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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Forty-Eight ღ

“The number you have dialed seems to be busy, please try again later”

“He doesn’t answer” I sigh.

“Don’t worry” Niall said.

“Things were going so well” I couldn’t, I wouldn’t break down.

“They still are, there has to be an explanation” Niall said.

“Yeah, well if you excuse me.. I think I’m heading to bed” I said.

“You do know its only 9:50…” he said.

“I know, I just, I’m tired…”I said.

“Ok then. Good night” he said.

“Night” I replied. I tucked myself in my bed as he walked to the door.

“Niall” I said.

“Yes, love?” he asked.

“Thank you for everything, you’re the best” I said.

He came up to me and kissed my forehead. “it’s a best friend’s job to take care of his best friend” he said. “good night Hope, sweet dreams.” He said.

“Nighty night Nialler” I said as he turned off the lights and shut the door.

It wasn’t long until I woke up again. I could feel some breathing near my face.

“Didn’t mean to wake you, yet” he said.

“Harry?” I called out.

He turned on the lights and sat on the bed beside me. “Niall called” he said.

“So did I..” I said.

“I was busy” he said. “Anyways, he said you were worried, about ‘us’” he said. “Was it something I did?” he asked.

“Did you do anything that would cause me to doubt you?” I asked.

“I’d never, ever” he said

“Then why all the secrecy?” I asked.

“What secrecy?” he said.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about” I said. He continued in silence. “you’ve been shutting me off and giving me these excuses and covering up for something and I want to know, Harry, are you by any chance.. having… an affair?” I chocked on my own words.

“Hope! No! All I think about is you, there is no one else just you, babe, just you, you’re all I want” he said.

“Then why all the lies?” I asked.

“What lies..” he said.

“You saying you have band stuff to do and then your phone line is always busy and I can never keep in touch with you. THOSE lies” I said.

“I guess its time you find out the truth…” he said.

“Find out the truth? So you have been lying!” I said cutting him off.

“Can I continue?” he asked.

“Yeah, um sorry, please” I said.

“I’ve been in touch with your parents, I’ve phoned them they wanted to talk to me alone, I guess to get to know me, anyways they were okay with you dating me. Then your mom calls me up in this nervous breakdown because George was fired and your father’s money was all spent on your college, being one of the best PA (performing arts) University it costs a lot, also putting in the dressing and everything, and let’s not forget that the bills from this house go to your mom, now you guys had enough money George had a great job and you had your dad’s money. When your mom called me I stepped in, and I helped,” He said.

“Helped how?” I asked.

“I started to give money, and pay your college and even gave George a job in LA, but of course he’s not getting much, so that is all the secrecy, Hope you’re family is in a huge financial crisis and I’m helping” he said.

“YOU WHAT?” I asked.

“I’ve been paying your college” he said.

“WHAT?” I said.

“Babe, you’re family has no capacity to” he said-

“We’re broke?” I asked.

“Well, I wouldn’t put it that way” he said.

“But Harry, why are YOU paying my college?” I asked.

“Because that school is everything for you if you lost it you wouldn’t be the same” he said.

“You cant, you have to stop, Harry, we’re not married and you’re not my dad you cant be wasting your money on me like that!” I said.

“You’re my girlfriend and I have the money” he said.

“It’s your money, YOUR MONEY, don’t waste it on ME!” I said.

“I WANT TO!” he shouted.

“Haz, I love you for this but I have to learn to live by the life that is given to me, you cant pay anymore.” I said disappointed.

“I can hear the sadness in your voice, I won’t stop Hope, you’re staying in that college! I’m gunna keep paying!” he said.

“NO! You’re not!” I kind of shouted “I’m getting a job and I’m paying, I’m gunna sell this house and move to a smaller one” I said,

“This was your dad’s house” Harry said.

“It will always be his house but I have to let go” I said.

“You don’t if you let me pay” he said.

“That is out of the question” I said.
“We’ll talk better tomorrow?” he asked.

“There is nothing to talk about! I wont let you waste your money foolishly like this, not on me” I said.

“I want too” he said.


“Hope..” he said,

“Harry..” I said.

He just sighed and turned the lights off and joined me under the sheets.

“Let’s not go to sleep mad at each other” I said,

“I’m not mad” Harry said “I was just trying to make you happy, trying to help” he said.

“I really appreciate the kind move Harry, the move that you want me to be happy, but we aren’t married you don’t have to do this, its my problems, I have to fix them, as much as I appreciate what you have been doing you have to stop” I whispered.

“We might not be married but I care about your happiness-“ he said.

“I love that about you, but you have to give up one something’s in life” I said.

The room was silent Harry had fallen asleep, but with my thoughts running so fast in my mind I couldn’t sleep. Why was Harry wasting his money on MY college. I had to call my mom, and George, Harry had to stop paying. I was going to get a job and I was going to sell the house, no matter how important and how much it meant to me. But most importantly mom and George had to fly here. Family meeting, hip, hip hooray.


NEW CHAP!!! thanks for all your comments and votes. LOVE YOU ALL!!! Hope you like itttt!!!!! love where the story goiiingg.
Much Love
~Carlota <3


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