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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Forty-Nine ღ

Its been a day and I’m at the airport to come get my mother and George, they don’t know why I called them, but I’m pretty sure they suspect something.

“Hey darling!” Mum said kissing both my cheeks.

“Hey, mum” I said with a smile. “George” I added giving him a small hug.

“Nice to see you Hope” he said with a smile.

“Harry is waiting in the car” I said.

“Oh, is Diamond in there too?” George asked.

“She’s in school, I already had my classes in the morning” I said.

“Alright then” George said.

“Follow me” I said going through the back of the airport so we wouldn’t be seen.

My mum and George got in the car and after a few minutes we arrived at my place and my parents dropped their thing in the guest’s room and joined Harry and I in the common room.

“Why are we all here?” Mum asked.

“Sit we have to talk” I said.

“Sweetie?” she said.

“Just please, sit..” I said again.

They did as I said and sat on the couches.

I went on and on, and there were shouts and eye-rolls. All I was saying sounded like nonsense, but why did they went behind my back. My “speech” went on and on, inside I wanted Harry to keep apying the College fee because its my dream, if I don’t dance what will I do? I mean yeah I’ll have a job but I wont have a shot at what im best at… Though all I could hear after my big speech of saying that Harry shouldn’t be paying I finally said.

“I’ll drop out”

“What?” all three shouted.

“I’ll drop out of college, if that’s the big issue here..” I said.

“No, that’s your dream college and you were accepted! You’re not leaving!” Mum said.

“I have to, I don’t want Diamond to leave her school, she finally stopped being bullied.
She has friends and she’s happy here!” I stated.

“What about you?!” Harry shouted.

“Being an adult is about making choices, and I just made one!” I shout back at him.

“If I have any say in this I think that we can just wait until everything works out” George said.

“You do have a say, but how long has Harry been paying my college fee’s?” I ask in no one in particular. “At least 2 months” I respond to my own question. “That should’ve given you the enough time, but it didn’t which means that its time for change… and unfortunately I have to make the change” I said.

“What about your degree and your college years?” mum shouted.

“I will join next year, when im supposed to, I’ll go to a public college, it’s okay” I said calmly though it wasn’t okay I was fighting the tears that were hanging by a thread.

“Hope..” mum said almost in tears “you grew up too fast” she said.

“This is the real world, Harry there is no way I’m letting you do it anymore, so at the end of this semester I will drop off..” I said-

“The semester ends in two weeks” Harry said.

“Then I have two weeks left to dance my heart out” I said. “Sometimes you have to give up in your dream, but you’ll create new dreams, like you mum, you had to give up dancing yourself.” I stated.

“That was different, I had a leg problem, dancing was all I wanted…” Mum said.

“But you adapted and now you’re happy, so let’s hope the same happens to me.” I said.

“I can’t believe how we doubted you, how I doubted you, I’m so sorry, you are a mature 18 year old and there should be more people like you, but remember, you’re still young make the best of it” George said. I think that’s the nicest thing he has ever said to me. Ever.

“Thank you George and I hope you’ll remember what you just said to me.” I say. I could use it against him.

“Anyways, we’re all clear?” I said.

“About?” harry said.

“Me dropping off” I said.

“There is nothing that is going to change your mind is there?” Harry said.

“No there isn’t” I said.

“Well then I guess we’re done here” he said as he stormed out of my house. He was mad, but why? It was my life!

“HARRY!” I shouted

“WHAT?!” he shouted back at me.

“WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” he was on the other side of the street.

“I need to walk I need some time” he said.

“Fine” I said as I walked back inside the house. He had no right to be mad… maybe in his head he did.

Instead of walking inside the house I took out my car keys and drove to the university. I needed to dance. I walk into the pavilion and put on some blasting music. Hip hop, the dance of anger. I was doing some pretty hard moves when a voice startled me.

“What are you doing here?!” someone shouted.

And with a big thump and a big startle I fell to the floor.

“HOPE!” he shouted. He ran to me and picked me up. “I didn’t mean to startle you” he said.

I couldn’t talk with the pain I had on my left leg. It was too much. “just take me to the E.R” I said. “Please Rider” I breathed.

He took me to his car and drove me to the ER where I was attended to a nurse. The pain didn’t get any better. They ran some x-rays and some tests, though the pain was still piercing in.

“We cant tell you the results today, they might take a few days,” the nurse ds.

“Where i-is the boy?” I asked.

“He’s in the waiting room, is there anyone else you want to call?” the nurse asked.

“Y-yes,” I said. She brought me a phone and I called Mum and they said that George her and Diamond were on their way, I didn’t call Harry because he needed a break from my drama, he needed to stop worrying.

I was too tired to think, so I let my eye-lids slowly started to close and my thoughts disappeared and everything was calm. I fell into a deep sleep.


Massive writers block and i was sick :S anyways sorry i didnt update bt i couldnt have my laptop in the hospital. finally back home and ready to write. BTW this story sadly is almost ending :( :( i MMIGHT do a sequel IF you guys want me to. :)


Carlotaa <3


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sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
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