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His Fantasy

Chapter 4

Ten days later

“How are you feeling?” asked Marla as she came back in the lounge area with a bottle of wine and 3 glasses.

“I am alright. Why do you keep asking me how I am feeling?” replied Leona slightly annoyed. Her friends have been bragging her for the past week asking her many times how she was feeling, if she was alright, if she wanted to hang out more than usual and we was starting to be really irritated. She didn’t know where it was coming from and wished that both Marla and Vivianna would stop. She doesn’t even know where this is coming from so it was even more confused about the reason why the girls would be very concerned about her welfare, not that they never are.

“We are just wondering how you feel, that’s it” added Vivianna pouring wine in the three glasses. She loved Leona with all her heart and cared a lot about her, she didn’t want to see her hurt but her habits to sleep with different men every night was starting to scare her. Her past was preventing her from settling down and even after meeting amazing guys she still couldn’t see them a second time. Leona had become a wild seductive young woman and men are just a game for her. She just wants to seduce, to have sex, to catch men in her sexy net but to never see them twice, to sleep twice with them and she doesn’t even want to think about falling in love with one of them.

“Please stop asking me how I am. I am fine. I don’t even see why I would feel bad” said Leona grabbing the glass of wine Vivianna was now giving to her.

The three friends had ordered some sushis and were currently enjoying their meal with a gorgeous dry white wine before they would head out to the night club for their usual night out. Leona would hide herself in her office for an hour then would come back down, have a couple of drinks with her best friends, would then spot a hot boy and would ditch them for the night. It had become a routine and for once the girls wanted to change that for once. They wanted to spend the night dancing with Leo and didn’t want her to go to some random bloke’s place and mess with their brains.

“Leo… We were hoping we could have a girls’ night out tonight” risked Marla after taking a sip of her wine. She needed some liquid courage, Leona was well known for her anger moments and she didn’t want to upset her in any way.

“We always have girls’ night, tonight will be no difference” replied Leona with a smile.

“No we don’t. Yes we do get ready together, but once in the club you bury yourself in work, you come and have a drink with us and then ditch us for some hot guy you see” added Vivianna who didn’t fear Leona’s rage.

“That’s not true. I never ditch you! You are always alright with this! Plus don’t complain because last time when I come back you were having a pretty good time with these two lads, Louis and Harry isn’t it?” Leona was upset her friends thought she was using them but did an extremely good job at hiding it with sarcasm and a hint of anger.

“And you think we enjoy this? We love you to bits Leo but you are never staying with us. We just want to enjoy you and you prefer to finish in some boy’s bed rather than at home with your best friends. Maybe you could try to go on a date with that guy you met last time?” dared Vivianna but she might have crossed the line when she saw Leona standing up and going to her bedroom without a word.

“Why does she close herself every single time we mention a date, a boy or simply love?” asked Vivianna worried about her best friend.

“We both know why but I’m just worried that if she continues she will end up making a mistake and suffer a lot more than she already does” replied Marla looking sadly in the direction of Leona’s bedroom.

“She’s already suffering. I just want her to understand that men are not going to destroy her. Let’s go and see her” said Vivianna taking both her glass of wine and Leona’s before standing up and directing herself to her bedroom. “You’re coming with me chuck?” she asked Marla who quickly grabbed her glass and joined her.

“Leo babe. We are sorry. We crossed the line. We love you and don’t want to upset you” said Marla as they entered her bedroom where they found their friend applying some mascara, soft music playing in the background.

“It’s fine” mumbled Leona putting her mascara down before being tackled by her two best friends in a giant bear hug. She hugged the girls not letting her emotions get the best of her.

“Let’s get ready and tonight it’s hoes over bros. I promise” she added freeing herself from the girls. She stood up and went to get some clothes in her dressing. She chose a high low black dress and red heels. She also grabbed two other dresses and threw them at the girls as she came back.

“You better be sexier than me otherwise we are going to have a problem” joked the brunette looking at her two best friends.

Later that night

“Welcome back ladies” said Sam the bouncer as he kissed Leona on the cheek grabbing her ass at the same time. She just smiled with her usual sexy smile and walked begin her best friends who were respectively wearing a tight brown dress with cut-outs for Vivianna and a purple dress hugging her curves for Marla. They were turning heads as they were walking in the clubs. These girls were pretty well known in that place and men knew that they were the ones choosing the boys they wanted.

“I’ll be back in 30 minutes maximum. I just need to run through the short list of bartenders before the interview tomorrow” shouted Leo over the music waving at her friends.

Less than 30 minutes later she was back. She went to the bar, ordered shots for the girls and her and a bottle of vodka in order to enjoy the night as much as possible. She loved the feeling of alcohol going to her head and she couldn’t wait to have this feeling tonight.

“Ladies!!! Let’s get wast…” but she stopped in the middle in her sentence when she saw the girls in the company of two boys that she instantly recognised.

“Leona banana there you are” shouted Marla clearly more than tipsy leaning on the curly head boy who didn’t complain a second that the beautiful blond girl was all over him.

“Yeah here I am… I thought we were having a girls’ night?” said the brunette seating down next to her friends. Vivianna had barely acknowledged her, too busy with that Louis boy who couldn’t keep his hand to himself. Even if she wanted to be mad she couldn’t because the girls really seem to have hit it off with the two friends.

“Oh sorry for pooping on our girls’ night babe! Maybe you can go and have fun with a boy. What about him?” teased Marla pointing at a boy coming behind her.

As she turned her jaw almost hit the floor. Liam. She thought she would never see him ever again and now she just realised Marla had called her by her real name in front of his friends.

“Hey man. Look who we just found!” shouted the curly one to his mate who was now next to Leona.

“Well hello stranger” said Liam with a smirk. “I woke up to a cold bed” he whispered to her still smirking.

“I don’t do sleepover” said the young brunette pretty coldly. She wasn’t impressed with the situation and wished she could run away as quickly as her legs would carry her.

“Drink with me. These four over there are making me thirsty” said Liam taking her hand and leading her to a quieter and darker area of the VIP side. Leona didn’t fight long and just grabbed the bottle of vodka on her way.

A couple of hours later

“You should have seen her face when she realised I wasn’t joking” slurred Leona who now was pretty drunk. She was telling the story how Marla and her met and Liam couldn’t stop laughing.

The bottle of vodka was half empty and they both were now really close, Leo’s legs loosely laid on Liam’s lap, his hand up her thigh that no longer was covered by her dress.

“You girls are absolutely crazy. No wonder why they are getting on so well with Louis and Harry” replied Liam as Leona grabbed the bottle and poured more vodka in both their glass. As she put the bottle back on the table he grabbed her face and crashed his lips on hers.

“I want you so bad” he murmured against her lips.

“Liam… I can’t…” but Liam shushed her by kissing her plump lips grabbing her and getting her to ride him, his hands firmly gripped on her firm ass.

“Yes you can Roxanna. You are so fucking hot. I can’t wait to make you mine again.” As Leona was about to reply and refuse his teasing he grabbed her ass one more time but this time under her dress sending thousands of shots through her body and desire took control of her making her kiss him as if her life depended on it.


Hello all,

Sorry for the delay. School is making it hard for me to update during the week.

I hope you like this chapter :)

Do you think Leona/Roxanna and Liam are going to spend the night together again?

What do you think is going to happen next?

Enjoy :)


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