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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 15


Eleanor and I just arrived in London and the swarms around us are still asking about Harry. We have done exactly as we were told by management: taking long walks on the beach, going out for romantic dinners, 'staying in bed' all day. The public should be convinced by now if Modest's plan was going to work. We all knew it wouldn't, but I try not to think about it too much. Once we are in the car, I let my mind wander to Harry.

I can't wait to see him. Sure, I've been depressed this entire month, but nothing compared to Harry. I just want to hold him and listen to him talk about his terrible weeks in London alone while I play with his hair. We are just never away from each other this long. It's too much for both of us, but especially for him. He's fragile; emotional. I try to map out in my head the safest way to get to his flat and really can't wait until he's back at mine more permanently again. I pull out my phone and call him.

"Lou? Did you guys land?"

"Yep! We're back in good ole' London-town. Where are you?"

"I'm at some fashion event. It's... It's awful."

He sounds exhausted and miserable.

"When will you be home?"

"I can't leave until ten tonight and then I'm supposed to be out on the town."

His monotone makes me sad, but going against management's directions at this point makes the past month pointless.

"Call me as soon as you're free."

"Freedom isn't really an option, but I'll let you know when you can sneak over."

He seems irritated and I know it isn't at me. I just hate when he's grumpy.

"Alright. Hey, Harry?"


He yawns as he answers.

"I love you."

"I love you. I really can't wait to see you. Sorry I'm being a bitch."

"It's alright. I know you just miss me."

"Won't even argue that one."

We say our goodbyes and I turn to Eleanor.

"Is he alright?"

"Not really, but you know Harry. He'll be back to normal in no time."

"Yeah, as soon as he sees you!"

She playfully hits my shoulder and I blush, knowing she's right. I don't like when Harry is upset, but it is nice to be the one to pick him back up. It reassures me that I make him happy. When we stop at my flat, I get out and the driver takes my luggage out of the trunk.

"Well, Ellie, I'm sure I'll see you in the next couple days since the rumors haven't passed. So, enjoy your little time away from me."

She laughs and rolls her eyes. There's no need for good-byes so I pull my luggage inside as they drive away. When I walk in, I feel at least some relief. I can tell that Harry's been here while I was gone because it's cleaner than I left it and there's a vase of flowers with a note. I drop my bags at the door and walk over to the counter, carefully pulling the note away from the stem it is attached to.


I've been here way too much and it's only making me sadder. Might have stolen some of your clothes that smell like you. Don't judge. Can't wait to see you.
Love, Hazz*

Leave it to Harry to write an entirely unromantic note and somehow make it romantic. Maybe I'm biased. I walk to the kitchen and open the fridge. Sure enough, he stocked it with all of my favorites. I know he feels like everything is his fault, but it isn't. However, I can't complain about his making up for it. I pull out a beer and open it, pouring it's contents into an extremely cold glass that has been in the freezer for at least a month. I sit on the couch and sip it slowly, feeling the need to relax after my stressful 'vacation'. It's exhausting pretending to be in love with Eleanor all the time. She's great and all, but being cutesy and sweet with her is a little repulsive and makes me miss Harry. I need a good long time to recover from that trip. When I finish the beer, I set the glass on the ottoman and kick my shoes off, laying down on the couch and pulling the decorative pillow to my chest. Within a minute, I'm fast asleep.



"Harry! Oh, it's so good to see you!"

Some new person I've never met walks up to me every minute, acting like they've known me for
ages, hugging me and asking how I've been. I hate fashion shows. I hate social events in general. Well, any that Louis isn't at, which is most. We are meant to make it seem as though we are completely different people, into completely different things and it irritates me to no end. I escape from the annoying socialites and designers and walk to the back of the building and meet the guy I called an hour ago. He's on the guest list and does this sort of thing all the time. He's a sort of dealer, I suppose. He makes it easy for guys like me to get drugs without everyone finding out about it. It goes through a long line of trust-worthy (by someone's standards, at least) people before it even reaches him. It's impossible for someone to trace it to me when it's transferred by a hand shake. I pay him a lot at the beginning so that money isn't an issue. It never is with the crowd he supplies to.

"Harry! How are you, mate?"

"Alright, how about you."

He winks and shakes my hand as we pretend to carry on a conversation. When I slip my hand into my pocket, I release the bag he handed me and continue to gesture so as to not bring any attention to myself. People pick up on everything. As we say goodbye, he pulls me into a tight hug and whispers lightly in my ear.

"That's some really good stuff. Enjoy."

I nod and walk away, immediately entering the bathroom. Once the door is closed, I sink to the floor behind it, burying my face in my hands. I've gotten multiple emails from Modest, reminding me to steer clear of Louis and the general vicinity of his flat. Surely, he's going to get similar ones. All I want in the entire world right now is to be in his presence; really, in his arms. Why is that so god-damn much? I pull the small clear bag out of my pocket and stare at it. The week after he left, I started to get coke from the guy I just met up with. I thought about weed, but I needed to be up and energetic. When it first started, I went to France. I knew it was a problem; one only Louis could solve, but I never even got the chance to tell him. Even before we left France, I started using again. Cara's too dumb to notice; she just thinks I've been drinking. I just need that distraction. I need to feel alive when Louis isn't by my side. If Modest is going to keep him from me, then I'll show them the result. Maybe they'll finally realize that I can't be without him. Knowing that he is so near but impossible to reach makes the pain much stronger and I open the bag, careful not to spill anything. I double-check that the door is locked and walk over to the marble counter. I pour out as much as I'll need and zip the bag tightly again. I take a credit card out of my wallet and line up the powder neatly in a thin line. I lean over and press one nostril to the counter, holding the other as I roughly snort every last bit.

Within seconds, I taste the bitterness in the back of my throat and start to feel dizzy. I close my eyes and shake away the feeling. As it starts to sink in, my body relaxes and I feel a sort of relief. I wipe the counter with the towel and put the bag back in my pocket, leaving the bathroom feeling much better than I did walking in. I find Cara and immediately give her a convincing kiss on the cheek. I know I look cocky and arrogant, but that's what Modest wants, so I'll give it to them and then, when I break, the blame will be on them.



I wake up to constant buzzing in my pocket and pull out my phone. I have a missed call from Harry and several emails from Modest. I check the emails, realizing they are reminders to stay away from Harry which I scoff at and move on. I realize that it's midnight and call Harry back.


"Hey, I'm sorry. I fell asleep on the couch. Are you at home now?"

"No, I'm still out."

Oh. He doesn't explain any more, but seems disappointed.

"Can you not come by tonight?"

"I don't know I can, Lou. I'm scared they'll make it worse for us."

I know he's right, but the thought of not seeing him another night makes tears well up, making
my vision blurred.

"Okay. I just- I miss you."

"Dammit. You have no idea. I miss you so much."

He doesn't sound right. He seems like he's drinking, perhaps?

"Are you okay, Harry?"

"Yeah- I'm- It's just hard to hear over the noise. I want to see you, Lou."

He isn't making any sense. He says one thing and then switches it around a minute later.

"Well, you're right. They'll kill us."

"Well, hopefully tomorrow. I gotta go. I love you."

"Yeah, I love you, too."

When I hang up, I can't push away my disappointment. I know it's not his fault, but I'm hurt that he isn't trying to find a way over here. I want to be with him so bad. Tears gush down my face, leaving me a complete mess. I walk into the bedroom and through the bathroom door. I turn the shower on and remove my clothes to step in. I just want to take a shower and go back to bed. I wash my hair and body, letting the warm water run over me for a while after I'm done. I step out and dry myself off, slipping on a pair of loose boxers. When I walk into the restroom to hang my towel, I hear something in the living room. My heart starts to beat quickly and I'm suddenly wide awake again. Who's in my flat? I open my room door slowly, just enough to see out and there, locking the door behind him, is Harry. I throw the door open and run to him, arms open wide. When I reach him, I push him against the door, kissing him over and over on his lips and neck. He forces a grin and pulls me into his chest, holding me tight as I hear him sniffle a few times.

"Don't ever leave again."

"I won't, I promise."


So sorry it took so long! My computer hasn't been working properly and I had school work. But, I'm back :)

ANYWAY, What did you think? What will happen with Harry's new drug problem? How will Louis react if and when he finds out? Do you think it'll continue now that Louis is back? Will management find out that they're together? Please comment <3

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