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His Fantasy

Chapter 2

2am - A cab in London

“Damn you are so beautiful” whispered Liam while kissing Leona’s neck.

They are in a cab taking them to Liam’s place and barely could keep their hands to each other. Liam’s hands were on Leo’s thigh and lower back. She was half sat on his lap and his growing bulge was starting to be painful and the taxi ride seems to be longer than usual.

“Let me kiss you again” he added grabbing her face with his hands. Her silence was his answer and he quickly took possession of her plump lips kissing her with passion. His hand that was on her thigh started moving up towards her core but she never stopped him so he continued his trail.

“Are we there soon?” mumbled Leona against his lips.

“In a minute yes” replied Liam looking at the window realising they were approaching his street. As he pulled his wallet the driver parked and he then was able to pay and escort the beautiful brunette inside his luxurious flat.

“Finally I can make you mine” said Liam slamming the door of his flat and rushing to Leona who was waiting for him. He lifted her dress in no time leaving her in her high heels and lacy underwear only. She knew it would have its little effect and when Liam let out a low whistle she knew it worked. “Mine indeed” he softly mumbled lifting her sliding his hand under her firm bum. He made his way to his bedroom and almost threw her on the king size bed. She landed with a thud and giggled loudly. This sound was music to Liam’s ears and getting rid of his blazer he launched himself at her holding back his weight as he landed on her.

“Fuck you are killing me now” said Liam kissing her neck, going down her chest. He stopped before reaching her breasts standing up a little bit. He took his tee-shirt off and quickly his trousers followed. Both of them were eager to discover each other’s body and soon Liam was kissing Leo’s chest unclasping her bra with expert hands.

“Fuck me already” simply said Leo looking at him between her long dark lashes. This was the trigger Liam needed and he soon let his fingers slip under her thong sliding it down her long and thin legs. She was now naked and offered to him. His boxer could barely contain his erection.

Leona who had been pretty passive until now stood up and faced Liam. She pushed him on the bed and he hell flat on his back completely mesmerised by this dominating side of the brunette. She dragged his boxers down his legs and without waiting a second she got hold of his tip swallowing it with hungry lips. Her tongue softly slid down his length before taking it all in her mouth.

She often had men complimenting her oral skills and hopefully tonight would be no exception. By hearing Liam’s moans and feeling the tension on his big and large penis she knew she was hitting the right spot. Quickly she started sucking his hard shaft pressing her thin fingers on his testicles bringing more tension in him.

“Fuck Roxy… I’m going to come…” swore Liam grabbing her long hair but she immediately stopped being pulled but Liam who also grabbed a condom roughly sliding it on his cock before slamming it in Leona. “Oh fuck!!! You’re so tight!!”

Leona let out a strong moan now being filled by his long and large penis. He was moving in her with force making her moan even louder.

“Oh Liam” let out Leona curving her body meeting his. She kissed him with passion grabbing his back. She was feeling her inside burn with excitement and soon took the lead inversing the position, seating on Liam.

“Oh man Roxy… You gonna be my death!” moaned Liam feeling her tight vagina contract around his powerful cock now that she was on top. She lowered down and kissed him once more slowly moving her ass making him go further into her. Their breaths were both shallow and loud. Liam’s hands found her ass and he helped her riding him grabbing her perfect bottom and pushing her further.

“Roxy… Oh… Fuck!!” Liam cursed as he came undone in the condom pushing one last time making her contract her vagina around his swollen cock as she came.

“Oh my… God” whispered Leona as landed on her back breathless. Never a man had managed to make her come like that.



A second and last chapter for today. I hope you enjoyed it.

What do you think is going to happen next?


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