else"

She handed me a peice of paper with a number on it and walked down the steps, clicking the button for her bubble blue car to open. I shut the door and slid down the back of it, what the fuck was i going to do? She could tell i was lying and now somethings going to happen to me.

I need to know who these boys are...


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Sorry its been so long, ive been doing coursework and revising for my English lit exam which is this friday. So sorry babes.

Also i need ideas of what is going to happen to this Dr Hart and what is Isla going to do about finding out about Louis and Liam?



Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC