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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 16


I feel my high fade instantly when Louis is in my arms, but I don’t feel right. I feel depressed. He kisses me again and it makes me happy to know that he’s here, but I don’t feel the pleasure I normally do from his body against mine. I feel sad and exhausted. I pull away from Louis and speak softly into his ear.

“I’ll be right back.”

I kiss his forehead and walk into the small bathroom across from his room. I hear him cross the flat and walk into his room, leaving the door open. I pull out the small bag from my pocket once again, needing some energy and feeling. I want Louis, but I want to feel the best that I can at the same time. I know it’s becoming an issue, but I don’t feel whole without the white powder. I pour out a small amount on the counter, pulling the credit card out of my back pocket to create a neat line. I bring my face to the counter, pressing against one nostril as I snort every last bit of powder. The feeling gives me an instant feeling of relief, which honestly scares me. I run my finger across the counter, picking up any remnants and rubbing it into my gums. I close the bag and make sure there are no traces of it left on the counter. I put the bag deep into my back pocket and replace the credit card with it. Before I leave, I flush the toilet and wash my hands to make my visit to the bathroom unsuspicious. When I walk into the bedroom, Louis is laying on top of the bed, still only in his boxers, his arm outstretched for me to join him.

“Come cuddle, Hazz.”

I pull my shirt over my head, looking straight at him as I feel my body start to tingle, the cocaine sinking into my system. I kick my shoes off and quickly remove my pants along with my boxers. Louis’ eyes shoot open, obviously shocked by my brazen actions. I walk over to the bed and crawl toward him, needing to feel him against me. My senses are heightened and I’m restless. I need him now. I lay on top of him, holding him down so that he can’t move. I roughly press my lips into his, biting down as I pull away as he moans, wanting more. I can’t wait any longer and for some reason, I have no desire to be submissive like usual. If I top, it’s for his pleasure, but right now, I want it more than anything. I pull myself off of him, flipping him over roughly so that he’s laying on his stomach. Before he can even realize what is going on, I yank his boxers down to his ankles, leaving them there. I can’t think of anything but fucking him. Hard. I balanced myself above him and he started to hesitate, trying to flip back around but I pressed my palm against his back, holding him down.

“Harry, what are you-“

He stops talking as I push myself into him sharply and he cries out in pain. I start to thrust in and out of him, unable to stop myself; it feels so good. I know that he must be hurting, but for some reason I have lost control of my movement. Actually for a very well-known reason. Coke.

“Harry! Please-“

I moan loudly as he screams. I know I won’t last much longer.


I can’t breathe. I feel like my body is going to fall apart. I continue to plea with him, but I can’t seem to finish a complete thought in words. From the moment he climbed onto me, I could see the hunger in his eyes. Actually, they were completely black; dilated. He’s not acting like himself and I honestly feel scared. We’ve never had sex like this. We’ve always had a sense of romanticism, even when it’s rough.

“Stop! Harry, sto-“

I gasp for air but find none. He holds my hands above my head and I feel his thrusts become sloppy. Within moments, he grits his teeth against my neck and thrusts one last time, releasing into me. Tears are streaming down my face as he rolls off of me and lays there next to me. I stay exactly where I am, unable to move at all. I feel the sobs coming from my throat before they actually escape and I can’t stop them once they do. I crawl between the sheets and bury my face into my pillow.

“Lou! I’m so sorry. I- are you crying? Shit.”

He tries to wrap his arm around me but I push it away.

“What has gotten into you, Harry?!”

My voice is shaky but I’m able to finally speak. My body pulsates in immense pain.

“I- I don’t know. Lou, I couldn’t control it. I’ve never felt like that before. I don’t- I’m so sorry.”

He starts to cry once he really realizes what he’s done, trying once again to hug me.

“Don’t touch me!”

He looks shocked and tears continue to roll down his cheeks.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you! I can’t believe I did that. You have to believe me.”

I can tell he isn’t lying, but what on earth could make him so insensitive to me all the sudden.

“Just get out, Harry!”

“Louis, please. I don’t want to leave. I miss y-“


I feel anger burning in my chest. He has no right to fight with me on this after what he just did. He
ignores me and leans down, kissing my forehead softly, tears dropping onto my face. I want my Harry back; the one who would never hurt me. The Harry who was sensitive and caring; not the monster who just forced himself on me. I push him away, turning my body away from him, warning him one last time.

“Get the fuck out, Harry. I can’t even look at you right now.”

“Louis, don’t be like this.”

“Like what!? Hurt? Upset? Angry? I have the god-damn right to be all of those! Just leave me alone and let me know when the Harry I love is back!”

“I’m right here, Lou! I said I was sorry! I don’t know what else you want from me.”

I feel the anger building even more until I literally scream at the top of my voice.



He angrily stands up and I stay facing the other direction. Within a few minutes, I hear the front door slam shut. I continue to cry, curled up into a ball in my bed. I can’t help but to wonder what is wrong with him. He isn’t himself and there has to be an explanation. Even though I know I shouldn’t care, I want some sort of reason as to why he just acted like a maniac. I reach over to the nightstand and feel around for my phone. Once I find it, I stare at the screen, wondering who the hell I can call. I scroll through my contacts and stop at E.



“Lou? It’s like three o’clock in the morning; what’s wrong?”

“I really need a friend right now.”

I try to hold back my tears long enough to finish our phone conversation, but I can’t.

“Are you okay? I’m getting up. I’ll be there soon.”


Sorry it took so long to update! I didn't have a computer all week.

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What will happen next? Will Louis forgive Harry? Where did Harry go? Will he tell Louis about the drugs?


Love this

Boomelouu Boomelouu

Omg I've been reading ur story for 2 days now trying to get thorough it and it's amazing i love Larry more now then ever before and that was a lot before

#96903 #96903

Omg its 5 a.m. where I live. I've been reading your story all new night. Its AMAZING! You are a brilliant writer. I've fallen in love with Larry... More than I already was lol I hate to stop reading but I should probably get to sleep. I can't wait to finish this story tomorrow and start the other one.

JessStylinson95 JessStylinson95

this should be made into a book !!!

this is the best chapter ever

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