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Bad news

Isla POV

They were so cute and i know i couldnt see them but there was a moment just then when i imagined who there were, what they look like, where they came from. I wanted to know all this but i guess its not the right time yet and of course my parents will be back soon and hopefully my sister gets home before them cause i know what shes like, always blaming it on me. Hello! Your the one who went off to that gimpy boyfriend of yours, not me.

I went down the stairs and into the kitchen, i was so thirsty and tired, so glad it is a saturday. All the sudden as the kettle was bolied streamy hot i heard a voice.

"Do you have Yorkshire tea?"

I turned around and then i saw one of them, i saw him, i saw Louis. It was hard to keep a straight face i mean look how hot he is and sexy and oh god that body, i fucked that body. He looked at me werid and then looked at himself.

"Anything wrong Isla?"

Fuck yes! Your bloody fit and i didnt know how fit you was.

"No! Nothings wrong, i do have Yorkshire dinner-Tea! I mean tea!"

So shit he is gonna notice, then i felt a cold rush pass down my spine, Louis was looking were Liam was but i couldnt see him only Louis. Liam must of said something to Louis cause he laughed, it was a three way thing cause i couldnt hear Liam so Louis had to tell me.

"He said you have starey eyes"

I looked down and tryed to put on a serouis face.

"What are you on about?"

I turned around and breahted out, fuck he was hot, they was both hot. I pored the tea and they sat at the table, i place the two mugs on the table saw the other one being lefted and it was Liam. Louis loves Yorkshire tea better then my dad, he could drink it all day.

"So how come i can --"

BANG! BANG! It was the door and i looked at Louis, Shit if thats my sister and she sees Louis oh crap im in trouble. I walked up to the door and turned around to face Louis, he was ready to disappear if it was her.

I unlocked the bolts and turned the handly, the standing infront of me was a tall blonde hair women with a smart suit and glasses, she had a clipbroad in her small hands, her nails painted blood red.

"Hello there"

Her voice was so posh it was worst then my moms.

"Im Dr Hart, are you Isla James?"

I nodded and quickly glared around to see were Louis was, he was gone and then i felt a hand press against my back. It was him.

"Isla, i have come to tell you that your in grave danger"

My eyes wided.


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Shit! What is wrong with Isla? Why did Louis show himself?



Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC