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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Six ღ

1 Month Later
I was still in my room. Why? I look again at the message ‘I love you’ BASTARD! How dare he!
“I gotta go” he kisses me then continues “I’ll be back at your lunch break” he kisses me again “glad we went serious” he told me. “Love you Hope”
“Love you too Sean”
That bastard shall get what he deserves. Funniest thing I can’t get him out of my mind. I need a distraction I need my friends. I’m home alone.
As if on cue my doorbell rang. I get off my bed wash my face blow my nose and head to the door. I see four familiar faces, Lily, Gemma, Danielle, and Eleanor.
I had been with these four girls all month I was having some dance classes from Danielle and Eleanor made me have a wardrobe change and Lily was my crazy companion.
“Hey girls” I say grumpily.
“Are you better?” Lily asks me
“Ehh” I respond she took it as ‘no she’s not better.
“We brought Nando’s” El said with a smile. She was beautiful, I give her a weak smile
“Thanks” I look at all of the girls.
I never had a proper conversation with the boys, one direction, only with Niall & Harry. Lily and Niall were always texting, yes she had his number, and Harry and I, we were best friends. He accepted my offer and stopped looking for more. He didn’t know, it happened last night… I only told the girls I was desperate..
“LET’S EAT!” Lily shouts “I’m starving”
“Let’s” I respond.
Danielle and Eleanor where exchanging looks, we met when Gemma was with them at her place and we had a sleepover these girls were great, we’ve been close ever since and I knew all their facial expressions.
“Spill it” I blurt.
“Oh it’s nothing Hope” Danielle lies
“Danielle I know there is something on your minds!” I practically shouted.
“Fine, we’ll tell you, but, you promise you won’t flip…” Eleanor said.
“Just please tell me”
“Fine, you know how all of that happened last night at the club…so this friend of mine was there she said she met you a girl named Courtney and she said she slept with a guy a few weeks ago but he never called her back and when you saw what you saw at the cub… It was her and he was the guy..” Danielle explained
Stay calm, calm, I’m trying to stay calm I can’t. I stand up and go to my room.
“You really had to tell her now right away?” I hear Lily say before I close the door.
The girls knocked a lot of times but I ignored they had finally given up and stopped knocking. They sent a note under the door.
We went to get you groceries we’ll be back. We don’t have a key so please when we ring the bell open the door.
Lily xx
I don’t know how long the note was there for… I put some music on and relax a little bit even though I had been crying. I start going to my nightstand and ripping the pictures in the frames. Useless crap on the pictures. The door bell rung. The girls must be here. I made my way to the door, with all the picture ripping my face was covered in tears again. I open the door and I see two familiar faces.
“Hope” they say
“Niall, Harry?” I say, then I see a few more people joining,three boys Lily, Gemma, Dani and El. “Dani?” I say “Lils, what is this?”
“You need some cheering up!” Niall said “And that’s why me and the boys are here” he gave me a smile “You haven’t met the rest of us”
“I know who all of you are” I say turning my back to them. I really wasn’t in the mood. I look at my reflection in one of the windows, you could notice I had been crying. Shit! I run upstairs and go in the bathroom and wash my face. I put a thin layer of make-up over my red face.´
“You were crying” I hear a voice behind me that makes me turn around.
“Harry” I whisper
“You were crying Hope” he said
“No,” I lie
“Don’t lie to me!” He said grabbing my right arm softly
“He doesn’t deserve it. He never deserved you” Harry said.
I was about to say something when I heard the doorbell ring and people screaming ‘OUT! GET OUT NOW!’
I go down stairs as fast as I can.
“Let me explain!” I hear a person say.
“EXPLAIN?!” That’s it all that was in my body was out in anger and in pain.
“yes explain Hope!”
“How can you explain you fucked a girl and then fucking LIE TO ME AND SAY YOU LOVE ME?!”
“Just get out” Niall said.
“No, let him explain Niall” I said rather curious with what he had to say.
“Look, I can’t explain”
“Oh you just figured that out now?” I say.
“But we can start over again”
“Start over Sean? You cheated on me, you banged a girl and then made out with her on my face! You really should be ashamed!” I shout at him
“Shut up OK?!” He says back to me.
“FUCK YOU SEAN!” I say I’m pissed.
“You are a spoiled brat and you were all over Harry all this time!” No he didn’t just say that. I run to him and slap him hard across the face.
“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” I shout at him
“You are a skank and a bitch no one will ever love you you have the worst attitude ever, you’re gunna rotten in hell BITCH!”
“OUT NOW!” Lily shouts as him.
I was in too much pain my tears fell freely down my face. I feel someone come close and hug me tightly Harry, I knew his embrace. It was quite comforting, “Im here for you” he whispered into my hair. I held on to his shirt with my hands and tightened them, I was crying into his chest. “You hungry?” it was about 6pm now and I didn’t eat lunch.
“Yeah” I say then sobbed. He turned his body putting his arm on my waist and we walk to the kitchen. Lily’s phone does a familiar ‘beep’ sating she has a facebook notification. I look at her reaction, for the first time ever I couldn’t read her facial expression. I was calmer.
“What’s wrong Lily?” I ask her.
“Hope… Sean he…” she started
“HE WHAT?!” I shout
“He put a picture of you and Harry drunk at his house the other day, all the one direction pages have the picture and it all says ‘whose that bitch she’s destroying Harry, GET HER DIRECTIOENRS’ and..”
“there’s a what..”
“he put a nasty picture of you..”
“How nasty”
“drunk nasty you almost flashing at the camera”
“WHAT LET ME SEE!” I shout.
“Oh my gosh” I say crying even more now. Harry was besides me again holding me tight. I was crying into his shirt again


Hope you like it! <3
If you have any requests for me to write or suggestions e-mail me!
strawberrylovefanfics@gmail.com <3


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