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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Five ღ

A Few Days Ago…

“Harry wake up we have an interview in the morning a radio interview at noon and at the evening we have that thing in Milkshake city” Niall says to me.

“I’m awake” I respond still in bed.

“C’mon up you go” Louis saiys bursting into my room.

“I’M UP” I say standing out of my bed.

“Good” Liam said also coming in the room. “Where’s Zayn?”

“Probably combing his hair” Niall said.

“Sure Niall, sure” Louis said.

“Dress code?” I ask to everyone.

“Nope, your style” Zayn says coming in. “And no Niall I wasn’t combing my hair” he answers Niall’s unsaid question.

“He’s good” Liam said to Louis.

“Damn good” I say to Niall.
After a few minutes I get my clothes take a fresh shower and go eat breakfast. “So you guys doing anything with your girls?” Harry asked Liam and Louis.

“I don’t know maybe after Milkshake City we go to the club?” Louis proposes.

“One option” Niall says “Or” he gives suspension “MOVIE NIGHT! With pizza and popcorn!” Niall said

“That’s what we did two night ago” Liam said.

“Well without the girls..” Niall said.

“How about we ask the girls and they decide?” Zayn says.

“Perfect” I say.

“C’mon boys lets go” Liam said.

“Yes daddy” Louis said. “Oh I found this hilarious picture on tumblr that you really look like our dads Liam…ahhaha”

“Great” Liam said “In the picture I bet you didn’t do what I was saying”

“Of course not” Louis said

“Then directioners don’t have it all wrong” Liam said.

Niall laughed. We all went to the black van.

It was in the middle of the day and we were in our evening interview. I loved being famous but sometimes I wish I had a double life…

“FINALLY THE INTERVIEW IS OVER!” Niall said running to the car “those couches were uncomfortable and I’M HUNGRY!”

“Run leprechaun, run” Louis made fun of him.

Hahha, I had the best friends in the whole world.

“Milkshake City to go right?” I ask Niall.

“Yup” Niall says.

“Cool, you think the fans know?” I ask

“Please, they know everything, and I mean everything” Liam said.

“Yeah, its really cute, cuz when you talk to them they know all about you.” Zayn said.

The car stopped and we were in front of Milkshake city, there were so many fans
there already.

“You were right Liam, they know everything” I say.

“Jesus there is so many girls here!” Niall said.

“Let’s go boys!” Liam said.

We go in and we do our thing, we promote our milkshake. It really sold so once in a while they would want us to promote it.
We finally finished inside “Glad that’s over” I say.

“What’s wrong Haz?” Louis asked

“Nothing just tired” I said as we leave the place and the screaming started.
We all sign a few autographs and take a few pictures. Niall on the other hand was talking with this blonde bleached haired girl, she was cute, but my eyes met this familiar look, this familiar eyes and familiar chestnut hair. Wait? Could it be her? HOPE?

“Paul, come with me over there” I say pointing at her direction. As I came closer she hid, in the middle of the crowd. WHERE DOD SHE GO? “Hope?” I shout one time. Was it really her? Paul called me back to the van..
The guys were all talking on the way home except for me “You ok?” Niall asked me.

“Fine, just tired” I repeat

“Yeah and I’m full” Niall said sarcastically.

“Later” I tell him

I was silent the whole way closed my eyes a few times but all that was on my mind was Hope, I missed her and the chance I had to talk to her again she runs away, did she see me? We finally got to my place, the boys were there the whole week. I went directly into my room.

I heard knocks on the door “Come in” I say weakly

“Hey mate” Niall said. “What’s wrong”

“Long story” I reply

“I got time” Niall says. “Let me just make a sandwich I’ll be back in a few seconds”

While Niall is getting a sandwich I take out the box with ‘Summer ‘09’ carved on it.

There was a tape in it.

Niall walks in. “So” he said chewing his food “what’s wrong”
I show him the tape. The tape was basically me and Hope singing a song she had written herself.”

“Those are some pretty good lyrics” Niall said.

“Yeah, but that’s not my point Niall” I say.

