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His Fantasy

Chapter 1

11pm - Girls' house

"Are you ready yet?” asked Vivianna, a gorgeous brunette from the south of London, to her equally beautiful friends Marla, a blondie from Australia and Leona another brunette from the north of England.

“I will be in 5 minutes” shouted Marla finishing her make up.

“I still need to put my clothes on and I’ll be ready” replied Leona coming in Vivianna’s room wearing only sexy underwear and high heels.

“Are a woman on a mission tonight?” asked Vivianna noticing her friend’s lacy underwear and sexy smokey eye.

“As always. You never change a winning team” replied the brunette with sassiness in her voice.

“Be careful Leo. You know men don’t like to be played with” said Vivianna caring and worried for her friend’s habits to sleep with random men and give a fake name.

Vivianna, Leona and Marla have been living together for the past 4 years, ever since they finished their A-Levels. Both Vivianna and Marla are still are university, finishing their degree in management and communication. Leona has finished hers last year because, unlike her friends, she didn’t take a gap year to work, travel and enjoy life. She always had a goal to finish her studies as quickly as possible and work for her parents’ company. Indeed her parents own several night clubs around the world, two in London, one in Miami, one in Marrakech, one in Perth, one in Sydney and one in Marbella. They mainly own private clubs and in Marrakech, Miami and Marbella they are part of the Nikki Beach Company. Basically Leona’s family is loaded and they just wanted their daughter to look after the clubs in London. Soon Vi and Marla will be working with her managing the clubs but for the moment Leona is in charge and she loves it.

The three girls are quite similar but also very different at the same time. They all love to party until the morning, they enjoy getting ready, drinking and gossiping at the same time. But when it comes to men they couldn’t be more different. Vivianna and Marla enjoy the attention of men but they are usually more serious, more reliable. Leo is another story; she just enjoys way too much to have men in her bed. She will seduce a man, will give her a fake name – usually Roxanna Andrews and she will sleep with this man leaving him before the sun rises. She never sleeps twice with the same man and makes sure she doesn’t change her rule. Her best friends know it’s a way to protect herself after having been hurt in the past but now it’s just the way she is and wouldn’t change it for the world.

“Ok I’m ready” said Marla joining Vivianna in her room.

“Me too” shouted Leona grabbing her clutch, her phone and her keys.

Midnight – Night club.

It is so hot already and the night is only beginning. The queue outside was ridiculous and more than half of the people would not be able to make it inside. The three girls didn’t struggle because not only they knew the bouncers but they were on the VIP list due to Leona owning this club. The brunette kissed her two friends and headed to her office to catch up on some work before partying like the animal she is.

1am – Night Club.

“Hello gorgeous” said Leona plopping on the couches where Vivianna and Marla were sat. They had been drinking a little waiting for their friend and had just come back from dancing on some good music. The young girl served herself a glass of vodka and juice with probably more vodka than juice but she clearly needed it. The barmen had messed up with the money and she had a lot of work to sort out and even if she was far from finished she had decided to call it off for the night and will get back to it tomorrow.

“Oh oh oh check this out” shouted Leo on top of the music pointing at three men making their way to the VIP area.

“Oh no I know this look. Can we just have a quiet night without you breaking somebody’s heart?” moaned Marla eyeing the three boys who were getting closer.

“Who said I will break someone’s heart? I’m sure buzz cut will quite happily welcome me in his bed sheets” teased the brunette.

“Damn Leo do you need to give us details? But I call dibs on the shorter one, he is cute. Marla you alright with the curly one?” replied Vi smiling at her friend.

“What? No! Who said I wanted to… Fine curly will definitely do. He is yummy…”

“Get a grip girl I thought you didn’t want to!”

“I’ll see you tomorrow girls” simply said Leona quickly finishing her drink before heading to the three men who were not entering the VIP area. Her two friends rolled their eyes but smiled knowing she would get her way no matter what. She was absolutely stunning and that dress was hugging her curves perfectly well.

“Hello boys. You see the two girls over there, the blond and brunette ones?” The three boys nodded smiling. “Go see them, buy them a drink, and entertain them. Make sure you are nice and respectful. I’ll be looking after your friend” said Leona pointing at the one with the buzz cut. She was really straightforward but she now had her eyes set on one boy and she knew she would have what she wanted by his look on her.

Leona didn’t let them answer; she took the boy’s hand and lead him to the dancefloor where she started moving her body on the music that was blaring even louder where they are. Her body was moving swiftly to the sound and quickly she turned her back to the boy moving her hips sensually. He wouldn’t resist long, she knew it deep down. A man has need, instincts and desires.

“My name is Liam. What’s yours?” he softly spoke in her ear putting his hands on her hips, closing the distance between their bodies.

“Roxanna. Call me Roxy” replied the young girl lying about her identity but for her it was all a game, a seduction game.

“Nice to meet you” he added leaving his hands on her hips grinding against her firm ass. She didn’t reply. She never was a big speaker but bending a little, rubbing her ass against his crotch showing him it was nice to meet him too.

They danced like that for a couple more songs but soon Leo could feel a big tension in her future partner’s trousers and she knew the time had come for them to take it to the next level.

“What do you think about going to a more private place?” Leona said to Liam turning to face him. But before he could say anything her lips met his that were slightly parted. She pressed a soft kiss on his lips and soon he responded to the kiss sliding his tongue in her mouth. She gently grabbed his hair now kissing him with fierce and passion.

“Let’s get out of here before I take you on that bloody dancefloor” mumbled Liam kissing her jaw. He then grabbed her hand and lead her to the exit where he hailed a cab.


Hello :)

First chapter of this story that was in my mind for a little while now.

I have an overall idea of where I want to go, I just write the story on the spot.

Next chapter will contain some smut :)

Enjoy and please vote, subscribe and comment :)


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