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His Fantasy

Chapter 3

4am – Liam’s flat

“Are you ready for a third round?” asked Liam grazing Leona’s skin that was barely cover by the black sheet.

Leona who had many men in her bed had never stayed long enough for a second round so a third seems completely unusual for her. She didn’t have to think about it twice for the main reason that Liam was amazing in bed. He had managed to find her sweet spots making her moan more than once and showing her a great time.

The way he was touching her, his hands running on her thin body, his lips discovering her neck, her breasts, her stomach, her inner thighs, her folds had her in bits. She came more time than she can remember but she didn’t regret it one second. There was so much passion between them, it was nearly violent when they were having sex, almost as if they were scared they would never be able to touch each other ever again. Somehow it would be the case when Leo would step out of this flat but at the moment she didn’t want to think about it. She was more preoccupied by this third round.

Slowly turning Leona faced Liam who was completely naked offering a gorgeous view on his sumptuous body. She smiled knowingly and leaned to kiss him with eagerness. Her hands found their way in his hair and quickly her body came closer to his.

“What are you doing to me?” she whispered against his lips, letting her thoughts come through her lips. She never lets men dictate her thoughts, her desire or actions but Liam had her wrapped around his finger in less than 5 hours, most of them being under the cover. She knew that he was also mesmerised by her because he was more than keen to have this moment continue.

“Exactly what you do to me” responded Liam throwing the sheet away from Leo’s naked body and launch himself at her. Leona could feel his hard member against her thigh and she smiled thinking about what was coming, she had experienced it twice already and she knew it would somehow be painful in the morning; he was pretty big after all. Wrapping her legs around Liam’s hips Leona bucked her core towards his cock making him moan slightly. She took that opportunity to change the situation and be on top. She likes a man under her, that’s her controlling side coming up in bed and usually men love it.

“Oh no no Roxy. You won’t be on top this time. I like my women docile and under me too” said Liam reversing the position placing him on top once more. She was about to reply something but he kissed her with passion letting his hands find the curves of her body. In less time than she could say her name he put a condom on and slid in her making her moan loud. How come she still wasn’t used to how big he was but soon that thought was washed away when he leaned down to kiss her. Lifting her legs to wrap them around him she could feel his cock going deeper in her.

“Liam… Move…” she begged after a couple of minutes of making out. Her core was tingling and she couldn’t wait anymore for him to move his big penis in her tight vagina. He accepted her request instantly pinning her hands above her head and moving his hips making his shaft spread her even more.

“Oh Roxy… Fuck I won’t last long if you keep contracting like that. Let go baby” he whispered in her ear now slamming himself in her. He could feel the usual burning in his stomach showing him the arrival of his orgasm but purposefully ignored it to focus on Leona who was moaning and offered to him. “Come baby… Let it go” he added kissing her neck moving with more intensity and speed. “Come for me”.

“Liam… Oh Liam… Oh fuck…” shout Leona exploding with strength blocking Liam’s cock in her by the contraction of her vagina. Bucking her hips she kept contracting around him and soon she felt him tense on top of her and he loaded his cum in the condom moaning the name she had given to him. Clearly not fazed by that she slipped away from him letting him getting rid of the condom when she wrapped her body in the black sheets.

“Fantastic… However I will need more energy for a round four. Come here baby” said Liam spooning the brunette wrapping his strong arm around her flat stomach. The young woman let him closing her eyes peacefully. Soon Liam’s breath was calm and regular, indicating Leona he was asleep. Opening her eyes she got out of his firm grip and in less than 2 minutes she had both her sexy underwear and dress on. She carried her shoes in one hand and her clutch in the other and left the flat without a second look.

The Leona we knew, emotionless, cold and manipulative was back. She managed to get a taxi and drove home thinking about nothing in particular.

She would never see Liam again and she would be able to continue with her “perfect” life.


I hope you enjoy this chapter.

What do you think is going to happen?

Will Liam and Leona (Roxanna) will meet again?

Would you like me to focus on the other people too?

Please let me know in the comments.
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