“You liked this girl” Niall said

“Yeah, and I think I saw her today” I say

“When?!” Niall said now interested

“At Milkshake City” I tell him

“So did you talk to her?” Niall asked.

“I was making my way and she went into the middle of the crowd”

“Harry are you sure it was her?” Niall asked.

“Positive I know those eyes when I see them, they aren’t blue nor brown, both” (http://bellomag.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/brown-blue-eye.jpg)

“Well maybe she didn’t see you coming close?”

“She looked at me in the eye”

“Ok, name?” Niall asked

“Hope, Hope Smith” Harry said. “She has a cousin Paige and a step sister, she was about 9 back then so now she’s like 13 now, and her name is Diamond”

“Well..” Niall said “I feel pretty un useful Harry..”

“It’s ok Nialler” I tell him with a frown on my face “go eat”

“No, I’ll stay here with my iPhone and if you need anything you just tell me but I’m not leaving you alone”

“Thanks mate”

“I always got your back” Niall said.

“NARRY” I joke.

Niall goes back to his iPhone. He was on twitter so I looked over his shoulder for a while then went on my twitter And wrote a few tweets about Hope and summer ’09.

“Yo Haz” Niall calls me “This girl, the girl I met the blonde one, we’ve been DMing and she said where you can find hope… she has a picture with her..” Niall shows me the tweet.

After I meet with her again, today the dinner

“GEM!” I call Gemma

“Yes Harry?” She runs in the room

“If I were to take hope…where?” I simply ask

“The restaurant you saw each other on the beach!” Gemma said “th one she was singing at the porch of!”

“Great idea Gem!”

The doorbell rings

She’s here, act cool harry act cool!

We spent a few minutes talking and then it was only me and her. She got a phone call.


Of course! She has a boyfriend SILLY ME! She’s a beautiful 18 year old, who wouldn’t want her?!

“DINNER’S READY” My mom shouts.

“Soo” Gemma said “Has Harry told you where he’s taking you”

“GEMMA NO” Harry shouts. Anne and Robin just sit there awkwardly.

“What?!” I say

“Nothing” Harry said.

“C’mon Haz tell uss!” Gem insisted.

“Gem no, I mean it” Harry said.

“Excuse me what’s happening” I ask

“I was gunna ask you out but that was before I knew about Sean” I say.

“Oh” She said. Gemma looked at harry and mouth him a ‘Sorry’

“Sorry, Gemma just thought I asked you..." I tell her.

"He was looking forward to it" Gemma added.

"Gemma..." Hope said.

"Just saying" Gemma said.

It was as true as true can be!

"Well it’s not going to happen because Hope has a boyfriend Sean" I say, I had to get it out of my chest.

"We're not dating Harry, we just hang out talk-"

I cuts her off "Kiss... ect..." its true she’s just not admitting it!

"Dating" Gemma says

"I Dont know need, we never talked about this" she said..

"Anyways, nice dinner Anne” Hope said changing topic.
She didn’t want to talk about it, it was true! She was dating and I was still hung up on her… well Harry you never get it right, she’s so beautiful, you just get lost in her eyes… and she’s just perfect. Me Gemma and Hope were silent until she left…

“Really Gem?” I kinda snap at her.

“Im sorry” She apologizes

“Just upset here” I tell her “its ok”

“I didn’t know about Sean” Gem said

“Who did” Harry said,

“The boys are coming over with the girls its movie night again. You can join if you want..”

“I’ll pass” Gem said.

As if on cue the boys come in with the girls and Niall gives me a look and I just shrug him my elbows meaning ‘it didn’t go well’

“What happened?” He asked.

“Guy named Sean” I explain

“Sorry mate..” Niall said

“Fine lets just watch the movie…” I say, I coukldnt take her off my mind. I JUST WANT
HER besides me, like El is beslides Lou and Dani besides Liam… I wish it were Haz besides Hope…

“What movie?” I ask

“SCARY MOVIE!” Louis shouted.

Good, something to take Hope off my mind even though I know she’ll be there all night.


This is Harry's POV where One Direction is 'introduced'<3
Hope you like it


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